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  1. Probably about 7- 9 medical collections most are.over 5 or 6 years old actually. Thus wondering to apply or hold off.
  2. I have zero credit cards. I am just now cleaning up addresses this week. I did a lot of reading here but had to stop be because I received a promotion a d literally worked 6days a week from 930am until around 1130pm in the restaurant business. So needless to say when I had time I slept and just relaxed. I took a step down from working so much and now can clean up my reports. Most is medical stuff that I plan to us whychat's method for that. I have my car reporting on time never late and I am one year in on my loan. So today I get a application from Discover It to apply for their card. No I have not opted out yet. Last year before I got my car loan, I was denied by secured cards which baffled me. I think the It card is a secured too right? But wouldn't it help me later on if I went ahead on this and tried to apply? All right all you vets, let me. Have your opinions. The good, bad, or ugly lol. Again I am so knew I just want to ask before jumping the gun here. I really appreciate you guys and all your wisdom. Thanks 💭💖💭
  3. I am calling today...error says no report on file but I did get a score on CCT but no reports of anything, grrrrrr
  4. I went to Myfico.com and they gave me an error and asked if a mail in a request. Went through annual credit repirt....same story..system issues, download a formonth and mail it in. CREDIT CHECK TOTAL gave me a score eon each but nothing else unless I did it wrong. CREDITKARMA is also giving me issues. How can I view reports and what is on those reports? I am trying to get started to clean up. The reports ingot show to new around 550 which is crazy seeing how I pay a car payment on time since Augustand most my stuff should have fallen off. I have a big feeling it has been reaged😝😝😝😝grrrrrrrr. I was 572 when I bought my used car in June....I show 550 now, Anyways anywhere I can look at reports in full? Soooooooo aggravated.
  5. They will update your report as a repossession. Not sure what you are wanting them to do they won't just not report anything. The repo will be on your report soon enough. Which from what I've read is a beast. ☁CloudsofLove☁
  6. Personally I wouldn't worry about paying old debt off at this point. I would read lots and start the psychdoc transcripts for invaluable information. Just my pennies for thought from another newbie. ☁Cloudsoflove☁
  7. Why wouldn't the OP just call the bank and get a deferred payment? Asking doesn't hurt. I read all 13pages and they kept skipping over that question.... A simple question could help them for a month to take that 2k plus payment to use to good use elsewhere. I use to live in a 3 storey home with same close square footage and my utility were no where near 1k. Ouch! And I ran ac like crazy due surgery menopause at 32! They could have gotten oit if they would listen to the experts here trying to help instead of excuse after excuse on this thread. Yes like someone said they probably will have to learn the hard way and sad when they didn't have to with some sacrifice for a bit ☁Cloudsoflove☁
  8. I was able to get 12% @ 36 months with $1500 down.....
  9. No warranty but price compared to all those you named above is a Great deal with the price... I am in sales so I did haggle with them a good bit on it to get down to my liking. Full coverage is ready to go if I buy and I plan to go by this evening once off work. And I plan to drive for a year or two and then give to my daughter who will then be turning 18 and going to college.
  10. I had a mechanic look at it and said it was good to go....And yes Honda's last forever...and it is a very nice car. I just was making sure it was ok to buy even with the accident showing. The mechanic said he could see no reason I should not buy the car everything looked great.
  11. I am new and wanted to get advice. I am starting to repair my credit and will do a post about that later. I am in need of a car. A car dealer that is a Honda dealership in town and well known as a family dealership has a 2010 Honda Accord 2.4 Manual for $10,800. I have talked them down and approved for the load with $1500 down. My issue is the car fax shows one owner, shows car has been serviced every time it was suppose to and has 76K miles on it. But there was a accident in August 2014....but it seems to only have been a fender bender with no air bag delployment. I am 40 and have never really bought a car on my own. The car has nice tires, very clean and nice on the inside, drives excellent. I just am nervous about THIS showing on the carfax even though the accident report shows no structure damage, just a minor dent to the bumper in the front. Should I let that deter me from buying the car? I did have it looked at and was there was no issues structure wise from the accident. I just wanted opinions here. I know cars get wrecked and people buy them all the time. I just want to make sure so that I do not buy something and get in trouble with it. I was even shocked I got approved as my credit score is low 500 and I just started my job and just moved into a new apartment..... Thanks and hope this makes some sense...lol

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