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  1. No go for me for most accounts for 11/2016 Will try again in the next three months or so.
  2. MyFICO does not update when collections or any other accounts are deleted. They do, of course, update when collections are added. This might seem odd but it's because they piggyback off the notification infrastructure that CRAs have in place supplying data to creditors. For the most part creditors simply don't care when a collection is deleted but obviously do care when one is added. So are you saying my score could suddenly go up without any remark if new collections are deleted? I have recent medical collection that I'm waiting to falloff after doing the WhyChat method (all 2015 collection).
  3. This waiting game with the credit report seems eternal. Like a minute before the shift is over. That 30 seconds to reheat a burrito.
  4. I understand for revolving accounts it's whenever Cap1 or the financial institution on monthly cycle is the norm but how often do they update for collections and old accounts that have been deleted? In the last few days I had TU delete two Midland and few old accounts (Barclay, PayPal, etc) deleted but of course not a peep from myFICO. I know I'm being impatient while I see the FAKO on CK drop by 20 points for both TU & EQ even though they see the above changes taking place.
  5. Same with my ex wife; mine wasn't stellar either as I was doing good and fell for all the great limits and had to start over. Now my g/f who has 800 scores but very money savvy finance was very important for her so we've been upfront and honest about everything. We just don't want to struggle or be house poor once we buy.
  6. They gave me whopping $100 CLI the other day. Going Up...really slowly
  7. Follow WhyChat's program precisely and no medical collection will get in your way. You're not technically dealing with the CA and shouldn't be contacting them with WhyChat's HIPAA program
  8. Called again. Deleted Midland. One Portfolio in Dec of this year but the system wouldn't let him delete. I guess I shouldn't get too excited about Midland as I've been reading they like to reinsert? We'll see how this plays out...
  9. I've checked out number of sites that supposedly refinance student loans BUT a lot of these companies don't list ITT that I went to which would disqualify me for the program. I checked Earnest, Sofi, and Commonbond so far. I owe $14,000 and some change but is my option is now to look for a higher interest personal loan? If I can get a loan even if the payment is higher I would try to pay it off within few years. I'm just not making any dent on this loan and had this loan forever
  10. Just pulled TU via free annaul credit report and indeed they are gone EXCEPT the Midland that was supposedly deleted
  11. Actually now that I think about it, it was my second car; original loan for my Toyota with Cap1 was 11.5% which I ended up transferring to DCU for 8.5% (they tried hard but due to my below 675). This is my main goal right now is to get the two cars refinanced again. I could be saving total of $150-$200 with both cars from my calculation a month...
  12. Requested also as most of my accounts are to fall within the next 5-6 months Will update!
  13. Walmart, Amazon and Kohl's along with Target is something that I feel was easy to get with 620 FICO. I do agree Cap1 is more lenient (like their auto loan) and as long as you pay on time and as your credit grows it'll be beneficial considering it's an actual credit card. I stopped going for store credit card last year (I app spree'd too many).
  14. Thank you all So I ended up calling TU right after I made this post which I asked for the supervisor right away: 1) I requested Midland (7 months) out that was disputed in April that's supposed to drop off in November which he looked out and deleted 2) HSBC & PayPal Smart that was the same situation as above he reviewed and deleted I haven't seen the update yet (only relying on myFICO data) but crossing my fingers. He said he'll email the confirmation but haven't seen it either. I still see the two old Baclay's as deleted so I cannot make any other requests; I'm assuming I need to wait 30 days after the initial dispute was resolved...
  15. I burned my bridges with NFCU in the past but this is good to know I have PenFed account but somehow can't get in...making the phone call now.
  16. Cap1 is probably one of the most lenient lenders if you're okay with high interest for bad credit. I was in the low 600's as in close to 600 literally and they approved for up to $30,000 @ 8.5% (and slightly lower for newer). I'm trying to get out of it right now as I'm paying nearly $60-$80/month extra if my credit was good and also stuck on the high payment when I can refinance at current balance & hopefully better rate that would easily save me $100-$150 by my calculation. They will not refinance the same vehicle you have with them. If anything, check DCU. They are very easy to work with and as long as your scores aren't horrible they'll work with you
  17. Whoa..... Totally forgot about CCB and Providian. What trash they were. Cursed names from the 90's.... When I was 18 and trying to establish my credit - wanted to buy a new car - had to suffer through one of those and a Beneficial Finance loan. Then open up jewelry store cards.... Citibank was a continual denial that first two years. One bank that actually treated me right was Seafirst Bank - they then issued the Alaska Airlines Card. Gave me my first higher limit. Wonder if I can search out a new Providian card. Joking. HL Holy cow Seafirst Bank...haven't heard that name in a long time. I'm assuming you're in WA. Lived there, hated US Bank like BOA, I think I did have an account with Seafirst but moved to WAMU.
  18. Okay I just wanted to make sure. Yes, I understand about the possible denial. My goal was to refinance the current vehicles to a better rate which EQ is one of the worst while I work on the medical collection that should be coming off following your guide. Thanks
  19. I'm in the process of WhyChat's medical collection deletion. If say one of three CRA's report is frozen does it have any negative effect as far as getting the medical collection deleted when everything is said and done?
  20. Good info didnt know DCU will Refinance there own loan. At least that's what they told me on the phone that once my FICO reaches 675 to give them a call and they can help with refi Although they pull EQ and EQ is my worst that recently dropped below 600 I may have to soon look for alternative in refinancing if it doesn't go up in the next six months.
  21. LG G3 currently with CM12.1 and Xposed. I hope to get a Note one day...Samsung kind of turned me off after the whole KNOX update though but as long as I can root it and throw custom ROM with Xposed I'll be happy.
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