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  1. thanks, i was using their mobile app did the pre-qual, got 24-48 hr notice under review when applied 5/25 this morning got email: You're approved for a Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® Card with a credit limit of $25,000.00 and an APR of 9.65%. Transunion HP, score 737. thanks for heads up. my 2017 flagship card is 19%, $24.3K limit, off to the sock drawer.
  2. Cap1 Plat last year this time, same card starting limit $300 1st credit step increased to $400, next step $750, now love button take it to $2250 more fako money
  3. NFCU keeps getting better and better. credit karma has Equifax @ 695 NFCU fico 9 Equifax @ 740 thanks for heads up.
  4. Captial One buypower card 0% intro 12months 5% on first $5k 2% after that No AF What are these "earnings" points? "Earnings are on on purchases only and cannot be redeemed for cash, statements credits or any cash equivalent"
  5. Not looking to "shop" application all over town. I have 5 inquires , 4 open account. Ex,TU clean, EQ has a foreclosure set to drop 2018. NFCU $14k CC & $15k CLOC. Cap1 sliver $1k and cap 1 Platinum $750. My plan was getting the lowest out the door without having to "run" my application. As per captial 1, I am to tell the dealer to submit my application to cap 1 in order to locate my offer. I don't plan on applying for any other addition "credit" . 3 years from now I my be in the housing market for a duplex. But for now a car is all I need. Thanks
  6. I've been pre-approved/qualified for 35k , 3.4% rate, 60/72 month auto loan from captial one. Their auto navigator site has a few 2017 Toyota Camry CE for $19.5k, w/ tax, tag & registration. I'm guessing it would be shy under $21.5K with dealer fee & docs. A redesigned Camry is set to launch this summer, is it realistic that the 2017 will get any lower? I would pull the trigger if I could get it for $19k out the door. Btw, Cap 1 auto navigator seem dummy proof, but how accurate are their " authorized dealer prices?"; If I login to their website and sort by lowest price, I fi
  7. congrats. i told my co-worker about it. he got a 23K visa signature CB - dude was blown-away.
  8. That's how I started last year. Congrats
  9. finally joined NFCU: cashback card $14,300 - TU 712 - 24hr review - 2hrs later got texted "Approved" Checking line of credit $15,000 -EQ 712 instant approval
  10. applied Monday, emailed and faxed: 2 forms of ID, Utility bill, Application, Email confirmation from Navy league $25.00 San Diego membership (no membership #) yesterday , Hard pull from TU around 8pm), 12:am welcome email from NFCU. called this morning for Access #, set up online account. thank you all for the knowledge and best practices.
  11. Now I feel sad about my optimistic credit outlook. Sitting on 2 cap1 card and they got me to where in at.
  12. joined june 6, 2016 After lurking the "free to view" threads thanks all for the great work provided. these should be taught in highschool.
  13. Welcome to CB Congrats on the approvals. If you want to know your true FICO 08 scores, and not the fako ones you get from CK, you should sign up with CCT (creditchecktotal.com). They have a 7 day trial for $1 (it's actually 10 days). Keep reading and asking questions before applying for anymore CC's. Kat58 thanks for the tip, I pulled my FICO 08 scores and this is what i see: Experian - 608 Transunion - 726 Equifax - 771 Inquiries Summary (all in 2016 year) Experian - 5 Transunion - 2 Equifax - 3 Length of History Experian - 12.2 year(s) Transunion - 9
  14. can anyone shed light on why removing old address is best for your Credit history? i have a few that are on my reports but dont know why i want to remove them. thanks in advance
  15. started lurking this thread last may. applied (599 creditscore based oncredit krama) June 2016 for cap 1 platinum got a $300 CL, 3month hit luv button CLI to $400 - after six months Nov 2016, CLI to $750. im ok with that! check the cap1 prequifiled screening site to see if they had any offers. applied and approved for QS1 (1.5% CB) for $1000 my creditkrama score is 624. thanks you all for the wealth of knowledge provided in this thread. i see my credit worthiness improving due to you guys tips!
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