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  2. Ok. Here we go! Thanks to CB, in the last 5 weeks: Approvals - :clapping: Georgias Own CU - PC and CLI - basic no rewards $2K to Platinum Rewards $5K Pen Air CU (In Florida, I love this place!) auto refi to 1.99% - my second auto loan with them Pen Air CU - Platinum Card - $10K - My first 10K limit Cap 1 Venture One - $10K second one Walmart store card - $1100 - (Denied last year) Amazon store card - $900 2nd Barclay VS - $1500 Merrick Bank Auto CLI - $750 to $1500 Denied - -Discover, -2nd Cap 1 QS, -BOA BBR, - tried to recon higher limits for Sync Amazon and Walmart - both denied. - Amex Everyday. Scores ranged from FICO 655 to 668, AAA 2yrs 10 months, BK 2011, No lates, no collections. Overall - I'm ecstatic :wave: Thanks, CB!
  3. Thanks for sharing. I have noticed your comments in other places and appreciate the advice you share.
  4. An incredibly sexy blue VentureOne Card with my second 10K limit. I am literally hypnotized by the dark blue color and card number on the back! I'm in love! :blush2:
  5. Hi Welcome to CB! That is a great story! I love this site!We are glad to have you Thank you, Vintage! I have been gleaning from the site for a couple of months. I became addicted about 6 weeks ago.
  6. Thanks. I was going to be more specific but below is the gist of her spree - $106,200 in new CLs. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! NFCU cashRewards - $19.2K (Instant) NFCU CLOC - $15K (Instant) NASA PLOC - $8K (Instant) NASA Cash Rewards - $10K (Instant) DCU - $5K (Instant) Penfed - $11.2K (Instant) Chase CSP - $16K (Not Instant, Popped Up After 3 Days) Chase IHG - $5K (Declined Due to Too Many Apps - Recon Approved While On The Phone) Citi TYP - $8300 (Recon Approved 24 Hrs Later) Amex Hilton Surpass - $6K (Instant) Amex PRG - (Instant) Barclay's Ring Card - $2500 (Declined too many INQ's, Did Not Recon, Card Just Showed Up 2 Weeks Later) That's awesome!
  7. Is there a difference between the 99/500 and a standard secured to unsecured conversion? I got a BOA secured last Jan and was able to get it converted to unsecured in July of last year. I still have the $500 CL and a $39 AF. I was also wondering whether or not it was worth it to keep the card since the limit is so low.
  8. Hi Welcome to CB! That is a great story! I love this site!

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