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  1. Has it happened? I searched through WhyChat's HIPAA program but one thing I was afraid if the OC is say a small practice that for some reason don't understand the whole HIPAA and reject the payment. Can they legally do so? It hasn't happened yet but I need to get rid of two medical collections and want to make sure they accept and will have CA delete the records. I know it's kind of a dumb question but I wondered when many years ago when I knew nothing about WhyChat's method & tried to pay the OC directly, they referred me back to CA to pay as they didn't have the records any longer supposedly.
  2. Cap1 love button: Quick Silver = $1,100 to $1,200 Sony = denied Platinum = denied Sony/Platinum I think was recently CLI'd with the love button and they've been steadily going up.
  3. I love DCU as well. I had Capital One auto at 11.5% and lowered to 8.5% through DCU. I know it's still very high but looking to get my auto loan down to where I can be proud of paying a low interest rate. I believe they told me they can refinance when my FICO goes up which I was surprised. I tried it with Capital One and they said they don't refinance on the existing vehicle
  4. I was looking up Google on how to get rid of collections I have on my credit report mostly medical. Looking to buy a house so found other links including this forum!
  5. LG G3 I don't want a new phone either. I use it to tether and will run this phone to the ground.
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