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  1. Not sure if everyone's being sarcastic or being serious But thanks
  2. I think I received at least 30+ denial letter and after 10 months of opening the account *drumrolllllllllllllllll* +$300 & first CLI with Disco I couldn't believe my eyes lol. I never use this card but maybe the system got sick of sending out the denial letters. The change that did happen to my reports are my utilization dropped from 9% to 3%. In either case...I'll take it. I should probably use this thing? It's the top 5 lowest CC along with Cap1 Spark Biz and AMEX blue cash everyday.
  3. I agree and I will spending just enough so in case my inventory doesn't sell within 30 days I can still pay it off with no problem I switched to Gold Business charge card as I saw better benefit with this card instead of the Platinum. Still got the Platinum card before they could cancel it although this one's not metal (maybe because of the charge card?). Gold has at least the annual fee of $175 waived the first year and $5,000 in 90 days will net me 50,000 points
  4. Okay thank you. I applied and got approved for the Platinum. Hoping to at least get the 75K bonus points I have a bit to purchase for my business so going to do this very carefully.
  5. I seriously would not get Sears anything with their stores closing all over the country. I wouldn't be surprised if Sears & K-Mart gets completely wiped out by end of the year.
  6. Would AMEX shutdown new charge card account if I carry a balance for their charge card? I'm trying to establish a relationship with my local CU to hopefully obtain line of credit but also eyeing the benefits of using AMEX charge cards. The only issue of course is that if the product doesn't sell and I carry inventory, I would have to pay the balance by end of each month correct? I'm completely new to business lending so wanted to ask before I even think about applying
  7. Wait what? I can't remember the last time I got denied based on their score.
  8. Picture would definitely help, sounds like a simple fix though either way? Brake lights usually use 14-16 gauge wire so anything in that range will work just fine. Obviously make sure to disconnect the negative/ground wire on the battery before doing anything. Butt splice connectors will make it really easy to splice in a new wire You'll just nee some sort of a crimper (or pair of pliers if anything).
  9. How high is the interest rate? If credit unions can't do it have you tried Avant if not One Main Financial (worst case)?
  10. 647 as of 2/28/17. Hasn't updated on mine. Roughly 30 points or so lower than FICO 8...
  11. Mexican coke with real sugar > HFCS coke > diet coke
  12. Yep they need to call it quits. I haven't looked at Craftsman in long time. Why when you can buy decent tools from Amazon like Tekton (which I love) for a lot cheaper & better customer service. Sears' website is just god awful. The store is so depressing to walk into these days.
  13. I have. You need zero balance on one with no activity pending in the last 30 days I believe. I canceled my QuickSilver (w/ annual fee) & combined the limit to my Platinum.
  14. That is bizarre...I know I have one CLUE report (accident I caused for minor fender bender that was reported but never got dinged). On a side note, this thread prompted me to obtain LN report for the first time...
  15. Dang that looks nice. I thought when Disco sent me the card it looked fancy That block alone can kill someone.
  16. That's why I got rid of my ex...seriously...as wonderful she is with our daughters, she was a wrecking ball when it came to personal finance. I'm still cleaning up that mess.
  17. Well I for one feel it's something they should teach as part of the curriculum in school on top of educating parents more. Although my youngest thinks the same way. Still cute. For NOW.
  18. I hope you don't mean TGIF restaurants...their food is so nasty!
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