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  1. I am wanting to do a BT, currently have an offer from chase $0.00 BT through their credit (journey?). I have a citi 2% card $0.00 balance and was considering apping the simplicity. current fico's are 718,713,716 with current fico 8's at 698,699,717 (eq, tu, ex) 1 inquiry august? 2018 and a week ago from Chrysler. Any advice on choosing one over the other?
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  3. Here are the requirements for one of our current checkings. 2.25% APY* on balances up to $7,000 0.05% APY* on portion of balance over $7,000 Resulting in an APY between 2.25% to 0.19%, for example, on a $100,000 balance* 0.01% APY* if qualifications are not met Nationwide ATM fee refunds up to $25 per month* (up to $5 per transaction) No monthly service charge I am wanting to use this sort of like a savings. We currently have DH checks split between here and the CU where all our loans are. (never thought of doing more than two splits on the check) I keep 6k or so in the CU for bills but it draws close to 7 bucks a month. may not be much but more than what I had a better than a savings interest. This other account draws more but requires 10 transactions a month. I'm really considering the .44 candy bars at walmart for a sum of 4.40 deposit to cover that and let it roll. I am looking to maximize what I've got. I have about 10,500. that is going to be spent in a few weeks. planning on spreading that out between a couple new cards and 0% int for a year but the 11 or so I have I would like to let that earn just a bit of interest during that time. unless someone has a better idea? I know it's not going to be a lot but heck if ya save a few bucks it's more than what ya had before right?
  4. I'll check w/ my bank and see if they charge. Thanks!
  5. What's the easiest way to move your money from one account to the other without physically going between banks. Is there a favorite app you use? Do most just tie your accounts to PayPal?
  6. I probably should have apped for the amex business card. I would have more than likely not met the SUB BUT... it does give 5% back every month on cellphone bills. I was pulled in to the cash magnet today instead got a 10K approval, unsure of hard or soft pull or where. I doubt they would let me do the business card now but the phone bill would be the main bonus to it. heck even if it had a low limit 5% back on that is good. One more ?. I now have the 1.5% (cash magnet) DH has the Chase freedom and we both have the amex blue something no annual fees. Would it be better to on one of those cards maybe the 1.5% to add either one of us as a user to maximize the spending on one card? We are both wanting to sit on the cap ones and keep them for age purpose only. Should we both app for one more now and then lay low for a couple years?
  7. I am really really wanting to apply for the alliant card with the 2% cash back but unknown about how strict they are. we switched 4 of our loans to a credit union from a bank back in october and obviously navy federal did not like that at all when i applied there. Utterly ridiculous as we dropped our % by 2 or more on each loan we had and got a flat 2% on a toy. about to make a large purchase so i could meet the SUB on a few cards in september easy.
  8. My goal would be to have more available credit, although I don't really need or want credit cards to maximize score it's one of those things ya got to have. Learning that on here. If I am going to have one though I want to maximize the potential and get the most I can out of it. It's sad when a credit card or bank account can earn you more than a savings account. We don't ever get to travel/fly much seems too busy and mother lives with us so i'm not sure about a points card? I guess one could save the points indefinitely and use them later. I am still waiting on my amex to report a $0 balance. it's been 4 days so i may call them and see what's up. I missed putting in my scores earlier. They are EQ 705 TU 702 and EX 698. They should raise a bit once amex reports since the last balance was 2376? or close to that.
  9. DH has a discover@ 14K and cap1@ 4K. Friday night I apped him for Amex - approved 10K and Chase freedom - approved for 9600. Cap one offers nothing so it's about to be put away. Should I app him for another so technically he will have 5? or should we wait a year or so first? His scores are EQ 730, TU 681 and EX 696. Chase pulled TU and EX Amex pulled EX. What about alliant offering the higher cash back? I am not sure what their score tiers are. I apped with nfcu at first of month, pulled TU am going to call tomorrow if no increase on 1K limit i may tell them to close it. Bad Idea???? What about apping with Alliant or pen fed? I currently have a discover @ 16k w/ almost 7K balance an amex @ 11K 0 balance cap one at 2450 0 balance and bestbuy/visa @ 2K at 0 balance. Should I get one more? Suggestions?
  10. we are both under the 5/24. I decided to do 1 amex I sent him the link for but should have probably done the cash magnet instead maybe. then I apped him for chase freedom. was approved for both amex 10K and chase 9600 but have not looked of where they pulled yet. we both have a crap one we would like to ditch but mainly let them sit. I have thought of applying him for Pen Fed and opening a savings account there but mainly want the sub right now. we will be spending 10K next month and could pay cash but want to leave it drawing a bit of $ so planning on speading across no interest cards. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.
  11. can you apply for 2 amex cards within minutes of each other and them approve both? or should a person do an amex and a chase for better results later on?
  12. the payment was made back on the 13 and statement was on the 19th. I'm open to suggestions for a card. We hardly ever travel so I doubt that points would do us much good. I don't know much about point cards, I've just looked at the cash back ones. His myfico EQ is showing 730, bank8@708, TU 681 Bank 8 @672 and EX 699 bank8@684 but they both need to update so should come up a bit. He only has 2 cards dis 7400 of 14,500 and cap1 80.00 of 4K. Mine are currently EQ695 w/ a bank8 at 681, TU692 w/ a bank8 at 690, EX687 w/ bank8 at 682. These should update in the day or two for my discover and my amex should update to zero a few days after. I'm geussing will put me back to the low 700's. I have discover w/ a $6678 out of 16,500, amex at 0 out of 8K, cap1 at 0 out of 2450 and a best buy city visa at 0 of 2K. I feel like I messed up but I applied for a NFCU card at the first of August and go a whopping 1K limit. I'm considering doing a recon letter?? suggestions on cards? I didn't mean to sound like a hag in the post above, was at work fresh off the lovely phone with someone a few marbles shy of a full load so I apologize @cv91915

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