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  1. STC

    Thank you CB -

    Yeah I do not like payments! And I can tell you CV - I read and learn alot from YOU - and I appreciate it.
  2. Back in November of 2017 I bought a new car. I used a CU who gave me 2.59%. I made many extra payments and today I paid the car off! I financed somewhere in the neighborhood of 32K (had a large down payment) and my total interest paid $378 !! Thanks to all the people on this board!
  3. Keep it in cash. Before debtors exam - pay as many bills upfront as you can. Walk in to court and be 100 percent honest. No laws (yet) against keeping cash and no laws prohibit you from spending said casb before exam.
  4. All of my business accounts required PG. honestly I don’t see the issue as most don’t show up on my personal reports and inquiries dont matter much. Never once seen my business credit report.
  5. You can get a co-signor on a mortgage?
  6. Thanks TomForr. Looks like Penfed has one too -
  7. CV: I do have an account with BOA and I do wires from there. I appreciate the input. Anyone know of any Credit Union's that do it online? Thanks! STC
  8. Does anyone have a list, or know of a good CU that allows account holders to do wire transfers from the website that is relatively painless? Thanks! STC
  9. Because its not true. Bingo. Mendel, as always, hits the nail on the head...
  10. The theme here is that it's based on the "location". So my neighbor owns a 600K home. I know he has a mortgage cause he's told me. He's black. SO according to "this". He moves to DC - he gets instantly denied because of the zip code, and his color? Sorry - not buying it.
  11. Direct: Thanks for letting me know that! Very nice!
  12. BOA business credit cards DO NOT REPORT to personal credit unless you don't pay on time as you personally guarantee their cards. Thanks Direct. They've been calling and emailing me for weeks so finally on a whim I applied and was approved for 16K!! My biz credit journey has begun! Were you already a customer of theirs? Yes i have a 50k mastercard a 35k Visa and platinum banking on personal side
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