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  1. This is so awesome! I'm probably more excited than a "normal" should be, because I've fought them for so long. Too bad it wasn't Experian!
  2. Sent the 623 letter to Amex on 10/23/12, and on 12/28/12 received a simple letter, stating "yes we verify that you had an account with us". Thats IT! It was past the 30 days and did not fulfill the request at all. What's my next step, other than filing suit, which seems to be imminent? I realize it may not effect her score much, but to her, at this point it's more about principal. She simply wants it to be right. She wasn't even that concerned with having the tradeline removed, she just wants it right and both Amex and Experian have refused to make it so. Now what?
  3. March 27 - I obtained a copy of my credit history from Experian that showed my AmEx was charged-off in Sept. 2009 AND Nov. 2011. March 31 - I wrote to AmEx requesting that they investigate my inaccurate account as it was only charged off once. April 18 (date rec'd.) - I wrote to Experian to let them know there were inaccuracies on my account and asking that they be investigated. May 17- Experian sent me a letter stating that they received a "suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you". May 30 - I responded to that letter assuring Experian that I did initiate the investigation request, and that I wasn't impressed with their stall tactic and demanded the item be removed since they had failed to verify the account within 30 days. July 1- again sent a letter to Experian demanding removal due to failure to verify. Aug 2- Received a letter from Experian that said they didn't see a problem with my account accuracy. August 2 - I sent procedural request and stated that I was not asking for a re-investigation and quoted section 611. August 15 - Experian kindly provided another copy of my credit report that showed the AmEx account now written- off 3 TIMES! The latest being April 2012. It looks like I am being penalized for making inquiries into my account. This report says they are "unable to honor my request" under section 611 based on the limited amount of information regarding my dispute. They are requesting specifics, including what the correct answer is. Sept 2- Sent ITS to Experian and AmEx. No response from AmEx, butI received another credit report from Experian today. It simply says the account was "updated", but the AmEx account still shows account charge-offs on three different dates. The only change is an additional sentence under the comments section stating: "This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in Sep 2012." UGH! I'm so done with them! What's my next step? (All letters were sent CMRRR)
  4. Thank you so much for the response! I will ask her if she can get me more details to post, like you mentioned above. Her tolerance is high, she understands that she has more time to "recover" and can be a little more aggressive than someone older.
  5. My sister asked for advice on how to diversify her 401K, but I'm not a pro at that like some of you here, so I'd love some opinions please! She is 26. Thanks for any advice! Asset Allocation Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Cons. Term S Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Extend Term S Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Max Term S Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Mod Term S Maxim Con Profile II Portfolio Initial International Funds BlackRock Global Alloc Fund R Dreyfus Greater China I Janus Overseas Fund T Thornburg International Value R4 Specialty BlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv A Ivy Science & Technology Y Prudential Jennison Natural Resources A MFS Utilities Fund R4 Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A Prudential Global Real Estate A Small Cap Funds Buffalo Small Cap Fidelity Advisor Small Cap A Victory Small Company Opportunity R Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Val Inv Mid Cap Funds JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap I JPMorgan Diversified Mid Cap Growth Sel Lord Abbett Value Opportunities A Large Cap Funds American Beacon S&P 500 Idx Instl American Funds Fundamental Inv R3 American Funds New Economy Fund - R3 Janus Forty S Pioneer Fundamental Value A T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund - Adv Vanguard 500 Index Investor Balanced Funds Buffalo Flexible Income Invesco Van Kampen Equity & Income A Bond Funds Federated Instl High Yield Bond Instl Federated US Govt 1-3 Yr Instl Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond A Sentinel Government Securities A Self-Directed Options TD AMERITRADE SDB Money Market TD AMERITRADE SDB Securities Fixed Key Guaranteed Portfolio Fund
  6. Congrats! That was fast! I'd been working on our mod since March
  7. Does that put you back on the hook for the debt? I am trying this with WF and she said that I am restarting the loan for 30 years and it would not longer be discharged in BK. They said it does not, and the girl at Chase that I have been dealing with seems very knowledgeable. From what I was told, it does not reaffirm, that requires a lawyer. The loan also does not start over, the amount we were late was added to the principal, but it does not start our 30 years over. We haven't gotten any hard paperwork though, we won't find out the terms until we complete our three trial payments. From the sounds of it though, they simply lowered our interest rate.
  8. That surprises me! My attorney flat out refused to let us reaffirm. I was terrified of losing our house, didn't want to move, and knew we were going to pay, so against better everything I had read, we asked to reaffirm. He said he would not allow it and sign off unless they significantly reduced our interest or our principal balance. They did not. It honestly sounds like your best option is to move to a better district with better schools and a loan with lower interest. That seems like it would have the best benefit to your family in the long run. Good luck!
  9. We applied for a loan mod with Chase in March, and after jumping thru hoop after hoop, and sending and resending every document imaginable, we got the word yesterday that our modification was approved! Our payment went from $1334 to $1060, and the late payments were added to the end of the loan. Our first payment is in September...such a relief to be done! Our situation: we filed bk and were discharged in Nov 2009. We did not reaffirm the house on advice from our lawyer. We had continued to pay until an accident and medical bills early this year made us fall behind. We were two months behind when we decided to try for the mod. Tried to make our payment the next month after turning in all of the paperwork, and it was returned to us, they wouldn't accept any payments unless for the full amount. We obviously didn't have it, so on the first of the 4th month of being late, we were put in active foreclosure with no sale date. Two months later, we finally got an answer! I've seen many people saying that you can't get a mod if you're in bk and didn't reaffirm, so we thought our chances were slim at best. But at least with Chase, that seems to be incorrect. So just wanted to say, there is hope! I felt like we would never actually get an answer and thought of quitting many times, hang in there!
  10. We were just approved for a loan mod after bk. DC'd in November 2009, did not reaffirm. Applied for loan mod in March 2012, we were two months behind. We tried to make payments, they wouldn't accept them, so we became 6 months behind. Just got the word yesterday that it was approved, so Chase at least will do a loan mod on a bk home that was not reaffirmed.
  11. LadyT


    Your typo made me laugh. LOL, I didn't even notice *take
  12. LadyT


    Go for it! What do you have to lose? All they can do is say no. If you don't try, you may always wonder "what if". Better to try and be rejected than to not even make an effort. "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't make!"
  13. Good luck! Letter sounds good, but CapOne is impossible. I hope you have a different outcome! I tried 10+ times for good will for ONE 30 day late, and they wouldn't budge. Hope you have a different outcome!
  14. I can't even imagine how your heart is breaking having to deal with all of this. But, you absolutely did the right thing. You really had no other choice. She may be upset and hate you now, but in the end, she will be thankful and respect you for the fact that you loved her enough to do what was best for her, no matter how hard it was. Praying for you all that she comes to her senses soon!

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