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  1. Thanks I guess its probably worth it to keep trying! I just didn't know if I should count myself extremely lucky with this little bit of success and leave well enough alone, or push a bit harder. Not sure how to phrase the next letter to them though..."while I am happy to see the reporting on my Fedloan accounts has been partially updated, I am requesting to have the months of march and April 2014 fully updated as well. As stated in my last correspondence to TU on (date), I was on forbearance made retroactive for the months of Feb 2014-April 2014 therefore my account was brought up to date and no payments were due those months. I am requesting TU fully update the inaccurate and outdated reporting on these accounts." Something like that maybe? I'm getting ready to try my luck with EX and EQ next and see what happens. TU was a test run as I've come under the impression that they're much more flexible and easier to work with than the other two, but especially compared to EQ.
  2. @Fxtalon, As far as my own forbearance, I was put on retroactive forbearance in 2014 after being 3 months late on payments. I called and spoke with a rep who then put me on retroactive forbearance covering the months I was late and brought my accounts current. At the time I was still oblivious to credit in general and wasn't concerned with asking the rep about the forbearance being grounds for updating the late reporting. I don't know how you would do it if some time has elapsed since your lates were reported, but I've read that you could try calling and asking about being granted forbearance for the time period that your lates occurred, then after that is granted you can start disputing the lates citing that you were on forbearance during that time. I just posted an update to my situation with this in this forum today. I wrote TU requesting that they update their innacurate reporting for my Fedloan accounts for 2014, with copies of my retroactive forbearance statement from fedloan, my TU report with those accounts circled, as well as the FTC advisory opinion on this matter. I also CC'd the CFPB in my letter to TU. After TU completed their investigation, I had all my 120 day lates (as well as the 60 day lates, which is strange) deleted. They left the 90 day lates for some reason....trying to get feedback in the meantime how to make sense of that and how to approach the leftover 90 day lates. But I'm actually pretty pleased to see *something* positive happen, afterall this was my first shot at getting Fedloan lates deleted with any CRA.
  3. Hey everyone, I see this is a common topic here so wanted to come back and update/ask for feedback. This is regarding lates reporting on my Fedloan accounts that occurred in April, May, and June 2014. I had a 60 day, 90 day, and 120 day late on all five of my Fedloan accounts. I was put on retroactive forbearance in June 2014 that covered me for those months (Feb-June) and brought me current. After reading as many threads as I could find on this topic, I decided to experiment and sent TU a letter asking for an update to my TU report, with a copy of my TU report with the fedloan accounts circled. I also included a copy of my retroactive forbearance letter that fedloan sent me in 2014, as well as the FTC advisory opinion on the recording/updating of late payments that occurred during the forbearance period. I started with TU first. I also CC'd the CFPB in my letter to TU. I was careful to word it along the lines of "I am requesting an update to outdated/innacurate reporting", it was short and concise. A little over a month later, I received the results of TU's investigation and they deleted all of the 120 day lates, but left the 90 day lates. Oddly enough, they also deleted the 60 day lates. Just the 90 day lates are left. I'm tempted to just be grateful that I was able to get the 120 day lates off and "call it a day" but I'm wondering if I should continue to pursue getting those 90 day lates off. I'm also perplexed why they took the 120 day lates and 60 day lates off while leaving the 90 day lates since those months were all covered in my forbearance period. I never received a letter or any explanation, just that their investigation was complete. Should I count myself lucky and stop now? Or try to get those 90 day lates off too? If the later, how would I go about this? File another dispute, write a more specific letter? Either way, i intend to try this with EX and EQ and hoping for similar results. Thank you for any feedback!
  4. I have 6 student loans from Dept of Ed that defaulted in 2011. I rehabbed them in 2012 and Fedloan became the new servicer. These accounts are listed as closed with 0$ balance. Their status (on EQ) is listed as 120+ days past due. The "activity designator"(not sure what that means) says Transfer/sold. The DOFD listed on these accounts is 5/2011, 8/2011. Does early exclusion still work for SLs? If not, can I still expect them to come off summer of 2018, at the 7 year mark? I only have one late payment before the DOFD, and only on two accounts (Aug 2010) they pretty much went straight into default and collections. Is there a method for tackling closed negative SL accounts on here or do i just need to wait? Also for two of those closed accounts I have a late payment reporting in Aug 2010. Could I request early exclusion for that specific late payment? Thanks!
