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  1. NFCU has a provision that basically says, they can use any of your money with them to satisfy other debts. There is a term for this, its common. Best bet would be to get in good graces with them if you still owe them before you start putting money in your account.
  2. No one here is going to google you, except maybe PotO. Can you prove these expenses? I hate to say it but you may have to look at this as a situation where you have to protect your investment. I’m thinking some type of lien. I know it’s family but fair is fair, if they are trying to be unfair to you, maybe you should set the expectations.
  3. At least the crap1 cards can grow in to something one day. Don’t waste your time with Synch and Comenity store cards.
  4. Close the toy junk card. You will never miss it. Next year when credit loosens up and you keep your payments current and utilization low, you can get some real CL’s will laugh at this. $1000 in credit is baby *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*.
  5. Rule #1 - Never do business with family. The roughly 130K you have put in, was this to pay for a mortgage on the home or was this improvements you made out of pocket?
  6. I’m not a fan of PenFed. They screw up all the time, granted, they always seem to make it right in the end but they have screwed me over a couple of times this year.
  7. Oh yeah, You had really came up in the world to get your five minutes of Oregon Trail time on the ol trusty Apple ][. Only to die from dysentery.
  8. 80’s kid!! The last generation to grow up with both analog and digital! And MTV with music videos.
  9. I was 6 in ‘84. I’m sure it was a couple of years later.
  10. Splash! That was the name. Way back in 1984. Daryl Hannah.
  11. LMAO - that was likely the result at the time. 🙃
  12. So did you get that partial payment PFD agreement before whomever sent them money?
  13. Yes! I was a kiddo when that movie came out. Such a beautiful woman.
  14. Leopard Mermaid I need let sink in a little. I’m showing my age here but when I was a kid, there was a movie named that. Had this beautiful blonde actor in it. That’s what I think of when I see that word. Cracks me up, every time I eat sushi at this place where I live called The Slippery Mermaid.

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