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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your PPD It's always worth trying with GWL's. If you don't get a response, you could always keep trying to reach someone up the rank. I would just explain the situation surrounding the default but since it's paid and you're looking to get a mortgage, etc and ask.
  2. This is my current FICO...that hasn't really updated. Maybe I'll see a movement by end of the week hopefully. After members' suggestion I decided against Avant personal loan to pay off the CC debt in hopes of boosting the FICO. I wasn't comfortable with all the reviews also that suggested about paying off early still didn't seem to put a ton towards the principle. Something about it didn't seem right. Going to DV couple medical CA's as I have not heard back after the CRA's returned my pre-HIPAA dispute. The last two medical was a great success so will get the last remaining two deleted. 12 days until I call up TU to get an early exclusion on 95% of the C/O's and collections that would clean up my report further.
  3. I decided against it. Been selling things around the house and adding extra OT to accelerate in paying down the debt. And I cannot find any information on how the early payoff works either with Avant and don't want to screw myself either. Thank you for all the advice everyone!
  4. Interesting about the denial. First for me was $1,000 then within 24 hours after the payment posted I re-applied and got $2,000 approval. I'll have to see how it works next time around.
  5. I'm really not 100% with Avant on paying early...and the extra actually going to principle. I'm not 100% confident honestly at this point about them unless I can get more info. I'll probably go this route. Again I'm being impatient lol. It'll probably take me another month or so but 30% is totally doable by mid-June (goal is to just pay off majority of it of course). I didn't know I can call the company for a reduction. Thanks! I'll definitely call Walmart first
  6. While it's true the best hunter/jumper or dressage horses can run well into the 5-figures, deals can still be had for well under that. Got ourselves one for $2k and she's a sweetheart. A few months of training and she'll be doing 2' 6" easily But...did have to pay cash for her. I can only imagine on the cost...my ex sister in law had a pony. Apparently they had to give the pony away as it was costing them a lot of money for basic care. The first time I heard of someone getting a pony for their birthday.
  7. Nice peeps at Barclay though like others have said. I asked about the BL and he was like we're not sure but things could change...sounded like 7 year or when the record is dropped off is the impression I got but who knows!
  8. I read "horses" because I was just reading this: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/loans/take-it-slow-on-personal-loan-for-horse.aspx
  9. CC varies 24%-29%. I have two auto but planning to trade in my second car with 8.5% for $489 a month ($27K original $21K remaining). I want to get a lower rate + trade it in for a $15K car or lower to slash my payment to under $200. I don't know? lol... If I can pay off the personal quicker it's not an issue. I'm just wondering if it would indeed boost my score up quicker. At your current pace you only need 3-4 months to pay off your revolving debt. How much extra interest will you pay by moving that to another liability at 30% APR, compared to what you can realistically save by refinancing your auto loan a few months early? My gut says this is a losing proposition, but what matters are the numbers. This isn't about instinct. True...never thought about it that way in regards to the auto loan. My car worries me; let's just say it's not cheap to maintain either so the earlier I can say goodbye to the car is better. I'll miss it but I certainly won't miss the ridiculous payment either. For $500 I could've got a much better vehicle. It was a very bad decision.
  10. Bunch of CO's that can be dropped off June 1st (early exclusion). Few lates with student loan in 2012 as well as 6-7 lates with my auto in the same year. No lates since then. I think my $3,300 of $3,500 with Walmart with one Cap1 at 90% util isn't helping either.
  11. CC varies 24%-29%. I have two auto but planning to trade in my second car with 8.5% for $489 a month ($27K original $21K remaining). I want to get a lower rate + trade it in for a $15K car or lower to slash my payment to under $200. I don't know? lol... If I can pay off the personal quicker it's not an issue. I'm just wondering if it would indeed boost my score up quicker.
  12. Barclay's 7-10 day...may call them this morning. EDIT: Called the backdoor, I'm still denied (without credit pull) due to my two CO'd accounts from 6 years ago.
  13. Yep, PRA does not PFD. I've tried for so long.
  14. Before you say OMG that's high...Avant pre-approved me for up to $15K @ 30%. I only need $5,600 for the total balance. TU soft they pulled I'm at 636 (all my medical collection from 2015 deleted finally). My overall utilization of CC is 37% with two cards above 50% utilization. In theory I can pay off the balance in three months as I've been paying $500+ a week for the CC debt. I would pay the loan the same way as if this was still a CC debt. The #1 reason why I want to use this loan is to get the utilization down & FICO to go up sooner so I can refinance my auto loan for lower payment. I'm assuming the FICO should go up with much lower utilization and the personal loan wouldn't have a huge impact on the score? Should I or just wait three months or so to get the utilization down further? Or take out the loan and eliminate the CC debt? I haven't used the CC's in months and have been SD'd paying everything in cash so I'm not afraid of having the desire to use the available credit either.
