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  1. I called the finance company and they require me to carry comprehensive and collision regardless if its garaged or not. Yes, that's an option as well.
  2. Yes, home equity loan. Not a second home. Ok so... the nada value for the car is between 9,700 and 11,400 (difference between the trade-in value vs. clean retail). We owe 14,400 on it. I just refinanced it a month or so ago to a 65 month loan at 1.7% and the payment is 235. If I took out a personal loan, which the rates seem to be at like 8-10% and I had to do it for like 4-5k to get the monthly payment down significantly from the 235 payment, the loan would have to be 5 years or more. I did a calculator and at a 8.75% rate with a 5,000 balance would cost me 103 a month. So, I'd be saving a little over 100 bucks and be stuck paying for a car I don't own anymore for 5+ years. Does that make financial sense? If you guys think so, then perhaps I'll look into it...
  3. I wasn't aware you could drop insurance on a car and still own it... I thought you had to have it insured? When you say plasma I'm assuming you mean blood? Where exactly does someone do that?
  4. Oh I didn't know you could do a short sale like that... I'm prioritizing those other things? I don't think so... I was merely asking about the ramifications of skipping a mortgage payment cause it is my largest expense. But I'm not going to do that cause its far worse than I thought it was.
  5. Its ok, sorry I am of course a little on edge about the whole thing and of course embarrassed I have to even ask strangers on the internet for help.
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. My original question was answered and lots of usable advice. Yes my spouse is unable to work and you're right its none of your business. I don't understand why it is hard to understand... do people not have disabilities? I do not have reasons/excuses for not cutting things. Not sure where anybody got that idea. I have reasons things can't be cut off or sold ... IE: if I don't have the money left over to pay anything I don't have the money to pay huge contract cancellation fees either and I can't get rid of a car that is under water without walking away from it or taking out more debt just to get rid of the car that might actually end up costing me the same amount of money to pay for the loan to cover the difference of getting rid of the car. My expensive car is about 10-15k upside down depending on which "book" you look the value up in. The other one we only owe 14k on it but its upside down by about 5k. I also want to sell my house but again I can't sell something that doesn't have enough money to cover the loan and all the fees. Unless I did a short sale which is yet another credit blemish. But again, they don't let you do short sales unless you're behind on your payments .... so I'd be back to again... not paying the mortgage. At least with a Chapter 13 the cars could either be let go or cram down to what they are worth. I don't want to be living above my means and we weren't before. But sometimes crap happens... Based on the suggestions here, I am attempting to contact my student loan companies and see if I can get on interest only options and I am going to contact BB&T to see if they will let me do a forbearance on our mortgage for a few months maybe... not sure about that one. We are going to reevaluate our food budget and think we can trim some of that down a lot. I have a realtor as well and am biding our time on selling our house... if the area continues to go up, we may be able to sell it and at least break even and then get a much cheaper place. Hopefully we'll be able to figure things out until I get my next bonus and then our tax refund next year. Thank you all for the assistance. Yes, I did this today. I got an offer in the mail from our CostCo affliation and they could not beat our GEICO rate.
  7. Agreed. Unless the homeowners insurance discount makes cutting it a wash. I have relatives in the industry that have informed me that the system being in place counts even if it's not hooked up to a service since it's still a deterrent. YMMV of course. I can't cut it - its under a 5 year contract.
  8. No I totally agree with you! I spoke with the security officer at my company and explained my situation and he basically told me "don't do it" and then had the balls to ask me if there was something he could do for me? I'm like sure pay my bills dude. But he said the will "red flag" my profile, I'd come up for immediate review and they have to tell the client that I work for that I filed for bankruptcy and they then have the honor of saying whether I can stay on the project or not. I plan on talking to him again and really stressing our need to do this and not like it was just some off the cuff random thought I had one day.
  9. I have my exemptions at 8 right now. I never got a refund before but I am starting to get one now... I hope to get at least something back next year but at 8 exemptions... I don't usually get a big refund. My mortgage is at 3.5% - so, its not HUGE amount but it of course helps. akadaisy akadaisy
  10. Again - I can't refinance stuff when they are under water. Trust me.... I want to sell my house! But I can't... I'm told I don't have enough equity to cover all the stupid fees you have to pay to sell it. And you're making an assumption that I have my thermostat set at a temperature that would make my bill high. I'm already on a payment plan on my electric bill. I want to file for bankruptcy but I'm afraid I'll lose my job because of my clearance. So, I was trying to figure out some other stuff.... sure I can cut the cable bill. Easy. Head to reddit and visit EatCheapAndHealthy. I don't see how you can feed 5 on 200 a month, but I know I've fed two adults on 180 a month. Depending on the age of your children 400-500 per month should definitely be doable. Read up on the USDA thrifty food plan http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/USDAFoodPlansCostofFood Thanks, I'll check it out.
  11. Does someone have an actual meal plan that will feed a family of 5 on 150-200 a month? Or is there a site that has an actual grocery list and recipe guide? I also live in a big metropolitan city...stuff is just more expensive here in general.
  12. I know its awful right? I have refi'd them as much as I can I think... Our one car is at a 1.65% interest rate which is 235 a month. The other is at like 4% on an 84 month loan. I tried to refi the bigger one but they won't do it because its over 10k upside down. The cheaper car is also upside down by like 4k or so.
  13. I work from home... I can't let it bake. And my kids are home all day. I have 5 phones on my family plan and under contract. Anywhere that offers to "buy out" your contract requires you to turn in your phones and get new ones. Our cable is pretty cheap and that would save me maybe 40 bucks. Rent 1 or 2 rooms out for $500+/room Doesn't that have tax implications?
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