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  1. Yes, after I questioned KristofsMom in the thread (and she launched a rambling, nonsensical attack in return instead of explaining), that thread died two posts later. Ya it just didn't make any sense and started to question the OP as well.
  2. You're missing out honestly. I had to pick up few things out of necessity and on the way out, a guy in a truck decides to ram the steel pole painted in bright yellow about 20' away from me. I almost crapped my pants. Don't know how he didn't see it but pretty much took out his steel bumper.
  3. I'm so glad I dumped that toy card last year. And those flip flops are TERRIBLE. I bought a pair last summer for $3 thinking I needed something cheap but the plastic strap is so hard where it goes through the foam I couldn't walk without feeling sharp pain. I threw it in the trash shortly after ಠ_ಠ
  4. This thread? I thought the whole thing is weird from the beginning without a website and all with no explanation on what the heck you exactly get for paying... https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=586023
  5. I believe they report to your personal credit also if you do default.
  6. Debit card (I know, we shouldn't really be using one) but... Not sure if this happens with credit cards but I had many issues when my last name had a 'space' by accident; let's just say it's spelled like a French name but some put space and others don't. For whatever reason, this caused number of rejection at mostly restaurants. Never had an issue at gas stations and other location but needless to say back when I used my debit cards for purchases it was embarrassing :\ As soon as the bank confirmed and profusely apologized they updated my card and never had an issue then. I think it was good experience as I rarely use my debit card unless I have to take cash out for any reason.
  7. Have three cards with them but haven't used them in awhile...I don't care for their CLI's either.
  8. why did you PG Lowes & Amazon ? You can get those without PG My business credit history is very new...
  9. Did they agree to delete in writing once they received payment? If not you may be out of luck unfortunately. You can dispute it for any inaccuracy but paid collection is pretty much the same as un-paid collection. I'm sure others can chime in on this matter.
  10. My g/f has TSA pre-check & global entry member but didn't know I can be TSA pre-checked because she's one already. But of course I forgot to get the small water bottle out I left in the backpack and on the way back I forgot to take out a hair product that also was 6 oz...whoops. The agents were cool about it at least while rifling through my backpack with bazillion pockets.
  11. Newegg Net 55 approved for $8K. Updated database. I asked the person who they pull but they couldn't confirm; I haven't seen any changes in my TU daily and EX (I just can't see EQ on a daily basis) so I'm going to assume like most Sync biz app it's EQ.
  12. Bananananana Republic VISA $2,200 -> $4,000 (definitely 4 months with Sync) Amazon Business Corporate Line (EQ pull) - $3,500 approved Lowe's Business Account (EQ pull) - $2,000 approved
  13. I've had things deleted off my report through BBB that dealt with credit number of times. Including CA's to make sure they deleted what they promised.
  14. I don't see why it would be an issue honestly...I mean if you carry such card they'll likely assume you're responsible and think less of you even if it sets it off. Unless you're carrying bunch of toy cards and dressed like a slob they'll question you no matter what
  15. First time posting on this thread but seeing the OP is from NH as well I'll share my info. - Not LLC (looking into it but...confusing!) - Running as sole prop - Registered in NH - Business checking opened in the last month - Applied for DUNS number few weeks ago So far I've been approved for: - AMEX Gold Business (charge card); was approved for Platinum but realized I didn't want to pay the annual fee as I won't be traveling any time soon so had them switch - Lowe's Business Credit $2,000 - Amazon Corporate $3,500 I'm trying to avoid any accounts that otherwise would report to my personal account so it's been fun as far as doing the research and see what accounts I would take advantage of with my business while I garden with my personal (I have WAY too many inq's).
  16. The fact that they wouldn't do it in writing alone is shady. Did you dispute get the debt validated? If not that's the first thing you should do. CA's have 30 days to do so. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=145158&page=1 I still wouldn't do it over the phone. They may know the law better than you do and it can backfire on you. Any time the CA agreed to PFD for me in the past (only few times) it was through a letter using: Certified mail with return receipt A letter with the manager in charge's signature agreeing to such agreement Send payment via certified check or money order via same mailing method above. If they don't hold up to their agreement usually CRA's will delete and if not you have a legal case which I highly doubt the CA would waste their money if they agreed to it.
  17. No it doesn't. Just makes things more complex. Strong, unique passwords for every site and account. 2-factor authentication. Smart computing practices. She didn't get hacked because she has one email account for everything. More likely she uses the same password on multiple sites, and another one was hacked. Haven't heard anything about an Amazon data breach. Given what they control on the internet (massive data stores, web sites, etc.), they're probably one of the more secure sites/services. Another possibility is a targeted attack specifically on her by someone she knows. But probably less likely. This x100. 2-factor authentication nowadays is a pain BUT is a good practice. And I can't say enough about LastPass and especially if the phone has fingerprint scanning feature which many banking apps utilize. If anything, LastPass will allow you to use the fingerprint feature to log in and will fill the password fields quickly for each site. I use it on my Android and every machine and never have to worry about all the passwords. Also the biggest plus with LastPass is you can generate complex passwords and have it stored automatically. Many of the financial sites I have 20+ character passwords with numbers, caps and symbols. I can't live without it
  18. No bueno with the hacksaw purchase today. Oh well, Discover gave me 5% off at least. Next time I'll have to combine it with 10% coupon to get the 15% off...
  19. Congrats!! I'm in the same boat I took a Santander loan after a divorce for a car 22% rate ugh! Opened it 2014 closed it 4/2017 got a better car loan. I have 2 30 day late I wanna remove the account as you did! This gives me hope! Thanks! Santander is notoriously difficult. I've done so many goodwill letters in the past and they won't budge. I think disputing for inaccuracy if you can find one is really the only way with these people. My rate was 14% back then
  20. ? $6.85 for a chicken burrito is nothing. Subway charges $9 for a ham sandwich. Is it cheaper there or something lol. It's $11 after tax around here. It all adds up ya know.
  21. Erroneous reporting of the tradeline that's been closed for 5 years and they're in violation of FCRA or something to that line. Of course that was kind of obvious looking at my report so I may have had the leverage there.
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