  15. ^It seems like it! I was desperate for a score change and signed up with CCT for $1 for a week. No change in FICO. Just trying to see how these two compare in terms of updating with any trigger. Today's FICO (myFICO & CCT): EQ 605 TU 636 EX 620 EQ's last update 5/11 TU's last update 5/8 EX's last update 5/4! Interestingly, TU & EQ is showing on CCT the two medical collections (WhyChat method) is now dropped off. EX is saying CLOSED ugh. Another set of medical all came off from the three but seems like it didn't have much of an impact on my score. I'm going to assume my util on the 50%+ cards are killing my score. In two weeks I'll be calling TU to drop at least six accounts for six month early exclusion. TU for past C/O's would be 90% clean. Medical's to go: TU: 0! EQ: 2 (disputed & verified with CRA's, waiting to hear back from the CA's if not sending DV's soon) EX: 1 (updated as closed grrr)
  16. I'd definitely check your actual FICO. My CK score for TU today is 603 and today's myFICO is 636 BUT, TU doesn't reflect one of the recent collection dropped off which CK/Wallethub is taking in account. So I'm assuming it'll be higher since CK/Wallethub's score went up by few points when the collection was deleted (recent medical).
  17. Good grief people will criticize and complain about everything.
  18. Trip around the island on a major road is about 3 hours or so give it or take. Arecibo observatory is a must! (Where they filmed GoldenEye & Contact with Jodie Foster) The satellite dish there I believe is the world's largest. Also head up towards the rain forest in middle of the island; higher elevation, if it's very hot near the sea level the temperature difference is 10 degrees or more up in the mountains. Most beach areas also have fresh clams on mobile cart...if you love clams that is. PR in my opinion has some of the best Sangria's out there. If you have extra time you can check out St. Thomas. I didn't get the chance to go when I was there for a week. It can be easily done via plane or on a boat (2.5 hours one way I believe). Just expect crazy traffic, potholes and parking war everywhere you go. I've never seen so many road rages in one day. I'm not joking about potholes there. They are the ones you want to avoid as they will ruin your tires/wheels if you're not careful.
  19. myFICO's reporting I know people say is slow or intermittent but what I'm finding out from my last 5-6 months using their service is that there's a consistent gap of no updates for about a week between the 10th through the 17th of the month where there's no balance changes and anything that's triggering the system. I understand about say collection dropping off is not a trigger but looking at all my accounts. I would be expect at least a trigger for a balance change but perhaps that's how they have their system setup? I've been itching to see any sort of boost since I paid down one of my credit card from 95% util to less than 1% (left $2 balance on purpose), another card below 30% util. I also had one collection drop off from all 3 CRA's and CK shows an 18 point increase in EQ, I won't know exactly how much that is for actual FICO for few more days at least.
  20. I'm ADHD and patience is not my forte so definitely trying to set goals and make sure I don't rash decisions. That's probably my biggest weakness at the moment. Exactly You're, what, 6-7 months from having all COs/Collections dropping off and then only a couple medicals left? Keep paying those CCs down. If you can get overall util and all individual cards under 30% that will help quite a bit, too. This time next year, assuming those baddies drop off and util goes down, you should see markedly higher FICOs and that will open the door to some better options for you. Don't chomp the low-hanging fruit...wait until the good stuff ripens. One of the medical dropped off checking the backdoor from EQ & EX. TU for whatever reason haven't but also I haven't been able to check the backdoor so I may in the next few weeks. One medical company may be tough to get it deleted even though I followed WhyChat's method. It seems like they don't like to delete but update the CR. It maybe a long battle (or not & keep disputing and look for errors). And yes, I have about $5,500 left on all my cards ($3,700 being Walmart ugh) so at least I want to get any cards higher than 10% down. I know I have to be more patient. I keep checking myFICO at least 20 times a day lol. Hoping in the next two weeks when Cap1 reports two of my cards with the new balance (one now below 20% and another left with less than 2%) combined with the CA dropping off will give me enough points to refinance my vehicle for a much better rate.
  21. Three accounts with CU's. Trying to get into NASA at the moment. I kicked TD Bank to the curve few weeks ago. Oh the heartbreaking "I'm so sorry you have to go..." speech I got Wish I could've said DIAF please.
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