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  1. I have multiple CO accounts to fall off in the next six to ten months spreading across into 2017. I had them delete two old Barclays six months early online with success but soon found out it'll show that report being deleted when I log on and cannot make further requests (30 days?). Do I call them? Or is writing a letter not disputing but review for early exclusion a better idea?
  2. Oh SNAP Providian I remember them...I honestly can't remember what I did with that card. I think WAMU bought them out and of course WAMU went belly up.
  3. Good read...as we were talking about getting a card for next year's trip to Japan hopefully.
  4. Same...$300 CLI and don't use it at all. It'll probably get closed soon. I do love their Le Croix sparkling water lol. Of course Walmart recently started carrying them which is a big bonus.
  5. What's this segmentation you speak of?
  6. The thing is its been close to maxed out status for months now so was puzzled as to why it dropped now so much. Sent from my LG-ls990 using Tapatalk
  7. Score from myFico. EQ dropped 20 points from 609 (lowest) after I paid and balance for Walmart card is at $3,300 of $3,500 limit. I'm looking to pay this down to at least 30% util as soon as I can after my two other cards but is this normal? Overall utilization of my cards are around 42% with four cards that are 80-85% utilization each.
  8. Has it happened? I searched through WhyChat's HIPAA program but one thing I was afraid if the OC is say a small practice that for some reason don't understand the whole HIPAA and reject the payment. Can they legally do so? It hasn't happened yet but I need to get rid of two medical collections and want to make sure they accept and will have CA delete the records. I know it's kind of a dumb question but I wondered when many years ago when I knew nothing about WhyChat's method & tried to pay the OC directly, they referred me back to CA to pay as they didn't have the records any longer supposedly.
  9. Cap1 love button: Quick Silver = $1,100 to $1,200 Sony = denied Platinum = denied Sony/Platinum I think was recently CLI'd with the love button and they've been steadily going up.
  10. I love DCU as well. I had Capital One auto at 11.5% and lowered to 8.5% through DCU. I know it's still very high but looking to get my auto loan down to where I can be proud of paying a low interest rate. I believe they told me they can refinance when my FICO goes up which I was surprised. I tried it with Capital One and they said they don't refinance on the existing vehicle
  11. I was looking up Google on how to get rid of collections I have on my credit report mostly medical. Looking to buy a house so found other links including this forum!
  12. LG G3 I don't want a new phone either. I use it to tether and will run this phone to the ground.
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