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  1. ladylunis thank you for your reply! I just saw it on the backdoor of Equifax. Are you saying that it may be there today online, but that I need to verify by requesting a paper report? Still some hope that it may be gone?
  2. Okay, I have no willpower. I checked Equifax and it is still there and I disputed it online, so now I will not know if it would have come off anyway.
  3. I'm sure that we should be signing up for CCT or trying to view Equifax backdoor because we are basing this change on Credit Karma
  4. I will wait until the first of next month and see the results from others who will chime in, and also I am sure that someone else will dispute and I would like to see their results. I am tempted to dispute it online right now, but I know it would probably be better if I did it in writing. I also think that I read here or somewhere else that Equifax owns Lexis-Nexis? so that must be how they can verify when mine is frozen. Best of luck to you!
  5. I had a satified tax lien from 2011 that on creditkarma is now listed the same as yours, now as a Credit Factoring Account. What do we do now? This is my only PR and it is only on Equifax. I had frozen Lexis Nexus and did the WhyChat method of disputing to Equifax last year, but it came back verified. My address associated with it had been removed.
  6. Thanks TampaDude. I am in your neck of the woods, or at least North, near Crystal River. I will figure out more about Chase, but I think I am very lucky that they approved me for the Ink Cash right now. I am a Realtor so I can use the office supply store and phone rewards and I guess they have gift cards at Office Depot .
  7. Mec, thank you so much! I am printing that info for a Chase file! So basically, I did okay getting the Ink Cash and then I need one of either Ink Preferred, CSP or CSR to be able to transfer UR points to travel partners like I want to be able to? As much as I want the CSP or CSR, maybe it would be better for me to have another business card, the Ink Preferred if it satisfies the points xfer needs when I am ready to apply and maybe it's easier to get. Great information. I still hope someone has experience with the internal info for the business cards and 5/24 with Chase. You are so right about how I am safe with the AMEX. It doesn't affect me, so now I can plan an AMEX strategy too, well, business card wise, at least! TampaDude, what two Chase cards do you have?
  8. Planning for the future while I HAVE to stay in the garden Got AMEX Lowes Business $25k instant, Chase Ink Cash after 30 day notice, 24 hrs later calling status line I was approved $12k. Burned Chase for $3k in 2009 and AMEX in 1993 when I took a 50% offer, so I am so excited to be back in with them! AMEX said I had to pay them or I wouldn't be approved two years ago and maybe the business card is different. I was surprised and app'ed them first bc I thought I would be declined wo a HP. I opened a personal checking acct with Chase with little money or use 6 mos ago in preparation. I am interested in knowing about and accumulating travel rewards. I am also preparing to try and get two SWA cards Jan 2019 to get the CP. Is it the CSR I am to dream of to have the best two needed for UR points or the CSP if I can't get that? (I can't now-have let new accts age and pay off some balances) I am 3/24 including my NFCU CLOC and not counting the two new business cards. I have read conflicting information. Do any of you know if the business cards are counted in 5/24? I trust that there are some experts here that know and I will plan accordingly. I know that I missed the SUB that I could have received with the Ink Plus but if I had to BT, then the Ink Cash allows that. With the AMEX Lowes, I do shop there a lot and the 5% off is great, and they are cracking down on online coupons that I have been using. I have a lot to learn, especially if I need to cover SUB's in the future perhaps with M$. Thank you so much in advance.
  9. Does anyone know if I can combine my Venture at 6 months if I have a negative miles balance? Thanks so much!
  10. Wow, amazing progress for such a short time! You obviously worked very hard and have done your homework!
  11. Capital One QS $6,000 Capital One QS $5,500 Wells Fargo Sig Visa $18,000 Waiting 3 months then CLI both Cap Ones listed and my Venture $30,000, then I will combine into lowest limit card.. I then want to apply for a Chase product as I am 4/24, then I will app another Venture. I hate these low limit cards but I am so glad for all here because I know I can changed that within a year!
  12. Congratulations and enjoy that new house and all the travel you have been smart enough to earn and avail yourself of! So many of us learn how long of a road this is, so much time that needs to pass, but wasted without the second half in rebuilding. I had my head in the sand, trying to just earn money and not even looking at my perfect credit that turned horrible with bad decisions made mostly on thinking that real estate was always a safe investment. I do appreciate where I am now, but it is still tough. Stories like yours are so needed, the end result, the prize, the end of suffering from failures. Thank you for taking the time to write, you all are so inspirational. Without the track record of continued and documented successes from so many that post here, we would not have the hope we have, nor the clearly directed path to take. I believe that in all of this board there is a formula, and followed, there is no chance for anything but success. I also believe that this knowledge shared so generously by so many is life-changing for many people and their families, the owners and mods and all of you regular contributors to this board should be given so much appreciation. Without you, there would not be this wealth of information and all these success stories, I would not be where I am, recovering well, with so very many thanks to all of you.
  13. Cap1 Venture $30k (Will CLI and combo to $50k+ in 5 mos) NFCU Flagship $25k WF Signature Visa $18k
  14. I think what I read is that NFCU doesn't use the auto enhanced scores, but the FICO model for mortgages FICO 04? I am sure that there are others here that know that answer. Best of luck to you. It was such an easy process.

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