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  1. Update: Called all 3 companies and was shockingly surprised to have all 5 fees refunded. Gave more detail on the situation and the fees which were between $25 and $28 each depending on the company have been removed. I will give some background that I have been a customer of each of the companies 10+ years and have not had a fee refunded much if at all during my account history with them. Nothing recent for sure and nothing in at least 5+ years Really surprised Cap One was agreeable as they have been pretty awful in my experience. Thanks to all.
  2. Found this online also and might go with this: call and ask politely. "This was a mistake because I forgot to update my bank info timely, not because I was not able to pay. I was hoping that the fee could be removed from my reports in consideration of the long and excellent history we've had with the account." You're at their mercy. Some will. If they don't then wait a while and send a goodwill letter. Haven't noticed a change in the interest rates so the worst they can say is no.
  3. It is all the CC companies I use so it is Discover, Chase and Cap One. Discover has decent phone support but the others have been awful especially Cap One. I will call tomorrow although was curious if success rates differ based on contact attempt method. Thank you.
  4. I recently moved due to a domestic situation that I had to leave. In doing so, the account which I made payments was closed. I set up a new automatic payment as soon as I moved several states away and had internet service. I made the payment with my new account in time to avoid a late fee. However, since the prior payments were made with an account I had to close abruptly, I was charged for this fee. From what I have read it seems like a returned payment fee is more difficult to get refunded than a late payment fee. Either way, I am still going to request a "courtesy reversal" since this fee was charged across multiple cards and was almost $200. The worst they can say is no and the interest rate is still the same. My question is in regard to which method should I attempt a reversal? Should I call, write or use the chat option? Does anyone have any advice on which is most successful?
  5. My concern is that due to the extent of the medical issues that there is some bill that we don't know about floating around. I wouldn't want to sign an affidavit and then get caught in a situation where it looks like we acted in bad faith. I also am reading something here that states her funeral has to be pre-paid. The more I dissect this the more ridiculous it seems. I have a call in to our title company to get their take on this and see how to push back.
  6. Got around to reading this document and see "furnish an affidavit that all funeral expenses have been fully paid and satisfied". The seller is alive, the real estate agent is somewhat dismissive of my concerns and I just left a voicemail for our title company for some additional information. I am wanting to tell the seller's title company to shove it but need some ammo. I have never heard of this (provide an affidavit that medical expenses and funeral are paid for) but this is new to me. Does anyone have experience with telling the buyer's title company you will not agree to these unreasonable conditions? Thanks to all.
  7. -He said he thought it was no big deal and gave me the contact info for both title companies. I'll be reaching out in a few days after figuring out why the buyer's title company is pushing this and if it is common. Also, thank you for the car vs real estate differences. I couldn't get that example of me selling a car to another party out of my head. This is my first real estate transaction. -Is it an asset dump though when parent is downsizing from a house to a condo with both assets in their name? We are downsizing to a small condo because parent is likely in a wheelchair the rest of their life and our current house is two stories and not accessible for them. -Odd thing is that the bank used by the buyer provided much more information about the buyer than I would think is allowed. Things such as verifying they have an account and implying they have the money. What is odd to me is the buyer's title company coming up with this request. I get it that they are separate from the bank but how would they find out if my parent has been in a nursing home/hospital/rehab facility or not if we did not provide this information? The HIPAA angle I was attempting to bring up was something I read on the credit card forums here referring to credit reporting medical bills on credit reports and the ability to dispute due to HIPAA violation. I imagine this is different. Thanks for all replies. I have a 13 page document sent from the buyer's title company to read and just want to protect closing the sale without opening us up to any legal or future legal/financial issues.
