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  1. So, PotO.. I called Synchrony today. The ‭(877) 379-8175‬ number. Talked to a guy on the phone and I explained what deal was. I told him that the CLD letter that I received just this month listed reasons and a score from TU dated back in Feburary. He acted like he didn’t really care about any of that really. But he kept asking if I wanted to apply for a CLI. I replied of course but if your not looking at current data then it’s not worth my time. He said that he can see what it is at this time. And he said OK, what do you want me to work for and I did exactly what you said and replied 25K. He put me on hold for 5 and came back asking for a number to send a code to. They texted a code to my phone, I read it back and he put me on hold again and said that they would not do 25K on the card credit but put it back at 15 where it was. I said, fair enough and he asked, is there anything else I can help you with and I said “well, I do have one other account that was CLD and it’s still open” he asked for the account number and I read it off and he came back and asked what I wanted and I said.. 25K. I was on hold maybe a minute and he came back and said I have you approved for 18K. Wtf? That card was an account that was only 3500 that they chased down to the balance, just last week. Why not give me 18K on both? I will let it soak and call them back next month after it reports. Anyways, as much as I hate to stroke your already inflated sadistic EGO :), you were right. I feel rather pissed at myself for closing those other accounts now. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. I do know better and I didn’t take it personal at all and I hope PotO didn’t either, he is kind of funny.
  3. I had no idea you had such Synchrony Daddy issues. This thread has obviously touched on some type of deep rooted psychological trauma inside of you. Do you have this much PTSD for everything in your life or just for taking Synch buttsex like a champ?
  4. PotO, you jackhole. I’ve already said I understand why they did what they did. It still doesn’t mean I like it. While I appreciated being a SynchWhore for a while, I have plenty of other limits with other creditors that are more than I would ever be able justify the use of. I’m happy that you enjoy getting on your knees and servicing them. I hope they buy you some McDonalds or at least toss you a wet wipe after you stand up. That’s what truly makes me proud, how you take it with a smile on your face like a true champion. There are more folks than myself that agree that they suck.
  5. Haha! It’s like art, open for interpretation. 😉
  6. Well, they pissed me off. I reserve the right to whine if I want to. I’m not going to bow down to a creditor that crapped all over me for something that was not even within my control.
  7. I did get over it. I canceled all of them but two. They too will be gone by this summer. Just like you, they can pull about 9” of vacuum on my junk and call it a day.
  8. They ended up CLD’ing the one last decent limit card that I had with them this month. Syncs Home from 7,500 to balance of 1,200. The letter I received notifying me of it was using my score from February 21st, which was still impacted by the CA that no longer exists. I logged in, viewed my FICO score that had updated on the 4th of May and it was over 100 points higher than the score the decision was made upon. Apparently, while your score updates monthly, their internal review must be every three to six months. I understand their reasoning but it just really ticks me off. I have two cards with 0% promos running that I left open. I have closed the rest and will be closing the others as soon as I pay off the promotional purchases. I needed to simplify my credit profile anyways, this just accelerated it for me. Aside from the promotions, the cards really suck anyways. Regardless of that, they lost a good client but I’m just a small drop in a big bucket for them. Lesson learned.
  9. #1 - First and formost, as you have stated, answer the complaint - do not give them an easy win which is what they want. #2 - Consult with an attorney. #2.5 - Be very precise on SOL, make double sure that they are not trying to sue you on something that is not past it. Even a day or two matters. #3 - It’s likely that your original credit card agreement had an arbitration clause. If possible find that. Force them in to arbitration rather than small claims, they likely will back down and not persue it. Trust me when I say this works.
  10. From what I’ve read, discussing things like CL, etc. at the time of opening when they have you captive is way different than when they make a automated decision. For example, when they extend credit at Lowe’s inside the store. I know people who have 15,20,25K Lowe’s cards opened in store. Apparently, in my situation,when a decision like this is made, there is no discussing it. One beam of hope is I had the email this AM from Barclays saying my credit score had changed and it was up 90 points from last month which is FICO from TU. Maybe after SYNCB does their AR next month I can hit the love button and at least get them in the direction of where they need to be. They consider all 3 but typically AR TU for me. That is if I don’t cancel them all before month end.
  11. I wouldn’t have paid them otherwise. 🥴
  12. Yeah ask for 25,000 for 3 months and get 500 till one day you get 7,500. I’m seriously thinking about telling them to kiss off and be done with them.
  13. Thanks all! It does suck. Especially when I’ve been been Johnny on the spot with them. I called CareCredit customer service, explained it and the rep on the line could give two craps about what the deal was and he would only perform a run of the mill CLI request and of course it was denied. Around the 2 to the 5th of every month, for me anyways, they do an AR. I would typically wait 5 or 6 days after that and bang the CLI button for some love, it always worked. It took a lot of banging to get it. Their last AR still has the collection from April 3rd. I know it’s always a soft pull but I think it’s a review of their last AR. I wish they would reconcile and actually look at situations but they don’t. It’s 1000% automated and having them override that is next to impossible. Unless any of you know some other route? I don’t want to end the relationship with them and I appreciate their generosity with CL’s but this really opened my eyes to just how picky they are. I don’t know if I really want them as part of my profile if they are going to react this way for something that was not a direct impact to them. I fully understand about universal default, while this was not technically what it was it still seems a bit harsh. Matter of fact, I’m rather butt hurt over it to be honest. No Hedge, It is all 12 mos 0% deferred promos except the BP card, it only has gas, snacks, non corn syrup beer and etc. from a road trip during spring break last month. It will be PIF’d by the 23rd.
  14. So after my little tussle with a CA for the last 3 months, SYNCHB started balance chasing me. They cut my 20k CareCredit to 1500, BP card from 5,500 to 250 and Walmart from 8500 to 250. Never a late/missed payment. No 30/60/90 days, no judgements. Just that one crap stain that knocked my FICO down almost 100 points caused this. Its removed from the CRA’s now. Do I wait till they AR next month and try for a CLI again when my score bounces back, even though this will have a slight impact to my utilization or do I dump SYNCHB for being a-holes? No one else did this. AMEX, Barclays, NFCU, DCU and Penfed all remained the same.
  15. Technically, the big 3 agreed in a settlement with the NY AG that said things that did not arise from an agreement or contract to pay like parking tickets and library fines can’t report. I think this would fall under that maybe? If the big 3 even care about that anymore. It was not a law, just an agreement.

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