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  1. -Payments have previously and currently been going to a CA. -OC (not CA) still possesses the paper/contract/note/debt. ← (I believe an error is here) Since "OC still owns the paper", CA has no valid standing or right to collect funds previously paid or paid in the future. Also, time for reporting the delinquent debt to the OC "SEEMS" to have passed despite payments to the CA (where there is no contract/account/debt). Since OC is time lapsed out of the picture (Verification required), I would ask the CA to "Validate The Debt" and remove their inaccurat
  2. Thank you MarvBear. Chase Executive Offices - 800-242-7399 Chase Lending - 888-609-7805 (Credit Analysts)
  3. Not unique? Wow. No kidding. I think this trend of lazy workers started in Florida about the year 2000. Just a thought from my perspecitive and yes, I can be wrong. I left the country of California and discovered an odd trend in Florida where employees and (self employed obviously) contractors and Sub-contractors didn't care about there responsibilities which was just the opposite of California. 2-3 months later I land back in California just to find that the Californians acting just like the Floridians... Now the trend seems to be the same across the country. It's beyond me for sure.
  4. No apology needed fer nuttin. TYVM However, I was overwhelmed about your health. Can't imagine how you feel. Good luck! Thanks for the Chase Low-Ball/Generous comment. That is a gold nugget to have in my brain. "Moses and Jesus sitting in a bar", there's some money to be had with putting them two together. heheh
  5. Heheh. I was just repeating what Jesus the Chase EO CSR guy told me. I have no idea where Jesus comes from.
  6. Chase has had a lot of reorg? Like the whole banking industry after 2007/2008? I found out that there actually were reasons that there was such a low 7K approval as I was concerned about like my CO from 10+ years ago. Specifically, I found the analyst that the EO transfered me to-to be very effective in telling me why I got the limit that I did. It's still a VISA Signature card! (ain't that odd?). I wanted to know WHY and found out that I was lucky to get one from them at all. heheh - (whew) Admittedly I didn't know where to call to find out the why of that limited approval, J
  7. 1) This number when dialed reports that the number has been changed to 800-242-7399 and when called, they informed me that although someone may be in Ilinois, the Chase Executive Office has never been in Illinois which I can neither confirm nor deny. 2) When speaking to the executive offices I was transferred to 888-609-7805 which was identified as a credit analyst. Executive offices were not able to identify what office/dept that-that number was for. I googled. That credit scoring company web-site came up and said that they were RECON. I was told by EO that they were not RECON
  8. "Are not retail cards" THAT is exactly what I needed and was hoping for. Thank you Very much hegemony !
  9. Although, and of course, I am still agreeing with you, it is for different reasons than stated. Retail cards are virtually worthless potentially more dangerous than the major branded cards.. I see Retail cards as high-risk cards to carry. (hypothetical question) Why would someone carry a High Interest card that carries roughly 24%+ interest, higher penalties and higher fees ? Building or rebuilding credit is the only reason I can see. And if that reason applies, go get one ! Good for you. Major network, bank, branded cards have less interest, penalties and fees.
  10. I agree with CV as well as hegemony too and appreciate their replies they've offered. Opening a Retail or a Co-branded card are easy-peasy, quick and easy. I have had no reason to open a store card as my Am-Ex, MC's, VISA and Dicover cards are cash back cards. My Arco isn't but some of my debit cards are even cash-back. Rewards a-plenty here. I mentioned the collection account to reflect my know-how regarding Credt Reports and Scoring. I've been doing it for decades and decades. I have 672 - 796 FIco scores and >800 Van 3 scores with that 1 of 4 collections still reporting
  11. The collection is, indeed, the largest negative factor that needs to be addressed. It is and will be removed PDQ. In this case a comparison could be my car. If it has a flat that needs addressing, I can't ignore the gas, water and oil. I agree. Credit MIX counts for 10% of a FIco score. ONE account of that mix wouldn't mean a whole-lot. The inquiry, the 2 year 'new account' status, the over-all AOA and then the "lacking account information" on revolving accounts almost makes opening a new account not worth-while at all. The credit report/score game. {eye-roll} Like budgeti
  12. Not equal and Bizarre? Agreed. Although, in my opinion, they 'seem' to be getting better, but I may be being to optimistic as this is a long game. I get "revolving account balances are too high" and they are below the 10% mark individually and over-all. Another dumb one is 'Loan balances are too high" even though they too are below 10%. I think the analyst algorithms have to say something negative, or they feel they aren't doing their job. SMH Speaking of the long game and idiotic analysis; This is a puzzle that I'm wrestling with regarding the Retail/Co-Branding card thing he
  13. Your experience is greatly appreciated hegemony. Thank you. My scores (VISA, MC, Am-Ex & Discover + Auto + LOC + Personal Loans) are also mostly 800+/- except for one Experian 9/19/2020 FIco 2 score from NASA(672 OUCH!)). Incorrectly, there is a collection that should be removed after which I'll pull the 28 FICOs. I'm baffled by a collection and 800 scores. I'm stuck in the muck because I haven't been able to decide which co-brand or retail store card so, I have zero Target or Macy's accounts as of now. You have a Lowes card. They have both Co-Brand
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