  8. Advice requested: I have been in the process of selling a parent's home to get them into a smaller living situation more conducive to someone living in a wheelchair. After we accepted the offer, the buyer's title company is now requiring an affidavit. Our real estate agent said this is considered standard but when we purchased the new place, no such affidavit was requested. Included below is the demand with some personal information redacted. "Furnish an Affidavit stating that (parent name) has never received any Medicaid payments and that all funeral expenses, as well as all expenses of the last illness of (parent name), including nursing home expenses, if any, have been fully paid and satisfied. In the event that (parent name) is deceased, we require proof from Missouri Healthnet that no Medicaid debt is currently owed on behalf of said (parent name)." Parent is alive, not on nor has been on Medicaid. I read the below as stating they want her to pre-pay for a funeral and want documentation of medical debt. I find this to be outrageous. This is my first real estate purchasing transaction where I have been involved. Perhaps one of you can explain if this is common or even legal. I am curious as to how the buyer's title company has any information regarding the seller's medical condition. The house has a clear title, the credit report came back without any medical debt. Is this a HIPAA violation? Is this enforceable? Should I refuse? I am the full time caretaker for my parent who is in a wheelchair and they had a stint in a hospital / rehab facility. It is common knowledge that medical billing coding has frequent errors and I do not like the idea of the seller adding this at the last minute. I have the contact information for the our title company and that of the seller. Before I make a fool of myself, I would like any advice if a member here has dealt with this issue. If I sell you a car and the title is clear, what right do I have to ask for your credit report or if you owe any medical debt? Thanks for any input.
  9. Before I do anything else, I'll re read through the guidebook again and make sure that is all in order. If they don't sue me over the $2300 they billed, I will just deal with the credit hit. I was worried most about them coming after the joint account especially since they ran an inquiry on my credit report but your response has minimized that concern.Thank you very much.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep pestering for a response or way to appeal but I'm afraid I'll be sued or sent to collections/garnished. I noticed they checked my credit without my permission, should I just expect to be garnished when I finally start working?
  11. I finally heard back this month in writing that I was denied charity care. There was no reasoning given nor a chance to appeal and no contact information. I have no income and am not eligible for Medicaid and am still a full time caregiver to my mother. Any last ditch tips as I do not want to be sued or (when I finally get back to work some time next year) garnished. Thanks for any help.
  12. I also thought by opting out it would prevent unauthorized inquires. Any thoughts on if it matters if I put a fraud alert or credit freeze on my file to prevent third parties from looking at it?
  13. Thank you both for the helpful posts. Re: Cosmos Human I have started the application for charity care. I am not able to get medicaid. Obamacare is $150+ per month as I looked into this and even being unemployed all year, there is no waiver available. The charity care application does not mention anything about the ambulance and I have been unable to get a response regarding that bill. Re: Why Chat The date of injury was 04/28/2016 and no insurance of any kind was involved. This was hopefully a one time thing as I broke a glass window trying to fix the screen and sliced open my arm. I couldn't get the bleeding to stop and went to the ER. My parent is primary on the joint account but the bank has both of our SSN's. The charity care application asks for records of all bank accounts/credit union accounts/etc from the trailing 3 months so I do not know how they research this or if omitting accounts will be discovered. It is premature for the Why Chat HIPAA dispute method as this has not hit collections. Regarding the other steps, I have already permanently opted out and mailed in the form months ago which is a great idea for most people. I met with an elder care attorney who is advising on Medicare/Medicaid for mom and that is a whole other obstacle. I serve as POA for her medically and financially. Her hospitalization and related surgery and rehab options are about to be cut off but that is another topic. Question: Before I submit this final step of paperwork for the charity care, what advice do you have regarding reporting or not reporting the bank account with a parent. All of my bank accounts are under $200 but the one with a parent has $15k. I cashed out half my IRA (not inherited) and have been using that to float me while taking care of my parent during their illness. I know it is unwise to cash out under 59 1/2 but without any income it was the only way I could return back to my home state.
  14. Hello. I have read a bit on the WHY Chat HIPAA guide and other useful posts but my situation is new and has not yet been turned over to collections. I recently moved back home to take care of an ill parent. The sudden decline in their health gave me an opportunity to move out of state and back in with them. Unfortunately, I was injured and used a hospital. I have no health insurance or job at this time to cover the charges. I was put on a bank account of my parent to cover their funeral costs when they pass as the account has enough to pay for a gravesite marker and basic service. The bill I received was from a non profit hospital for about 5k. I noticed the hospital already has run my credit three times on TU since the ER visit happened two months ago. I am concerned with them using aggressive tactics to recover but without a job or insurance, not sure what else to do. I plan to file for charity care but do not want the assets in my parent's account to be garnished for my hospitalization. This debt is recent enough it has not been turned over to a CA yet. I have an out of state current ID from a closed border debt state, an IRA with about 3k, a bank account which receives my unemployment that is about to run out and am a joint owner on my father's account although those funds are earmarked for funeral costs. Are there any actions to take to increase my chances of getting charity care and/or avoiding a garnishment? Thank you for any advice.
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