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  1. Still waiting on deletion. The manager I spoke with told me they report on Fridays, which means they should send in the request tomorrow. I will update next week! Verizon was not reporting the account.
  2. I can confirm it has been deleted from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Was deleted within a week.
  3. Heads up for anyone with an EOS CCA collection on their reports, I just had an agreement to delete from the CRA's with a paid in full. Details - $561 collection account from an old Verizon Wireless bill from 2015. EOS CCA bought the debt from Verizon. Verizon was not reporting. I tried various methods to have the debt removed. It came back verified, PFD letters were ignored or returned, etc. 9/5/19 I called EOS CCA and nicely informed the gentleman on the phone I would love to pay the debt with full deletion from my credit reports. Transferred to an
  4. I am nothing if not a layman! 😂
  5. Negative, No Sprint reporting.
  6. I have had an Enhanced Recovery collection hanging over my head for a few years now on a $415 unpaid Sprint bill. After trying various other methods to get this debt off my report I decided to call Sprint and pay the debt directly to them. They tried getting me to pay ERC but I insisted on paying them. With the debt cleared, I contacted ERC and politely asked them to remove the collection from my report. After being told 3 different times they wouldn't or couldn't do that, and being hung up on twice, I decided to file a CFPB complaint. In my complaint I simply stated that Enhanced Recovery had
  7. They wouldn't give me any sort of guarantee in writing. It was this or nothing.
  8. After doing lots of browsing on this site and others I have managed to slowly clean my reports up. Recently I decided to just call Caine & Weiner and attempt a PFD on an old progressive insurance collection for $269. The first scumbag flat out refused that they would ever lower themselves to that sort of compassion; so I hung up and called back. The second person I spoke to was a very nice woman who said they would absolutely do a PFD and if I made the full payment they would delete the collection within 30 days. I paid the bill over the phone on trust alone and in about a week received a
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