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  1. Start letting a $2 balance report on one of the credit cards.
  2. I've had the S7 Edge since Verizon launched it. It's a great phone and is about as durable as todays slim phones can be. So far it has indeed proven to be water as well as ketchup resistant. Keep in mind the back is all glass and a case is mandatory as the phone is just plain slippery without one. Also if you should crack the front glass note that it can not be replaced without destroying the actual screen so that needs to be replaced along with the glass.
  3. Is your current card a regular QS or a QS1? Isn't it just the QS1 that's in the rebuilding category with the 2 card limit?
  4. No, they do not recon You don't know what you are talking about. You need to contact the Executive Office to recon. Pot, wasn't trying to steer the OP wrong. I was only answering the question he actually asked "does cap1 have a recon number?" I couldn't really find any reference to one that worked after like 2011
  5. Depending on what you owe versus the cars worth, is there a chance you could sell it privately and pay the loan off rather than turning it in? Even to take a slight loss on it is better than having a repo and could save your credit.

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