  5. Update: Redisputed the 3 unpaid medical collections with EQ with the WhyChat method, as I had done last year. EQ just concluded their investigationn and deleted 2/3 of the collections off my report. I am now left with only one unpaid med collection on EQ. I have received EQ's verification letter in the mail listing the accounts that have been deleted, and the one account they verified. I have drafted the DV letter from the WhyChat guides and will be sending it to the debt collector CMRR tomorrow. I have also drafted the followup dispute to EQ(CMRR as well) where I will be including a copy of my DV as well as the tracking # with proof of receipt to show it was receive by the debt collector. WhyChat, I know you are told this all the time but your advise is incredibly invaluable and I know I can speak for others when I say how grateful we are here to have you here helping us to navigate this world. Even though I have this pesky collection hanging on for dear life, I have had many collections deleted using this method.
  6. Be that as it may....I understand there is no guarantee that my reporting lates may get deleted based on my retroactive forbearance with Fedloan. But I haven't yet even tried and have tackled all the other uglies on my reports with good success. This is what I have left to work on, and I figure it is worth a shot. It wont be the end of the world if it doesn't come off, and I'll I have drafted a letter to the CRAs, kept it short and sweet merely asking for an update to the reporting during the period where I was granted retroactive forbearance. I will enclose a copy of the letter I received in 2014 granting retroactive forbearance as well as the FTC advisory opinion letter. I intend to dispute this first with the CRAs and also to forward the letter to the CFPB. If that doesn't work I will find other sources to dispute this with. As I said it wont be the end of the world for me if these don't come off, but I have started to run out of things to tackle on my reports and can now devote a bit more time and energy on this. I haven't read anything about contacting state representatives and enlisting their help in this matter. Has anyone a link for using this scenario and how I would go about writing a letter to them asking for their help on my behalf?
  7. I'm bumping this thread because I also have lates reporting with Fedloan during a retroactive forbearance in 2014. I've only read a few success stories for getting them removed but so far it seems the overwhelming majority see no results. It would be great to see what the common denominator is for whatever the successful people are doing.
  8. Yes they are only on EQ. Last year I tried the whychat Hipaa method and I was given two different CA names and addresses. My onine report says OMNI management, while the verification letter that EQ sent me says Total Recovery, each with very different addresses. So when I sent the DV to the CA listed on my online EQ report it came back as "undeliverable" and EQ basically shrugged and refused(even now) to correct the discrepancy between what's on my report,and what they list on their verification letters. So starting from scratch. Yes I've opted out. What does a "free report" mean? I get all three reports from each CRA by monthly subscription straight from their sites. I didn't realize it could take as long as 45 days. I was hoping I might have an advantage if they couldn't finish by the 30 day mark, but I'll sit tight.
  9. Hi all, I started last year with the WhyChat method to get a lot of my medical collections removed from my reports. Was very successful except for three unpaid medical collections on EQ from 2010-2011. Long story short, it ended in me filing a complaint and followup with the CFPB which unfortunately did not yield any results. I was advised by WhyChat to start the dispute process over and then report back. I redisputed on 4/11 and according to the tracking number my disputes were received by EQ on 4/14. So it would make this day 28. A few days ago I saw one of the medical collections came off but the other two still have "Reinvestigation in progress" on them. I am wondering, assuming it reaches the 30 day mark and the investigation is not concluded, what my next step would be? I remember reading that the CRAs only have 30 days to investigate a dispute otherwise they need to remove the disputed items. Is this correct and what do I do next?
  10. Hopefully I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but I wanted to share. I have a paid collection for 76$ from January 2016 from CCS. The original creditor was progressive insurance. Not knowing anything about credit at the time I got the collection letter I paid it in full immediately and it was updated to paid and stayed on my TU report (the only report it was ever entered on). Feeling a little frisky today I thought "what the heck" and called CCS. I was only on the phone for less than a minute, explained I had a paid collection with them from last year, that I had paid it in full as soon as I received their letter and politely requested to have it deleted from my report. The woman I spoke with immediately understood and said she would request it be deleted. She said "Yes we should be able to get that deleted for you since it was paid". She told me it may take up to 30 days to be deleted on my TU report. I am so thrilled but trying to temper that enthusiasm in the meantime in case this is some kind of a trick lol.
