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  1. 825. You’ve recently opened too many new credit accounts.
  2. Hope not. "as of October 08, 2016. Next scheduled update is 11/15."
  3. Nice, was yours a new card, or did you have Amex Costco card that was converted? Amex was transferred. No mention of Citi yet though.
  4. Mine reported today with a jump of whopping ten points.
  5. So you notice that a charge has been made to your credit card and you don't recognize it. You don't have an international plan on your smartphone and can't call from a foreign count due to expensive roaming. Can you text?
  6. I just noticed that the members of my household have a unique number for each card on the same Anywhere account. I thought only Amex distinguished between primary and secondary (authorized) users. It's not so?
  7. Is there such a thing as a car equity loan or car equity line of credit? Sure, a car doesn't appreciate like your home does, sometimes anyway, but why not really?
  8. Blueprint Full Pay is like two cards in one. One that you pay the statement balance in full by the due date and one that you carry over a balance and pay interest. Blueprint preserves the grace period for the former for new purchases in following billing cycles. The Credit CARD Act doesn't do this; it merely says that payments beyond the minimum payment must go towards the higher interest debt.
  9. I activated the Blueprint Full Pay for my Freedom card. Do you know what the following means? "In the next two days, youll see your Full Pay plan on your account when you view your account online. Does In" mean Within? Or is the plan effective immediately, so I can go ahead and charge stuff now?
  10. I was wondering if there is any way, directly or indirectly say through some sort of transfer, to earn ThankYou points on Citi's Anywhere card? Given the merchandise discount you get at Costco, the card's cash back feels less than exciting.
  11. Hello, everyone A merchant has issued a refund to my credit card today for a charge that has been posted. I was wondering if there is a way to get a status of the refund, as a refund, unlike a charge, doesn't have a listed pending status viewable in the customer's online account. Would the credit card company know already now? I am particularly interested in if and when the merchant has actually initiated the refund. Also, I have read that a not yet posted charge can be voided, but can the merchant cancel a not yet fully processed refund? Thank you.
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