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  1. That's very early for EX! I agree EQ is the devil...
  2. I had an old account here so I'm not new to credit but made a terrible mistake 6-7 years ago that cost me a relationship with NFCU aside from starting a lot of things from scratch. Tons of baddies including CO's and medical collections (all 2015). Goals: Before Summer: Get rid of medical collections WhyChat's method. Pay down all CC's each below 9% utilization per card. Refinance #2 for a cheaper vehicle. 2016: Pay off Car #1, get better cards with higher limit and take advantage of rewards, start saving 2017: Pay off Car #2 (aggressive but doable), save more 2018 and beyond: Be debt free! Today's FICO: EQ 605 (+19 points) TU 633 EX 620 CC's & Utilization: 3 CC's (all Cap1's), 14 store cards Overall = 36.19% Cap1 = 83.68% Walmart = 94.65% Auto Loans: Car #1 = 8.5% interest ($10,300 remaining) Car #2 = 8.5% interest ($21,300 remaining) Student Loan: $14,200 remaining Collections: EQ = 11 of 11 CO's and collections (All drop off 1/2017) TU = 5 of 11 deleted with early exclusion (All drop off 8/2016) EX = 11 CO's and collection (All drop off 11/2016) Medical Collections (2015): EQ Medical: 3 of 5 pending deletion with WhyChat method, two disputing with CRA TU Medical: 3 of 3 pending deletion with WhyChat method EX Medical: 3 of 3 pending deletion with WhyChat method Side note: One medical collection alone dropped 24 points from 625 to 601 with EQ last year Experian dropped 11 points. Utilization for each card needs to drop as one card at one point in time went over by $3 resulted in another 20 point drop. Feel free to give me any advice, pointers or ask any questions
  3. Update .... Disputed a BofA Mortgage TL on TU on 5/01...reporting until 11/2016. And its gone today! Weird thing is that EX shows same TL reporting until 12/16 so I guess I should wait until 6/01 to dispute that? Does EX have an obsolete reason online? Uggh this thing has been so sticky .... Finally some action on it! Thanks all at CB. TU will delete 6 months early Ex said one month before the date on the report I thought EX was three months and EQ was a month?
  4. I would've waited I agree. PR is notorious for not folding and doing PFD. I've tried for years. Screw them. They're coming off next month.
  5. Holy crap!!! Wow...thankfully I've yet to have zero issues on my end with eBay but did have one case the buyer never received (probably stolen). I've sent hundreds of mails with my business but have been lucky. Never heard of a story like that though.
  6. Okay I don't know how I didn't realize but mine isn't reporting since Jan 2015. I sent an email to the advocate email advocate@navient.com as I've received responses before so will update. Not sure if I should dispute with the bureau's or not but certainly isn't helping my score at all as I've been paying on time
  7. NFCU I agree if you qualify. DCU for auto (they've been great!).
  8. I had an issue few days ago after my one-month dispute expired but took me about 48 hours to get back in.
  9. It could be better but again US lagging behind with NFC and these types of technology in general. The problem I see with other forms of payment is that so many companies try to make their technology exclusive; not sit down and make it a universal tech so everyone can benefit. It's annoying really. Maybe I'm jaded living in Japan in the past and see these types of tech that's far advanced as long as I can remember.
  10. Notice from CA they've deleted the record they "may" have inserted. lol...Thanks WhyChat
  11. Possibly but again I'm assuming TU will just delete it right off? I don't know but we'll see as I just got two Midland deleted. TU yes. Not sure about EX...I'd still call three months before it's set to drop off.
  12. Yep I've been calling TU and asking for a supervisor every time. Got anything at six months or sooner accounts deleted including both CO's and CA accounts. It's six months as always but anything past that their system won't allow as much as they won't say admit so. Anything falling off before including 11/2016 item should be deleted easily with TU. EX will be the next at 3-months early and of course EQ will just prolong this for me at one month likely.
  13. Thank you WhyChat! Got a letter in the mail from the CA today that they have deleted the record from all three. This was at the same time I had gone and started sending letters out to all 3 CA's and sent copies to OC per the WhyChat method. I did have another account so in either case it's a good feeling to put this behind. This was my first dental collection. Now looking to delete four more (two in process and OC did cash the check) and I hope to see my FICO go back up!
  14. I wouldn't pay a penny to the scumbag Portfolio. Although it would be nice to get them off if any of the methods work but I'm going to wait until it falls off in the next few months.
  15. Congrats !!! Too bad they pull EQ exclusively. I won't try anything until my score is nearing 700
  16. I wanted to do a quick review on their service if you use PayPal Business. I got qualified recently for $1,000 (they set the limit depending on your sales history) and it's pretty straight forward as far as how they lend and charge your account. There is absolutely no soft/hard pull on this so they can qualify you or just deny you. (My FICO right now is very low 600's across all three CRA's) If you qualify, they offer you a loan amount + 10% origination fee ($1,000 loan = $10 fee = $1,010 loan). There's no additional interest charge over time. They take out 10% from each sales (may or may not work with your business) at the end of each business closing. They expect you to pay at least 10% of the loan every 90 days or they alert & charge your account. The funds sit in your PayPal account and you can use it anyway you want including withdrawing to your bank account as cash right away. As far as the repayment goes, if you wanted to keep 100% of the profit for one particular day, you can withdraw to your bank account before end of business and PayPal will just pull that extra 10% from the next sale (or whenever the funds are available). After the loan is paid off you can apply within 48 hours. In fact I re-applied after paying my first loan and got qualified again. I think it's a very good option if you don't want a hard pull loan and want a flexible payment schedule. Again 10% fee from each sale may or may not work with your business but it's an option you could consider
  17. They pull EQ exclusively I'm assuming? I'm gonna have to wait until close to winter before I can apply with them unless EQ will drop old accounts early like TU did. I burnt my bridge with NFCU in the past so hoping I'll stay on track this time.
  18. I'm paying just so I can keep track of my FICO and understand how and what's affecting what. Rebuilding so personally for me the $29/month is well worth it even though myFICO's updating can be slow. Depending on the cards you have also you can get free FICO score of course.
  19. Just do some M$......go buy some visa gift cards (if using Walmart don't buy Vanilla gift cards) from your local grocery store (if they sell them.......get the $500 ones) using the credit card, then take said gift cards and purchase Money orders from Walmart and then deposit Money orders back into your bank account and then repay the credit card........and then you have met your spending requirement quickly.....repeat if you continue to enjoy the rewards!!! Now I get what this M$ method was all about! Thanks for this info
  20. Right now it's at 5.375%. Is there anything better out there?
  21. Good to know. Thank you! MyFICO does not update when collections or any other accounts are deleted. They do, of course, update when collections are added. This might seem odd but it's because they piggyback off the notification infrastructure that CRAs have in place supplying data to creditors. For the most part creditors simply don't care when a collection is deleted but obviously do care when one is added. So are you saying my score could suddenly go up without any remark if new collections are deleted? I have recent medical collection that I'm waiting to falloff after doing the WhyChat method (all 2015 collection). Yes. Your score can change w/o generating an alert. However, when one of the triggering events occurs, such as a balance changed update, your FICO score will reflect a boost from collection accounts that had dropped off previously. That does make sense. EQ has been updating the request for obsolete like crazy so that may be trigger its own as I just got notifications from myFICO about the accounts. Guess I'll have to be patient with those accounts for few more months before trying to have them deleted early.
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