  11. Hello again everyone! I'm tackling the last few baddies on my reports and one I hadn't paid much attention to before now has me stumped. On my TU report there is a judgment filed in the public records section. It was filed in 4/2012 for the amount of 154$ from old landlord. Backstory: Around 01/2012 I was 8 months pregnant and leaving a bad relationship, so I left my state in a hurry and neglected to pay rent for several weeks. I finally went back late January/early February 2012 with my brother to explain the situation to the property managers: I was on a month to month lease and pregnant, had recently lost my job, and needing to be closer to my family so wanted to settle and pay what I owed and end my lease. The details are admittedly hazy to me but I believe I remember paying them the last month's rent with the agreement that I'd have my things cleared out in a week. The specific details of the date, payment, and whether anything was even signed is almost nonexistent in my memory, unfortunately. I was an emotional wreck. The suit was filed against me 1/25/2012 and court records state the process server delivered summons to "Adult male of suitable age" who was likely my ex stopping over to collect his things, and never passed the summons on to me. Records also state it was sent certified mail to my address, but of course I wasn't in the city for at least a month and never received it. I was unaware of the suit at the time I visited the property managers to end my lease and although I don't recall the specifics of our conversation(I DO recall they were extremely kind and helpful though) I don't think they mentioned the suit, just my late rent needing to be paid. So the original judgement amount is for 154$ for "damages"(of which the only thing I can think of is the broken garbage disposal and need for new carpet?). There were two parts to the lawsuit and the first one, "restitution of property" was dismissed(I'm guessing after I officially met with managers and turned in my keys), but the second part which was suing me for any damages was not dismissed and resulted in the default judgment on my transunion report. Is it at all possible I could get this vacated, on the grounds that the adult it was apparently left with was not a resident and did not forward it to me? Or that while the suit was moving through the courts unbeknownst to me, I had made arrangements to settle what I owed my landlord and they accepted payment without dismissing the case or making me aware there might be more owed at a later time? I know the judgment is for damages plus court costs, so whatever I was quoted that I owed must've been enough to cover my late rent, but not enough to cover the court costs that I knew nothing about or "damages" to my apartment that had yet to be determined if I was still officially living there when I met with the property managers. I believe I would have paid the entire amount if I was made aware of it and I don't believe I was when I spoke to the property managers. I was there to actively work with them so it seems strange I wasnt given a chance to pay the full amount and have the suit dropped. I have always remembered it to be a very helpful meeting with them where we all left happy, I had no idea of the complaint and the possibility that what I payed was not going to be the total amount. I officially vacated the premises and turned in the keys in early February but they continued to send court correspondence to THAT address throughout this time and as late as May 2012 when the default judgement was granted. I have been trying to read whatever I could find online about this but I thought I might get some pointers here. Do I have any case for vacating the default judgement at all? Would hiring a lawyer be the way to go? Should I try contacting my old apartment management to see if they have any records that might be useful to me? I'm desperately aiming to qualify for a USDA loan for a house this year and I'm trying to get my bases covered. Is this pretty much hopeless? Thanks for reading!
