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  1. In his case, no, its not reporting accurately at all. Never has. But TU takes what they furnish and that’s it.
  2. The Supreme Court says they are, granted, if you don’t bring a factual dispute. https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/ca7/19-1519/19-1519-2020-05-11.html Apparently, this is a big mess, where the other CRA’s don’t report for them but they use TU as their collection agency. These are loans that are illegal and void in most states but they hide behind the tribal cloak.
  3. Chase cut me in half, 19K to 8K. Based on the fact I was not using what had been allocated to me. I called and complained. They reversed it.
  4. Not sure, it was written letters, sent CMRR each time, disputing the accuracy of the tradeline, each wrong item highlighted and proof of why it was wrong. The first time it was a rejected, needing proof that it was really him disputing, the second time it was verified and again on a follow-up. The final round of it came back as basically saying to pound sand and they have done their job. No change/no review. He pulled his annual free reports today and this pile of dog crap still sits there, no wording that consumer disputes.
  5. Really good question. And likely you knew the answer before you asked. The creditor, unfortunately, has been successful, even in the high courts of hiding behind tribal immunity. Back story, a family member, my brother, has finally decided to fly right and deal with some challenges. He was about to file bankruptcy but the majority of his problems reporting wise, was low hanging fruit. The majority was either resolved and deleted or fell off after dispute and they didn’t answer. He got in to the online payday loan game last year and after they finally cleaned him out bi-weekly for half a year, there was no where to go but up, so I helped him get them off his checking account and here we are today with one that charged off. All of them are tribal and had been paid back more than what was borrowed and technically, not valid in the state in which he resides. This one company is called Mobiloans. It’s only on TU, grossly inaccurate but will not budge.
  6. I’ve helped a family member dispute every incorrect item of the tradeline. Which is a majority, based on statements the company provided to them and supporting history of payment from their checking account. The dispute was valid and in accordance with the FCRA, specifically 623 (a)(3) and likely (a)(5). Came back verified as accurate and no change. Even though they were able to prove the reporting was inaccurate even by their own statements.
  7. Very well. And what if it has been disputed multiple times, in detail, with evidence, as to why it’s a BS, festering and POS tradeline, yet it comes back verified with no notice that consumer disputes. Then what?
  8. Does disputing with the CRA trigger it or only after you dispute with the original creditor/furnisher? What I’m talking about is there is a provision, I think in the FCRA, maybe the FDCPA that states that it must be reported as consumer disputes.... it’s required by the act. Just not sure what causes that requirement to happen.
  9. Isn’t that what that senator was doing at airport restrooms? It’s code for uh... applying for the packer opening at the fudge warehouse.
  10. I know FDCPA violation damages are limited to 1,000.00 even if every paragraph is violated. I can’t get a straight answer by reading the FCRA if it’s the same way or per violation without proving actual damages? Also, bonus question, is a CRA still in violation if they report incorrect data from a furnisher? Can a CRA place then blame on the furnisher? Basically, the CRA says, “we are only reporting what they report to us, if you have a problem, take it up with them.” ME: OK, fine, but I just proved to you why it’s incorrect. CRA: we don’t care
  11. I’m glad you’re doing better! What is the DOFD on the original accounts that are now in collection? What is the SOL in the state you reside? A paid collection is just that, a collection that will report paid. Some new FICO models ignore paid collections but typically for scoring other than general consumer credit. You can pay them but it won’t help you. You need them to go away. If they are old, maybe you can settle for less and negotiate a PFD. Get any agreement in writing first though. I would not try anything until you get a plan in place. ScumOne, I mean CreditOne is difficult to make go away, they get off on shitting up your CR. I’ve seen people do it but I don’t have any experience with them or GettingFingered. Do you have your original agreements with them?
  12. The CU giveth, the CU taketh away. They can do it, you likely agreed to it. Is your payroll deposited to this CU as well? Might want to think about that. I would be on the phone trying to make a deal with them, ask for an email address and follow up in writing.
  13. My first question to you is aside from trying to build credit again, have you put a financial plan in place? Has the situation changed today vs where you were months or even a few years ago that landed your credit report in the hot seat it is in today? The credit accounts you have listed are predatory vultures imho. Why were you enticed by expensive forms of credit that bring no benefit to you? Are the auto loans predatory? Or subprime? Depending on the age of the loan, 1-2% was not hard to achieve 3-5 years ago. If they are 10,12,15+%, I would look at paying them off ASAP or selling them if you are not to upside down. I would focus more more on making sure my overall financial health and plan are in order than rushing out to get more credit.
  14. Right at the first of the year I had a collections account appear on my TU and EX. It has since been removed but it caused me to drop from the low 700’s to the low 600’s. Over 100 point drop. Nothing else negative is on my reports.

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