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  1. I wonder how many people got in under this method? I can't imagine them removing current members who got in. Rules say once in you're always a member even if you stop being a member of the navy league. would be bad business to remove all those who got in. if there was some way they could I'd just reestablish membership thru my deceased father who is a veteran. I'd be eligible that way and I have all the documentation to establish that fact.
  2. Since your dad is a veteran you qualify for membership under the recently changed rules that allow veterans and their family members. You'll need dd214 copy and birth certificate. you're good to go. I went in under the navy league but i qualify both ways since my dad served in the army in the Korean conflict. my dad was buried in a national cemetery and given military funeral.
  3. Equifax is the hardest to deal with I just got my last negative removed it was due to go away may 1st I disputed it again and they just deleted it guess they got tired or knew it would go away anyway. My score went up 33 points after the deletion. It was a charge off reporting late every month from a credit union. Now all my files are clean across the board. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk There is a better version no annual fee and 24.9 but if you're carrying a balance it doesn't matter. The limit can go up to 1000 not sure if it goes any higher. I got it out of curiosity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. And you paid the annual fee for it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk My offer was for a no annual fee card. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. my offer came from credit sesame. I applied and was given a $500 limit. it said I would get a double your line increase to $1000 after 7 months. no annual fee, 24.9 apr purchase and 29.99 cash adv. not carrying a balance so is good deal for me and the line will double in 7 months. card has no chip. mag stripe card, online site with bill pay, 5 day hold on payment (my first one anyway will see how that changes supposed to be 2 days but in some cases it is 5 days, maybe till they see that my payments are good. card arrived 5 days after approval. it was Mailed from Tampa Florida. they issue thru beneficial state bank (a small community bank in California), they use fis output solutions as their processor. interest rate really doesn't matter if you don't carry a balance. 25 day grace period to pay with no finance charge unlike first premier and credit one. no annual fee was a plus for me and double your line is good too. hope this helps. I mainly got the card out of curiosity to see how it is. I have better cards in my portfolio. my newest is the marvel MasterCard which I'm quite happy with.
  7. also got rid of first premier, another turd that flushed to the surface. offered 35.00 credit to keep. I should have took the credit then cancelled after it posted. oh well gone now. not looking back... 36 percent apr, 8.00 a month fee, plus 79 annual fee. must have had rocks in my head to fall for that deal. they sent it to me glad its gone ....
  8. I got rid of them months ago. a loser of a card. flush it and don't look back...
  9. I was thinking maybe I should have took the 35.00 credit and then I could have cancelled later and had a credit balance. that would have finished me out for the rest of the year as I was about 9 months into having it for a year. or do you think I should just leave it closed?? I think it got 10 bankcards left discover 2k line, PayPal extras mc 5k line, secured with BOA 99/500, secured with Wells Fargo 500, cabelas club visa 500, navy federal cash rewards card 1100 , a new lendup lcard visa no annual fee 24.9 apr offer to double the 500 line in 6 months, capital one card 2k, another cap one card 500 partially secured 99.00, a Citibank secured mc 500, delta card 1k, amex green npsl.
  10. I got first premier bank card back in June 2016. My credit scores have improved my negatives are gone on all but one bureau and a single charge off item on the remaining bureau goes away in 2 months. My tu is 714, my exp is 708 and my efx is 647. I got tired of paying 8.00 a month to first premier and then I paid a 79.00 annual fee. Definitely a bad deal at the time. APR of 36 %. I got an amex green card now and a sky miles delta card. Also just got my PayPal mc raised to 5k. So I'm saying to myself why do I need first premier just to have access to a 700.00 limit. Bad deal. I called them this morning they transfer me to this lady and she offers to give me a 35.00 credit. Granted I'm going to lose an account that has reported for 9 months but they fee a person to death. Glad I closed it they will try to talk you into keeping it. Next stop will be to close the other bad one I have credit one. I called to close it the other day and they gave me a credit of 13.00 I believe but there is no monthly fee on that one and I've paid up for the year but I'll probably get rid of it too. I got several cards probably 30 so losing these 2 isn' t going to hurt me that much. Good bye first premier. I had to pay the last 8.00 fee. Think I'll make them send me a confirmation letter that the account was closed.
  11. Some of my comenity cards are not showing any history they report the open account but no history I only worry about having 60k in open credit compared to 30k income might be hard to get future increases
  12. even if yours is frozen they are one of your creditors and they can still do soft pulls because you have an existing account with them so your increase was probably based on a recent soft pull. not sure what their max exposure is. but congratulations on your increase. I'd like to get my card upgraded to the Macy's amex
  13. synchrony really is generous with the credit line increases. I'm staring to see a lot of love with a 700 score. it's opened the door with discover, now PayPal, and it opened the door with Macys and bloomingdales the other day. bloomingdales went from 500 to 2k and I also got a nice increase on my Macy's. I paid Macy's off their interest is too high at 25%. I hope to have all my credit cards paid off in 12 months. most of what I have is on interest free promotions except for capital one.
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