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  1. I'll have to try this tomorrow as I need a hack saw...and use my Discover 5% back for home improvement.
  2. I haven't been there in couple months (since it's so expensive...) but will have to keep an eye out...
  3. And they paid 11 cents with their bulk mail rate. I'm not a big hippy tree hugger but still this was like half of those 500/ream of paper! And my credit doesn't go back far...I'd hate to see what would've came in the mail for you seasoned folks with extensive credit lol. Actually Equifax paid $11.65 to mail that beast to you! We should all request one..... You're right! The zero through me off and realized there's a period Ridiculous USPS even charges that much...I can send bigger box down to Florida for the same price!
  4. I'm going to back off on this application... Sound like NFCU will hold a grudge and never let you back in once they take a loss. Blacklisted for life for me.
  5. And they paid 11 cents with their bulk mail rate. I'm not a big hippy tree hugger but still this was like half of those 500/ream of paper! And my credit doesn't go back far...I'd hate to see what would've came in the mail for you seasoned folks with extensive credit lol.
  6. So I get this thick heavy envelope and wrapped in a plastic that USPS has indicated it was damaged during shipment that they were sorry. Recently EQ deleted a baddie so knew it was a credit report but this is HUGE! Okay...so what did I get? It's a rather big font on the first page? ..........wait a minute lol!!! How this happened I don't know. But I'm not reading 232 page version of my credit report in size 20 font
  7. Actually if there's anything that can be done, can that actual link to the database submit link be bigger (bolded, italicized, sprinkled with angel dust surrounded by crappy gif's from the 90's or whatever)? I always got confused whenever I try to find where the link was for the database. And of course I realized my earlier info I submitted had the wrong FICO.
  8. Called. You sounded a bit gruff and groggy, Kat. Made me think twice about our planned reunion. roflmao
  9. 1. Sign up for 7-day trial at CCT 2. Cancel the next day 3. Rinse and repeat once another trial membership option pops up 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!!!!!111! I think Kat is sick of explaining this method EX is daily and 30-day pull for the other two. Of course there are plenty of free FICO source so if you carefully combine them you shouldn't have much problem getting at least updated FICO every week or two.
  10. Ah okay, I thought they were going to say hey...you've been canceling on and off for awhile now... Oh. I swear they had the 877 number on top before! And midnight? What is this Kat, I need my beauty sleep!
  11. I agree, diligence but also enter the data so others can search easier as well. When I enter say Synchrony products I'll put that in for say Lowe's. Also & obviously, detailed info so users can get a better picture of your credit profile. I usually enter my overall utilization, any baddies and if another bureau was pulled also on top.
  12. Possibly... Can we blame it on Kat? Yep! I tried last Wed/Thurs. Been doing this for few months now. Monday is probably the worst day to call either way lol.
  13. I'd freeze it. @ MFF's opinion. Got my new driver's license...we'll see if NFCU will accept me back.
  14. I tried to cancel my 7-day trial membership with CCT as usual and called the number...instead of being able to cancel through their automated system, it seems like you have to talk to a live person? I'm on hold at the moment but tried few times last week and same thing as far as no option of being able to cancel without talking to a live person.
  15. For the most part yes. For Ebates VISA, CareCredit, Summit Racing, Newegg, Ashley Furniture, ABT Electronics, and I know few others I don't have an account with aren't TU and they will hard pull for CLI (must call in through their automated system).
  16. You'd think people will be excited enough at least to contribute to the database... Love the DB; sure, there are plenty of updates that can be useful but for what it is right now I don't mind the extra search.
  17. I just checked my EQ report this morning and went up by 59 points I don't think I've ever had a FICO this high in my life Thank you CB 14 on EX & 17 on TU. I only disputed EQ because they (Santander) started to report again which is inaccurate. I do see a heavy inconsistencies on the EX & TU so I may target both CRA's first to see if they would just outright delete it. I have a feeling EX will be pretty difficult is my wild guess.
  18. Long story: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=589910 Short story: Santander auto loan paid off in 2012 with number of lates. They recently updated all the way to Feb 2017 as if I was still paying. Filed CFPB complaint against EQ & EQ said to give them 60 days to investigate Filed BBB complaint against EQ & Satander Santander told me to pound sand and case closed by BBB; I left a note saying delete it or I'll talk to a lawyer EQ said they're looking into it Today (after few weeks), I got an email saying Equifax wiped out the Santander account!!! Checked the backdoor and BOOM! It's gone Now I have the cleanest report in err 20 years. No lates. We'll see what the current FICO is (as I updated earlier in the morning) in the next few days. @mendelssohn, you were right, EQ does delete...now see if TU & EX would budge. Lesson Learned: Never ever give up on the baddies!!!
  19. Success in deletion!!!!! See this thread https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=591459
  20. Serious congrats to you...Sarcasm only aimed toward Discover, in jest[emoji4] I'm sure my Disco card in the sock drawer (more like a freezer bag) appreciates it
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