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  1. Good evening, I have been diligently working on keeping my credit up and trying to get the last three baddies off. The one I have a question about is Convergent for an old Sprint bill. I followed your guide, I disputed with both the CRA and the CA. The CRA came back within two weeks verified, which baffled me. I just received the response from Convergent today stating my dispute was valid, however, they didn't send it to my address, they sent it to my old address. Now, Here's where I'm confused. The phone number they're alleging to be mine, has never been mine with a bill date of Jan 2015, I went back into my old records and found a settlement offer from them for the same amount from 2016. what would my next step be? I'm thinking the debt is mine but it's an older debt with an old phone number I no longer have, which isn't the one on that first page they sent me.
  2. Hi I am now following up with this as my husband received the dispute results from EQ and the results from his dispute with Midland. EQ response- "The info you disputed has been verified as accurate, however, information UNRELATED to your dispute has been updated. acct 12345 the results are; we verified that this item belongs to you. This account has been updated. THE FOLLOWING FIELDS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED: PORTFOLIO STATUS * ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. date opened 5/24/17; high credit 708; credit limit 0; creditor classification retail; item as of date reported 6/18/20; balance amt 708; amt past due 708; act payment amt 0; DOFD 10/2016; date of maj del 10/2017, charge off amt 0; status collection acct; type of acct open; type of loan debt buyer account; whose acct individual acct; PORTFOLIO INDICATOR ORIGINAL CREDITOR; Portfolio status credit one bank; additional info; consumer disputes this account information btw, Credit One was deleted from dispute Midland sent what appears to be the last copy of a statement where it shows that the account was closed and scheduled to be charged off with no date. there was nothing relating to the DOFD which makes me wonder where they got all the info they are reporting from. They also sent this letter Dear husband, we have received and processed your dispute. After reviewing the information you provided, our account notes and info provided b the previous creditor we have found that our info is correct. we have also enclosed DOCUMENTS regarding the account. if you believe we have reached this conclusion in error, please reference the info below; You have indicated that the following item pertain to your account; we are uncertain of what you are specifically disputing In order for us to further investigate your inquiry please provide the following documentation; written explanation and documentation demonstrating any errors in our account info info can be mailed to etc. in response to your dispute, we have requested that the three major CB change the status of this account to "DISPUTED" your credit report will not be updated if the federal reporting period has expired. and some more about the fact that I asked that they not contact me unless it is to further respond to dispute. I see mistakes in this EQ reporting, and in no way will we send Midland a damn thing. I take it the fact that they sent the statement that was all they needed to do, my question is how could EQ verify during a dispute??? I wrote a MOV to them and have it ready to send. But can someone lead me in the right direction of which is the next step besides the MOV to EQ, our goal is to get his credit cleaned up(all the CA accts) so we can purchase a home within the next year using his VA certificate. his scores are in the low 500's with a very thin file (5 accts in excellent standing) I added him as AU to several of my accounts which has raised his scores into the 500's since May. I am also making sure he has no lates with the account he does have on his own. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. ok thanks, so my next question is where does he go from here since that clearly was the wrong letter to send? what should our next steps be? im obviously not good at this while trying to help him.
  4. Hege- He is trying to get the tradeline deleted, I guess i was under the impression that they can't update the reports until the dispute is completed. Im not sure who updated the reports as the actual reports haven't come since the dispute. Centex- We ARE working off of paper reports. What I was saying is FICO alerted him there was an update and I'm posting my question from that. Of course I did mention that we haven't gotten the updated report yet so im not sure about the litigation part you're speaking of. As for the letter, what he did was what is told to almost everyone here, put together a letter pertaining to yourself not word for word.. im a bit confused about him boxing himself into litigation due to the letter?? we actually went off of old disputed letters we had from a few years ago. can you please explain? I think I figured it out but I want to see if I'm right with what I think
  5. Good Morning My husband sent a dispute to Midland Funding and the CRA that it is reporting to. I sent Midland theirs May 26th, He received an alert on MYFICO that Midland funding was updated on Equifax on both June 18 and 19th. My question is can they update the reports without responding to his dispute to them? Midland Funding Date Opened 5/24/17 high credit 708 item reported as of 3/20/2020 past due 708 DOFD 10/2016 DOFMD 10/2017 here is a copy of what he sent them on May 26: This letter is in response to your dunning letter to me dated 5/13/2020 for an alleged debt owed to Credit One Bank, N.A. the alleged original creditor. I have no knowledge of such debt and this letter serves as a formal notice to you to cease all communication to me including phone, mail and reporting and outsourcing. As you stated in your letter to me, this alleged debt is time barred per Delaware State Statute of Limitation Code of 3 years and I am aware of what you are attempting to do, if you continue to try to collect upon this alleged debt which includes reporting, verifying or insertion of accounts beyond their legal collection date to any consumer credit reporting agency will be considered for legal action. Notice to you is notice to the Principal per laws of the Agency. You are not to sell, transfer share or assign ANY information about me or this alleged debt with anyone else. Any attempts to do so will be considered extortion and or fraud and is a violation of FDCPA subject to criminal as well as civil prosecution. Can they update the records while in dispute? He haven't gotten anything in writing from the CRA as of yet, nor did Midland respond. This info is based on alerts online. Can someone lead us in the right direction of next steps other than waiting for CRA to send the updated response to the disputes?
  6. Yes the debt is legitimately from when I was in the hospital, it was for lab work. The insurance co called me back after talking to her supervisor who found it and sent me the EOB. Problem with this is, It should've been paid by my secondary but the hospital said they didn't have that info at that time, which I know they're incompetent because I've been told this a few times during other hospital visits to which I then provided it. Also, The amount is 280 on my EOB. It's only on my Ex and EQ. I have my disputes in for address, misspellings, SS variations e.t.c. They (all 3) just received those yesterday.