  12. Sorry to have posted this thread only to have gone MIA, the flu was at our house for near two weeks and I'm thoroughly exhausted. But I am extremely grateful for the all the rich feedback in the responses here! I've read everyone's comments at least 3X and will probably keep referring back to the good advice here. Willis, no I haven't seen the Alliant CU installment hack. I will need to check that out soon. My brother actually told me about the credit union loans giving his own score a decent boost and it was the first I ever gave it thought in this regard. We're on a similar credit repair journey, but he probably had/has different factors at play that caused his score to be affected differently. Good to hear about inquiries not being something to worry about, I'm starting at a very elementary level and always assumed inquiries were to be avoided like the plague. This is also the first I've learned about being able to free an ugly report in order to get the nice looking ones pulled instead. I know I'm going to learn a lot here if I stick with it. ClaimJumper, I don't foresee a non profit or government job in the future otherwise that sounds like a good strategy. I will need to acquaint myself with how student loans affect credit, so far at this point I've only been worrying with getting collections off. I realize now that student loans might be more a part of my credit profile than I have been thinking. If you know of any good resources on how student loans affect the credit picture, I don't even know what I should be searching for. FormerAnalyst, I had a feeling everyone would tell me to skip the OpenSky card here. Glad I ran this by everyone, I had the feeling I'd just be tying cash up that could be put to better use. As to the repayment plan, early last year I hit a rough patch for six to eight weeks with one child in the hospital and my hours/income were reduced during that time. I applied for the income based repayment plan and that's when I qualified for the zero monthly payment. Since then my income has recovered to what it was before and I'm getting ready for a reassessment the end of this month. To be sure, my income is fairly low (single mom of two) but I have almost 8k in the bank. I'm hoping to qualify for a USDA Direct loan for a house. The sense of urgency arises from wanting to move with my kids to a safer area with less crime and more kid/pet friendly. I'm so tired of renting, I feel like I'm just throwing the money away each month and tired of feeling like a sardine packed tightly alongside the others. I desperately want my children to be able to run in a backyard and have real pets. I don't know how else to put it, but I really want this year to be the last year I rent anywhere. I know I have a little ways to go still EricDET, I will definitely give AMEX a look! I know this may be a dumb question but can I try to get those other two CCs as soon as possible or is it absolutely necessary to wait? I gather from above that you cant add a cap1 card within six months of opening the previous one, but how about for other cards? Am I waiting for my scores to climb only so I can get cards with better rewards and rates? Or could I qualify for something that is still pretty decent, at least better than a secured card, but not that high a tier? Would there be any harm? Is it too soon to try to open other accounts? My next step either way will be trying to get the remaining collections and judgment removed, but should I try opening more cards in the meantime even if that means I wont get the best out there?
  13. Ok got it, thank you WhyChat! It's been about 5 months since I submitted my complaint to the cfpb, but probably took another 4-6 weeks to wrap up the back and forth between EQ and I regarding the complaint through the cfpb. I'll opt out again and start the process over. I'll update after that. Thanks again!
  14. Hello all, I'm looking for some advice tailored to my current credit situation if anyone could help. I'll try to keep it organized and simple. My goal is to bring my credit up enough to eventually qualify for a mortgage in the near future. I know I've got a ways to go but I desperately want to expedite the process as quickly as possible. I've been monitoring my credit scores closely in the last year and have made a lot of progress getting collections removed but it feels like things have slowed down and I'm wondering what else I can do to boost my scores. My EX score was 674, although it seems they're now giving me the FICO 8 score which puts me at 660. No collections. My prettiest credit report. TU is 630, two paid collections from early 2016, one unpaid(open?) judgement from 5 years ago(I'll be disputing that in the near future). EQ is 595 with 3 unpaid medical collections ~6.5 years old. Hopefully I can get these off soon but I've hit a bit of a dead end in the meantime. My oldest accounts are student loans from 2009 that I'm on an income based repayment plan for (0$ a month) so they're not delinquent but I need to pay a chunk off since I've let the interest rack up. My newest account and only credit card is the capital1 semi-secured card I just opened in January of this year. I've kept my utilization at ~4%. It exists solely to build my credit. My scores have crept up a few points since opening the cap1 card but I'd like to know what else I could do to boost my credit scores while I work on the last uglies on my reports. I considered opening an Open Sky secured card since that is guaranteed approval and no hard pulls but I don't know if that would be worth it since my scores are probably *almost* good enough for another semi-secured/possibly unsecured card. I also just became aware of the concept of personal "credit-builder" type loans that credit unions offer, however I'm not yet eligible for that at my credit union until I've been a member for 90 days, plus that is a hard pull on my credit report. I only have two inquiries on my reports in the last two years, and am unsure whether another inquiry would hurt my scores/look bad enough to even worry about. Should I just sit tight and not bother opening any new accounts right now? If I did, would it be preferable for me to wait until I can get something better than a (semi-)secured card, or a loan from my CU, or go ahead and open an Open Sky card just because I can? What would look better and affect my scores more? Is there anything else out there I'm not aware of(I'm sure there is, I have a lot of learning to do still). Lastly, would it possibly help even more to pay off as much of my student loans as I can afford to right now? The original loans collectively total ~8k but after I've let interest build up its now at 11k. I've been on an income based repayment plan for the last year but it puts my monthly payments at 0$ and I've set that on the back burner. Thanks for reading, I know this is very long and probably shows my ignorance on this topic. I need help figuring out where to invest my time and money at this point.

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