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  1. Last time I tried backdoor, 2 days ago, I couldn't see my report. What I was asked to do was provide the information I wanted to contest. Can you link me. PM if needed. There's the regular dispute link and there's the second backdoor https://disclosure.transunion.com/dispute
  2. No FICO movement...went backdoor, the original inquiries are all there
  3. Kind of like when people rejoice that they lost 0.5 lbs in a week...whether or not it was water weight Although right now I am in fact obsessing over the micro movement Not paying for FICO though.
  4. whipped


    Hmm nothing comes up but any annoying/spam/CA, etc calls all get blocked with Google Voice on my end.
  5. I'm pretty sure if you pay it down to 9% instead of 10% across the board (& each card with the same util), at that threshold, your FICO should in theory jump.
  6. I'm in a similar situation with similar balance but decided against it considering even if I can pay the personal and temporary help with the zero utilization (or say 1%) to boost the FICO, the interest on the personal loan for me is too high and didn't want to take that risk. My balance is around $5,500 in store & credit cards so decided to aggressively pay it down. Personally if I were you and in a position to be able to pay down the debt quickly then I would go that route. I guess it depends on your current FICO and what kind of rate you would get to justify the personal loan? If your score is good of course I would talk to a local CU to get a better rate. Personally if I were you and in a position to be able to pay down the debt quickly then I would go that route.
  7. This...CFNA was one of the easiest next to Amazon. They auto CLI. I didn't realize until recently one card can be used at just about every location/services they offer for their cards...could've saved a trip and went to the local tire place vs actual Firestone store. Walmart is easy too; great for free FICO like others have mentioned.
  8. It was a glitch I believe. WH just went back to normal I knew it was too good to be true!
  9. Very. I had a charge off for $600 & $1,260 in 2009 (DOFD)...and applied in 2015 & got their three cards (Sony, QS and Platinum). Not sure if it's because of the 7-year mark but also got an auto loan from them with low 600 FICO. I don't know how u people are pulling this off but its sucks for me lol Oh gosh I have the worst luck with CLI's currently. I think they soft pull EQ for most of my Synchrony cards which of course has the lowest score. No glory for me on that side likely until closer to end of the year. Lots of farming coming up...
  10. I prefer manbeef http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/manbeef.com
  11. Very. I had a charge off for $600 & $1,260 in 2009 (DOFD)...and applied in 2015 & got their three cards (Sony, QS and Platinum). Not sure if it's because of the 7-year mark but also got an auto loan from them with low 600 FICO.
  12. Wait, what? You are saying they are gone on your MyFico reports AND your FICO went up accordingly? This is the first anyone is reporting something other than a FAKO change. Regardless of what any of these monitoring sites are saying, I checked the TU backdoor and the inquiries are absolutely still there. Yes, the inquires are gone and my Fico scores went up. Verified with CCT and MyFico 3B How many inquiries and from when are missing from MyFico? You do know they only show the last 12 months on MyFico, not 24 months like other services? 13 inquiries are gone. Yes I'm aware of the limitations of MyFico's inquiry history. That is why I also looked at CCT which would show the past 2 years. I am very confused then, as that does not match my personal examination at all. Perhaps someone else will weigh in? David, when did you pull your report? It seems like it happened this morning. We can dream right
  13. ...I wish. I remember the good 'ol B*. Long Live the FAKO!
  14. Same...like 20+ drop from exactly a year ago and some newer. Only saw the recent HP with Lowe's. Saw my FAKO jump 30 points but of course I just canceled myFICO so not sure if there was any change with actual FICO. Thinking of just buying with CCT but I'll probably wait another week as I need to call up TU next week.
  15. You said "DOFD was April 2010". They're past the SOL either way so I would personally leave it alone. Have you checked your recent credit reports? Even if for some reason they (CA) starts reporting it, TU would come off by Oct of this year followed by EX (Jan '17) & EQ (Mar '17) using the early exclusion. Even if you can pay it won't do you any good unless they can PFD.
  16. EDIT: I spoke too fast. I have auto loan + savings and do get the free FICO it seems. I didn't realize it was in my inbox lol.
  17. Today's FICO: EQ 607 (+2 points) TU 650 EX 634 (+14 points) Lower utilization is definitely helping now. EQ is still low because of two medical collections that never got reported to TU; EX has one. Total balance is $200 so I'll be finishing off the WhyChat method and hopefully in the next few weeks that'll get deleted as well. I probably won't have much update for about a week or so until I call up TU for the early exclusion. I'm just going to assume the old baddies falling off (total of 5) won't have a huge impact...at least it'll look good come when I refinancing the car. I'm not 100% sure on when I'll refinance. If I can get EX to do the early exclusion come Sept 1st, both TU & EX should have the max score. EQ won't change until November assuming only one-month before. I definitely want to get my car refinanced before winter as much as I'll miss my turbo AWD
  18. I would not go so far as to make a blanket-statement on EQ changing policies. Yes, this is a new tactic to try. Yes, some have reported success. Sadly, it seems based on folks weighing in that this method fails more than it works. No, it is not anything like the automatic and near-instant TU 6-month removal. Makes sense. I'll have to try in the next couple months. If 3 or 4-months doesn't work I'll probably just wait for the 1-month.
  19. I'm not 100% sure if Merrick does PFD. I have two old Merrick accounts that I can't seem to find any collection activity so maybe they don't try to use a CA? GA is 6 years SOL so if they don't do PFD then I would leave it alone. Paying off won't do anything to your score other than stick around until it falls off unless you can get it deleted. TU at least you can push it for deletion by Oct of this year.
  20. So EQ is 4-months now? I'm hoping so. EQ is the biggest pain for me at the moment but would clean up as fast if not tad faster than EX. So many CU's use EQ including Synchrony seems like pull EQ for soft CLI's.
  21. Today's FICO: EQ 605 TU 650 (+14 points) EX 620 Thanks to AmberD, I force updated the TU score since Walmart wasn't updating in over a month. In fact myFICO stopped updating in the last 11 days with TU and over two weeks with EX even though I'm getting notifications of statements. Everything is so slow right now it seems. 650 for TU is the highest I've seen in few years. My overall utilization is still showing at over 50% which is inaccurate so we'll see how things update in the next week or two. I'm hoping I'll be very close to 700 by the time all the baddies fall off June 1st.
  22. Nope! I called yesterday and supposedly it updates between 17-19th. I'm like HUH??? But he said to check again by end of the week I thought I was the only one. Everything is gawd awful slow this month. I haven't seen FICO update in almost two weeks with Experian.
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