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  1. 19 hours ago, shifter said:

    It's not entirely important on a month to month basis with only 1 card, but you do want to establish good habits. Showing a very small balance on one card is the ideal. 


    That said ideally for rebuilding you want to get at least 3 cards as quickly as possible to allow them to age for 12 months. Then for long term credit health you want 5 cards minimum. 


    Thank you. I was approved yesterday for my second card (Mission Lane). I'm trying my hardest to save and not lured back into where I ended up so that will be my end goal is to keep a good financial habit.

  2. I burnt Synchrony horribly when I filed for my BK7 coming up on two years this spring. I swore I would never have credit cards again but know I need to rebuild it at some point.


    I heard Cap1 can be BK friendly so got approved for the Savor (couldn't do QS or others).


    I'll probably use it for a very small amount but my question is; is the rule the same for rebuilding as far as credit load vs. total limit? I'm planning to keeping it under 9% or lower. If not show a very small balance each month OR pay it off before the statement date?

  3. WF is garbage and beyond...I'd rather touch BoA before ever considering WF and that says a lot.


    They screwed so many military members with mortgage loans including my parents. Luckily, they were able to refi through NFCU and got low 3's a decade ago but WF hasn't changed one bit it seems. Those banks get away with it as always.

  4. Interesting development.


    I followed the guide with the letter insert "a", made copies and made sure I sent it via CMRRR to the HIPAA department with the USPS money order specifically spelled out payable to the hospital. 


    No contact with CA of course at all.


    The other day, the CA sends me a check for a refund on overpayment (apparently I paid a portion of it already).  


    - I haven't cashed the check from the CA nor intend to (under $100)

    - Money orders (two since it was over $1,000) hasn't been cashed that I sent


    I'm assuming I wait until the money order is cashed; also assuming the hospital forwarded the money order to the CA?  Also, this is the right link to check the 11-digit serial of the money order correct under 6401 inquiry?  https://mois.usps.com/pls/pmoisnp/mois_external_pkg.main



  5. On 2/8/2019 at 1:37 AM, Why Chat said:

    Is the $1000 your copay and/or deductible from your EOMBs?

    If it is from medical services within the past 2 years and has not shown up on your credit reports (double check)



    Then you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a"



    Hi WhyChat, it's the co-pay unfortunately.  I will go through the process again.


    Thank you as always.

  6. It's been a while here and getting back in hot water.


    The medical collection is for around $1,000 which was rendered last summer for both accounts.  I know it's valid but also I know I need to follow some steps.  


    I did check all three CR's earlier and it's clean (and don't want any CR's on there as my last neg is about to come off completely by this fall).


    Do I still need to follow the medical-specific DV letter if I can pay with CMRRR?


    Thank you.

  7. My g/f's credit is in the 800's across the board with very little debt (auto loan for $13K or so only) with less than $500 in CC debt.


    Right now we're at a limbo as we eventually want to purchase the house we're renting but with her trying to nail down a job, talks of us applying together came into play.


    As my signature shows, it's in the low 700's across the board. The bad part is that my DTI is very high. My income is good along with 10 years of employment with the company I work for but because I pay child support each month including two vehicle payments (totaling close to $600) and other loans, my DTI shoots up in the 53-54% range no matter how I look at it.


    I'm completely assuming here but it would make sense for her to apply alone since my credit score would also drive up the interest rate? Would my DTI alone be a disqualifying factor and my income will not matter?


    Any help is appreciated :) Worst case we'll likely save as much as we can and put more down towards the house together and her applying.

  8. We will be buying a home next year but since my g/f has 800 FICO (pulled actual mortgage FICO recently) and due to our unique situation, she was wondering what she would qualify for by herself. We also like to make sure if something happens to either of us, her or I can pay for the mortgage comfortably (which I can).


    The purchase price of the new home will be $200K. The price is set as we're buying the home from her family. We will be putting the 20% down for her to obtain $160K mortgage. Her debt is very low currently even though she does not have a job (more on that at the bottom).


    Breakdown of the property:
    Purchase Price: $200,000

    20% Down Payment: $40,000

    Property Tax: $4,560 / year

    Home Insurance: (not sure?)


    Her Debt:

    Auto loan = $260/month ($16,000 or so left)

    Credit card = $50/month (~$2,000 total on one card)


    This is where it sort of gets tricky as right now she's looking for a job; she had a $75K/yr job but wants to take a step back and hoping to go as low as $40K/year.


    Realistically what is she looking at affordability wise? Does she need say $50K/year job or for us to put more on the down payment?


    Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)

  9. The email didn't work for me or get a confirmation :\


    Had to call this morning. They weren't pushy at least. Canceled within five minutes with confirmation email.

  10. What CV said...and you'll hear it over and over and over and OVER again as far as these store cards aka toy cards. Score won't jump nor it'll help with your credit journey if your primary goal is to increase the score "quickly".


    I wouldn't waste my time on them; think long-term and go for actual CC that offer benefits (like Chase, AMEX, etc).


    See my sig ;)

  11. Depends on the region. I was with them for close to 10 years with the SERO plan. Was $55/month after tax with unlimited data but the tower upgrades were just awful. So bad that within two years there was almost no change in coverage that all other carriers have with full LTE. Enough was enough and switched to T-Mobile which is around $80/month after tax with same unlimited data. The no coverage with voice alone was a deal breaker in case of an emergency as I drive often with my kids.


    And this is with much faster LTE than Sprint. T-Mobile's customer service is also regional and not outside the US. The coolest customer reps I've talked to. Sprint is so scripted like most companies. I couldn't justify Verizon as I use over 30GB/month in data. Very happy with T-Mo.

    If you want an accurate coverage map, go to Sensorly.com and compare for your areas. It helped me a ton.

  12. It's bad.


    Not sure what the deal with web design is lately but I can't remember the last redesign that I actually liked. Barclays maybe?


    It's all heading towards mobile friendly sites. Whether or not the company has apps you end up ranking higher also with search engines if they are easily accessible through phones and smaller screen devices.


    It makes sense as I've noticed even with my business over 60% of the people now visit using their phone.


    Prepare for more ugly sites!

  13. Thoughts on Barclay's blacklist???


    I applied for a card and got the "you had a previous card that was charged off" line. I called the number on the letter and they said I had a card from 2007 charged off for $1K. In 2007 hey I suppose it was possible, but I'm not 100% sure.


    I asked for more info and they told me that I had to call the collection agency (JDB, I assume) and they would contact Barclay's for additional info. I have no intention of doing any such thing, so I asked her why they couldn't just give me the info and she replied "Because it's charged off".


    I asked for a contact to discuss this further and she gave me the general customer service number.


    It's not a card that a need but at this point I want to see if I can get a recon. Is there an address/contact for this, or should I just let it go? I don't need a JDB all of a sudden re-awakening and popping up on my CR.


    If yours was C/O'd at 2007 then mine from 2009-2010 is still screwed lol. I heard it can be 10 years or longer; some get in quick but I know they don't BL forever but seems like a long time. NFCU of course is a different story. Once you get BL'd and the debt is never paid back you're BL'd for life.


    It's weird since my FICO hasn't changed since end of Feb this year hmm.


    That sounds about right. However, they probably did an AR sometime around the end of May to get your updated score. But, you won't see the new FICO score until after July 1st which is the start of the next QTR.





    It's weird since my FICO hasn't changed since end of Feb this year hmm.


    Pretty standard. You (and the rest of us) will get an update on the NG2 score within the coming month. July is when we'll see the next quarterly offers populate as well as a score update from this quarter.



    Ah I see. Thank you all :)

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