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  1. They would sell an old paid account that's within 10 months of falling off?
  2. Have 3 paid medical collections from 2015. I should be able to get early delete in 5 months anyway but. Collection agency is somewhat local. Since it's been paid, 2015, small amount, ($690 for 3 combined) do you think i could call local agency and just ask if they would remove early so our "mortgage" score would raise? Just wait another few months and dispute w/ bureau? or send whychat letter? I"m not sure if mortgage score recovers quickly after an old removal or if it takes a few months. Other scores are good.
  3. we have 4. one truck @ 13700 another newer gonna ditch it if i find something, one toy about maybe 2000, and another at 11096. zero interest on newer truck, 2 to 2.5 % on other truck and toys. I think the house is at....4.5, 4.69? RV is paid for. New construction will be a bit yet. Husband said the logger was gone today so there is still a metric crap ton to do as there are no utilities there yet. pay house off leaves about 100K. investment vehicle as in a cd? or something?
  4. We are wanting to build. Will be selling our house but have enough to pay it off now. However, should I just pay a chunk down on it to reduce the bit of interest? (last months interest was $295.) I'm afraid that paying the house off will hurt my score. Also, may need to ask this in a different post but, If you start building Pay for your land, shop/garage with cash is it harder to get a loan for the house part by itself if need be? I am sure we will end up having to finance something.
  5. So seriously, have a small balance in no interest. Thought I would start on it and paid I think 500 on it. Balance goes down right? You would think a lower balance would make the score go up? WRONG. Punished 8 points for paying on it. What the heck. This is not the first time I have noticed this. Is it just me? Happening to others since the Rona? Here’s a pic. Well it won’t let me post a pic. But. It’s off myfico. Experience, your balance dropped by 500. Score now 739 -8.
  6. I ran across a post I found interesting. The poster was inquiring about paying off all his bills except mortgage wondering about it lowering his score. I am curious how that worked for the original poster and all your thoughts. I am aware paying off credit cards will do nothing so your score but possibly raise it but what about the loans? Most referred to the cards in the comments and not the loans being paid off. Before I had learned that you had to have credit cards I thought paying your loans and paying them off was a good thing but when I had tanked our score (68 points) by paying off a loan early I quickly learned the difference. Said loa was a 3 year 20K loan, paid it off in a year and a half and crap went down the tubes. I am in a position now to be able to pay a loan off but have just let it run (2%) so it's not costing me much but I don't want to tank my score again. Simular situation but on a toy where before was just a personal loan. Does the loan type make a difference? Here is the link to the thread I am referring to. I appreciate all reply's.
  7. Thanks Y'all. Was just curious. Just figuring out how the balance drops been giving me a score drop. It will change soon I'm sure.
  8. Has anyone noticed a change in the way the bureaus are updating? Instead of doing it when something reports it's more like once a month? When you pay on something and the balance drops you get a score drop? For example, small zero interest (best buy) i use about once a year and always put something on the zero interest and let it roll out on a basic to give it a few months of payments. But you add an extra hundred to it and the balance drops. I take a hit of 5 on Tu, 6 on EQ and 2 on ex. But yet something that has had a balance drop of 700. does nothing to the score. Updating seems to have changed over the past few months to about once a month instead of when something reports. If goes as previous I will have to wait till after the 15th of the month or so to get another score change/update. Anyone else notice this??
  9. I agree but not sure how well they will listen. Personal loans are at a higher rate but would probably be a better option for them. I think the house may be financed through a local bank so a line of equity to pay off? There has been a friendly divorce and also wants to get the ex's name off the loan as i goes towards her debt to income, I think that may be the main motivation. suggestions? should I ask in the credit card forum? Thanks for the link, will read it now!
  10. A friend has been trying for a few months to refi w/ cash out with quicken. If he chooses to drop that due to constant changes of one thing or another..... Is that considered a conventional mortgage? Home equity? I as looking at navy fed and pen fed and it does not list mortgage w/ cash out as an option. His cash out is around 22K to get rid of credit card debt. Suggestions on how to advise? They are telling him his score is 670 (what quicken said) I'm sure s low because of the credit card debt.
  11. I am wanting to do a BT, currently have an offer from chase $0.00 BT through their credit (journey?). I have a citi 2% card $0.00 balance and was considering apping the simplicity. current fico's are 718,713,716 with current fico 8's at 698,699,717 (eq, tu, ex) 1 inquiry august? 2018 and a week ago from Chrysler. Any advice on choosing one over the other?
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