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  1. tiggerlgh, box #5 debtor was personally liable and #6 reason for form:statue of limitations breeze; as far as I was concerned I had paid what I owed the 982.00 was for "fees", last payment 3/2011, closed 8/2011 will remain on until 2/2018 I had disputed it as they were not listing that it was originally 18000, just that it was a charge off which makes it look even worse than it is, when i disputed they listed original amount , equinox is ok but then on transition and experian they listed a balance owed of 982 and my scored dipped even lower this month if thats even possible (24 point drop). I want them to change it back to 0 balance..was hoping that due to 1099 they might have to in order to be accurate
  2. Hope you all can help, i did a search and found a post from 2007 but no definitive answer, hops someone knows more now. Last year I received a 1099c for 982.00 which i had to report on my income tax as income and pay taxes on. This balance was from fees i owed on my loan to car company which they "charged off", in 9/2011 (no clue why they waited this long to deem uncollectible) however should they still be able to report a balance due on my credit reports? It seems like it should now show 0, it would not make sense for me to pay taxes on it as if it were income and then have to also pay them... can someone advise?
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