  7. Hi Whychat, I have what I believe is a old collection on my report. I reached out to my insurance co to get an EOB and they're not finding any claims for the date or any dates leading up to what is on my reports for 2016. They then reached out to the medical provider who then found it in their system. however, I have and had Medicare as my secondary insurance, which should've covered the balance as well as all copays. Now, since the time has passed for any appeals, my ins co told me it may be nothing that can be done and that Medicare probably wouldn't pay it either due to the same time limits. She did offer to speak to her supervisor to see if anything can be done and she will get back to me in a few days. So if they won't/ can't handle it, do I just follow the HIPAA program or is there another way to handle this kind of situation? This is how it's listed on my report: Transworld Systems Collection reported: 3/2020 Assigned: 12/2017 Creditor Class: Medical Original Creditor: health service Amount: 290 Status as of 3/2020: unpaid DOFD: 4/2016 Balance 290
  8. Good evening I am asking this question on behalf of my sister. She is in the beginning stages of being a first time homebuyer. The person she is working with pulled her credit and asked her to pay the two collections on her reports. In talking to her, it seems like at least one of them is very old debt, ERC is an AT&T bill and Transworld is Utility bill. How would she handle this. I did inform her to order her paper reports, which she did so now we are waiting for those to come but this is what she have from the reports that the person pulled. ERC date reported 3/20 date opened 6/18 high credit 2029 balance 2029 acct type I account status charge off past due 2029 last past due 7/18 high credit amount is original loan amount etc. she's not sure how long this one is from but she believe its from 2015 Transworld Systems Inc date reported 3/20 date opened 1/20 high credit 900 balance 900 account type I acct status charge off past due 900 date of last activity with the original creditor 11/1/2015 (she said she never spoke to them nor dealt with this debt), high credit amount is original loan amount, account seriously past due date, account assigned to attorney collection agency or credit grantor's internal collection dept etc. This one she is saying she never paid on and it is from 2013 which sounds to me like this is obsolete debt. she called the OC and asked about settlement and they told her anything past 4 years she will have to contact the collection agency. I suggested to her to settle with AT&T and then write to ERC to have it deleted. Also to dispute Transworld as obsolete debt, what I need to know is am I on the right track? of course she wouldn't dispute unless she has her reports and she has already opted out. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as they are talking to her about she is ready to purchase within 30 days.
  9. Sorry, SOL for written contract 3 years.
  10. We have and are working with the paper reports, stil waiting on Innovis to arrive. My state's SOL is 4 years. I will ask him for any paperwork, I did ask my hubby to see if he can get something from the apt complex also. This is how it's reporting to EX: Hunter Warfield acct# 1234... Date Opened: Feb 2018 Address ID: 1234... Original Creditor: .....Apts Type: Collection Responsibility: individual First Reported: June 2018 Terms:1 month Monthly Payment: none reported Credit Limit or original amt: 5188 High balance: Not Reported Recent Balance: 5728 as of April 2020 Status: Collection Acct 5728 past due as of April 2020 this account schedule to continue on record until May 2024 Comment: Account disputed by consumer... Date of Status: Feb 2018 Then they have a payment history starting with June 2018 until April 2020 with C on most of them and ND on 2 in 2019
  11. Can someone please help with this situation? My husband spoke to his son last night, and apparently it's also on his credit. He also said he didn't have a lease, when the new company took over he said they told him they couldn't find a lease for him and if he want to continue living there they'll raise the rent and he can live there without a lease. basically month to month and ge did that alo the way until 2017 when he obviously defaulted on the rent. Being that it's on both their credit files, my husband can dispute it as not his, correct?
  12. Hegemony, This situation is baffling me. Since it's been a number of year his memory of this is faded and the only one he can talk to about it is his son, as his sister is no longer alive. What he's saying at this moment is, he believes his sister went on a month to month after the first year. What is baffling me is, at what point did it go into his son's name? because he never resigned another lease, and again his son then moved into another building, apartment in the complex on his own.
  13. Good Evening all, my hubby is working on cleaning his reports up. He has a collection with Hunter Warfield, which is charging interest on TU and EX. EQ removed it. Back story, he signed a lease probably back in 04 for his sister, she lived there a few years with renewing herself. She then turned the apartment over to my husband's son and then he took over the (her) lease and subsequently moved into a bigger apartment for a few more years under his own lease. Years later my husband is trying to have this removed from his credit, thing is it seems difficult, due to him and his son having the same name and the CRA saying they've verified and updated the debt to a higher amount than the original. How do we attack this? We have sent the original dispute letters to the CRA, my hubby has never lived at that address and it's someone with the same name. What's my next steps or options?
  14. Congrats to her and you all for doing a fantastic job with her. I hope when mine becomes that she she will be as responsible as yours seem to be. fingers crossed. I have already put my 15 year old on mine as au as well but I never got her a card, she uses my Pink card which she's an au on that as well and so far so good she doesn't overspend as this is her fave store and the reason I got that one to begin with. good luck to her in her future endeavors
  15. I'm finally in the mid 600's on two of my CR! I had some setbacks over time and was living off of credit but thank God for you guys. I worked hard to stop living off of credit and pay down some cards and that CLOC and now my score has been steadily trending upwards. slowly but surely. Ex is taking its time low 600's whereas EQ seems to want me in the 700's. I'll keep pushing on. still got some baddies to work on since I stopped repairing due to life happenings but for now I'll take what I have

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