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  1. @Why Chat for the WIN again! baddie removed with separate letters from the CA stating paid-in-full AND collection pulled from the bureau. Just had to wait it out a little longer and send a copy of the "collection pulled from bureau" letter to the CRA. (I didn't send the Paid in Full letter just to be extra cautious. Thanks much. Wha Chat is AWESOME! 💯
  2. Perfect. I'll report back with my results! Thanks much!
  3. Not sure how I would tell if the CA is reporting Current DATA, it appears that they are NOT reporting current data as they apparently responded to the CRA with an "unpaid" status and updated date of 05/05 (recall I paid it 04/06) I don't believe so, the OC definitely has a current relationship with the CA, they even confirm it in their "response" letter. no Just EQ Sounds good, Am I to assume that I should not communicate with the OC or attempt to redispute? Is there room to send the letter I previously suggested reminding the OC of their responsibility to report accu
  4. Update: after following the directions in the Hipltr follow-up. I redisputed with credit bureau. They responded with: "We verified that this item belongs to you. We have verified that this item has been reported correctly. THE FOLLOWING FIELDS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED: *STATUS DATE..." The status date lists unpaid as of 05/2020 This is obviously incorrect as I paid with Bank Cashier's check in 2019 and they cashed it. So they clearly have not "verified" anything because it's definitely paid at the very least (even though they aren't allowed to repor
  5. Great thanks. Was looking back through some of my old posts, looks like I've run into this before. Seems like it might be the HIPAA officers acting out of prudence to respond to the HIPAA letter with payment and the subsequent follow-up. But when it comes down to it, they likely choose not to respond to any CRA disputes out of caution (I'd imaging that it's far more expensive to answer to a HIPAA/CFPB investigation than it is to simply pull the reporting after getting paid..) I'll wait for the CRA to dispute and see if the baddie comes off in a couple weeks (I only se
  6. AGREED! That's exactly how I interpret this process. Here's my proposed response. What do you think? **EDIT** They cashed the check, but it has not been removed from reports yet. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your prompt reply. Regretfully, the tone of your most recent correspondence suggests that you have not taken time to thoroughly understand the situation in which your office now stands. First, although your office may allege compliance to HIPAA for the collections process thus initiated prior to my let
  7. Dear whychat, This account was showing on my reports. I completed the initial dispute to CRA, received a verified response, then completed the validation letter to the CA. Received a response from CA with original documents signed from OC. Sent HIPAA letter to OC with Cashier's Check, after it cleared I redisputed with CRA and sent the Follow-up cover to the OC. Here's the response from the OC: We are in receipt of your correspondence dated xx19 and your correspondence dated xx20. Thank you for your inquiries. This letter will serve
  8. *UPDATE* I went ahead and sent the validation letter. Today I received a letter stating that the debt has been paid (I already knew this) and they have instructed EX to remove from my report! YAS!!! Here we go knocking 'em down!
  9. Whychat is DA BOMB!! Just received a response from the CA Northwest Financial: "After consultation with the compliance office of Mosaic Life Care[OC] we have removed the credit entry from your report. Please allow 4-6 weeks..." SUCCESS!!! WHOO HOO!!!
  10. Ok. I'm sorry I didn't scroll all the way down to the end of that link. Let me recap: 06/14: Sent handwritten initial dispute to EQ and TU for the two Northwest Financial (NWF) collections 06/22: TU deletes NWF 08/15: EQ has not responded and it's 30 days later so, I mail the follow-up to EQ with copy of handwritten dispute sent originally. 08/25: EQ responds with "We verified that this item belongs to you." No response from NWF. Account is updated on EQ to "Consumer Disputes this Account" for both tradelines. Here's where I missed the order of things. I did not realize I was sup
  11. Sorry just for clarification, I should file the complaint along with the follow-up letters to the OC and the CRA?
  12. Check your reports first before sending the follow up dispute as you MAY have to challenge a change in the account to a "paid" collection ( I haven't sent the follow-up to the CRA or the OC because this happened, exactly like you said it would So i was reaching out for next steps before sending follow-ups.
  13. Looks like this has been updated to "PAID" I sent the initial dispute, received NO communication from the CA. So I completed the OC with HIPAA letter insert "a" and cashier's check. Also sent the Medical Dispute Validation Letter to CA. One of the accounts appears dropped off, this other one just changed from UNPAID to PAID. I have yet to send the Follow-up to HIPAA letter to OC Healthcare provider or the CRA. What is the correct next step to dispute this change from PAID to UNPAID? Thanks!
  14. Hey all! Hoping I can get some suggestions for this one: After opting-out and deleting all old addresses, I sent handwritten initial dispute to CRAs for FABCO paid collections. Here's the pre-dispute entry on EX report Jun 14 2016: Payment History: FEB 2013 "C" Type:Collection Recent Balance: Not reported as of Feb 2013 Date Opened: Aug 2012 Terms: Not Reported Recent payment: #391 First Reported: 2013 Monthly Payment: Not Repo
  15. I understand! I'll update after the check is cashed. Thanks Again!
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