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  1. Oh yeah, You had really came up in the world to get your five minutes of Oregon Trail time on the ol trusty Apple ][. Only to die from dysentery.
  2. 80’s kid!! The last generation to grow up with both analog and digital! And MTV with music videos.
  3. I was 6 in ‘84. I’m sure it was a couple of years later.
  4. Splash! That was the name. Way back in 1984. Daryl Hannah.
  5. LMAO - that was likely the result at the time. 🙃
  6. So did you get that partial payment PFD agreement before whomever sent them money?
  7. Yes! I was a kiddo when that movie came out. Such a beautiful woman.
  8. Leopard Mermaid I need let sink in a little. I’m showing my age here but when I was a kid, there was a movie named that. Had this beautiful blonde actor in it. That’s what I think of when I see that word. Cracks me up, every time I eat sushi at this place where I live called The Slippery Mermaid.
  9. I’m betting a dollar to a doughnut that PR owned the debt since they are a JDB. They could take a penny if they wanted to. Don’t get butt hurt when someone suggests you skill up a little.
  10. Woah bro, slow that role a little. Centex has some legit advice, brings a lot of knowledge to this forum. He was not being a jerk, if you read 99% of his posts, that is just how he writes. On the flip side you taunted a deal here, that you negotiated, expecting us to be impressed with and that is the reaction. You haggled at a yard sale. A negotiation would have started way below half. Hell, I hope you got an offer in writing, mailed to you, that agrees to a PFD before you mailed that partial check or pushed that partial payment, otherwise you just restarted the clock for the full amount - boy, that would be funny.
  11. How was the quality of service? Poor service in your location? What made the service so bad that you didn’t want to pay it anymore. Did you feel bait and switched? Don’t dispute anything yet. Type up the letter to notify them of your intent to arbitrate. Explain your disapproval of the service as the reason for your demand and send it CMRR. Follow the instructions outlined to a T in the T&C’s. You will likely get a call or letter back from someone explaining what they are willing to do for you. I’ll respond to your PM soon.
  12. Wait wait.. In the T&C’s that forced arb, does it say to write them first at an address to notify them of your intent to arb?
  13. I guess it depends on what they pay for it. A lot of times, I see misconceptions where people assume they pay pennies on the dollar, while I’m sure they do in some cases but a 1-4 year old charged off debt that the consumer went through a rough time and does not look like a BK filer, I bet they pay a decent amount for those. I’m sure no where near full price. They likely have each one of their accounts all risked out and minimum settlement on the screen when you call. And of course I’m sure they try to get you on the high end at first.
  14. This. ^^^ My lawsuit was against RPM for the multiple FDCPA/FCRS violations during their collection efforts. For example, 2-10+ calls a day even after DV + cease and desist that was sent CMRR, mishandling the reporting, failing to correct, again sent CMRR. Basically, I had an undeniable paper trail of violations, cell phone missed call screen shots, phone bill billing statements showing the calls. They may have cleaned up and fly right since then, doubt it. But from my experience if you hold them to the law, they will violate it. They even signed one of the CMRR cards and dated it in the future. I had the green return card in my mailbox a week before the day it was dated when signed as received.

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