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  1. That's what Kay & Jared did to me...and eventually close out the account When I got $500 to $3,000 increase I believe my FICO across the board was around 620-640. I did have a small balance that I paid off, waited a week or so and called in. Asked for $25K of course and just got the $3K.
  2. Link broken Not sure if it's the same article but this was recent. http://www.moneytips.com/higher-credit-limits-help-improve-credit-scores/237 Good thing...but I also want to be below 9% and just not have any debt. As soon as I get a jump with my FICO I know I'll be asking for CLI's first!
  3. Didn't realize it was that complex...thanks as usual WhyChat!
  4. WhyChat, quick question. The initial pre-HIPAA letters that was sent to the CRA's via Priority Mail with free tracking; can it be sent First Class with added delivery confirmation? I was just wondering if there's a particular reason for the priority mail. I searched all over the forum but didn't see any discussion about it. Thanks
  5. Ya I've pulled funds number of times but did pay the first $1,000 within three months and few hundred remaining paid off right away. It seems pretty straightforward.
  6. Yes I did send the OC with the insert a and disputed with the CRA's. Why the CA sent me a letter directly is beyond me (assuming because the OC received the letter per the guide). I had no contact with the CA through this whole process. I'll wait for the CRA's response.
  7. But I thought if the OC accepted the payment then now the CA is in violation including the CRA?
  8. Yes, I did all of the above. One CA confirmed they will delete. I checked the back door but none of the three have deleted. Since my access is becoming limited (TU warned it'll be the last yesterday) I may have to just rely on myFICO to update anything if it physically shows in the alerts (I hope?).
  9. No movement on FICO. I'm getting impatient only because I want to able to refi for another car by getting rid of my #2 car that's nearly $500/month for the loan. Either pay $2,000 down and go upside down by a grand or two if I get approved for at least $20,000 loan but keep the new car loan below $15,000 is my goal. TU also should skyrocket is my assumption: 3 medical collection is just on a waiting list to be dropped off using WhyChat method and OC's paid for the full amount due (one confirmed, another that holds the other two accounts haven't) Overall utilization of the cards are low but not enough for two cards hovering at 80-92% util each; at least to get them to below 50% would be $2,000 or so to go 5 out of 6 baddies can be deleted if TU will agree to an early exclusion June 1st I'll be on cloud nine if it hits 700. We shall see. EX would be next with my CR almost identical except the same wouldn't happen until Sept 1st for the early exclusion. EQ...ya I won't even go there.
  10. I followed your guide No earlier thread. Paid the OC, cashed, sent CRA the dispute again with copies sent to OC. OC said they asked the CA to delete. CA also sent mail saying they will delete.
  11. whipped

    Back door?

    This. Backdoor access for credit reports, credit denial recon, credit limit increase (CLI) recon, and also backdoor to go straight up the chain to the executive's office or customer advocate depending on who you're dealing with.
  12. I spoke too soon or being impatient. WhyChat, after the OC cashes the check, and I send the dispute to CRA & copies to the OC, how long do I wait before I need to take further action? It'll be a week this Friday but have not seen any movement from any of the bureau's.
  13. Yep I just asked Navient to push the data so my payment reflects. Though there are gaps where it's reporting inaccurate balances and data so I did dispute though with the CRA with the copies of my payment history. I don't know how much it makes a difference as far as my payment has been off by say $30 or $50.
  14. Was checking my CFNA Firestone account and seems like they auto CLI. Went from $1,000 to $1,200 sometime this week. Been paying the balance down for the 0% offer for six months.
  15. I'm trying to break out of the below 650 ceiling and hope to break into 700's (TU is likely by summer). Just the medical collections (paid OC WhyChat method) and the baddies that's coming off (so as long as TU will delete most of the accounts next month!). And my Walmart card that needs to be below 30% (targeting 9% and lower).
  16. Called the number 888-755-5856 and updated the monthly income. We'll see if anything changes. $300 limit for awhile now with $0 balance (used it few times only).
  17. I would start eating up the credit card balance with the highest interest first. Lowering overall utilization will help with the score but also they take in account what each card's utilization is as well. As for medical collection if you have the ability to pay (or disputing) start in the medical collections section and read up on WhyChat's method to dispute and work with the original hospital which will force them to have the collections deleted off your report. There's a lot of reading you need to do so take your time. Don't rush on any of these. Plan ahead, stash those cards away and learn lots
  18. Today's FICO: EQ 605 TU 636 (+3 points) EX 620 Just as a comparison with FAKO: EQ FAKO 597 (-8) TU FAKO 595 (-41) TU went up due to 7% reduction in my utilization with one of the card BUT there was a hard inq since I didn't know that Care Credit pulls hard for CLI's. Not sure if that hard inq had any impact but I'll take any positive points.
  19. I sent a copy of my CR to Navient and asked to push data of all the payments I've made. Sent letters to TU/EX to verify accuracy and correct the errors with the copy of my payment history I sent.
  20. Try DCU first, they may give you a better rate than Cap1. Cap1 gave me 11.5% for low 600's while when my EQ score was close to mid 600's they offered 8.5%. DCU does pull EQ exclusively so if you have 675 or above you'll be out of the sub-prime rate is what they told me. And DCU you can be in any state just a FYI.
  21. I thought I could raise the utilization which I app spree'd a year ago
  22. It is the same for me. I can't believe that a major creditor like Navient has been doing this for over a year. I am on an IBR plan that has went from a $0 payment, to a significant payment, back down to a $0 payment in the last year and none of that has been reported........(shrugs shoulders). I called earlier and the rep told me to send a copy of the credit report to start a dispute. I'm going to as the update has been well over a year which isn't helping my score at all. I also found months of "N/A" entry when I have a record showing I did pay. I'm thinking of sending a dispute to TU & EX at the same time. I'm assuming they don't report to EQ as I haven't seen a thing.
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