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  1. Thank you. I was approved yesterday for my second card (Mission Lane). I'm trying my hardest to save and not lured back into where I ended up so that will be my end goal is to keep a good financial habit.
  2. I burnt Synchrony horribly when I filed for my BK7 coming up on two years this spring. I swore I would never have credit cards again but know I need to rebuild it at some point. I heard Cap1 can be BK friendly so got approved for the Savor (couldn't do QS or others). I'll probably use it for a very small amount but my question is; is the rule the same for rebuilding as far as credit load vs. total limit? I'm planning to keeping it under 9% or lower. If not show a very small balance each month OR pay it off before the statement date?
  3. WF is garbage and beyond...I'd rather touch BoA before ever considering WF and that says a lot. They screwed so many military members with mortgage loans including my parents. Luckily, they were able to refi through NFCU and got low 3's a decade ago but WF hasn't changed one bit it seems. Those banks get away with it as always.
  4. CRAP!!! I REALIZED I MADE THE PAYMENT VIA USPS MONEY ORDER that in your guide was said not to ugh. In either case, nothing is on my report so that's a good thing... So I guess my question now is do I just wait for the M/O to clear and hope for the best? What should I do with the M/O from the CA?
  5. Interesting development. I followed the guide with the letter insert "a", made copies and made sure I sent it via CMRRR to the HIPAA department with the USPS money order specifically spelled out payable to the hospital. No contact with CA of course at all. The other day, the CA sends me a check for a refund on overpayment (apparently I paid a portion of it already). - I haven't cashed the check from the CA nor intend to (under $100) - Money orders (two since it was over $1,000) hasn't been cashed that I sent I'm assuming I wait until the money order is cashed; also assuming the hospital forwarded the money order to the CA? Also, this is the right link to check the 11-digit serial of the money order correct under 6401 inquiry? https://mois.usps.com/pls/pmoisnp/mois_external_pkg.main
  6. Hi WhyChat, it's the co-pay unfortunately. I will go through the process again. Thank you as always.
  7. It's been a while here and getting back in hot water. The medical collection is for around $1,000 which was rendered last summer for both accounts. I know it's valid but also I know I need to follow some steps. I did check all three CR's earlier and it's clean (and don't want any CR's on there as my last neg is about to come off completely by this fall). Do I still need to follow the medical-specific DV letter if I can pay with CMRRR? Thank you.
  8. My g/f's credit is in the 800's across the board with very little debt (auto loan for $13K or so only) with less than $500 in CC debt. Right now we're at a limbo as we eventually want to purchase the house we're renting but with her trying to nail down a job, talks of us applying together came into play. As my signature shows, it's in the low 700's across the board. The bad part is that my DTI is very high. My income is good along with 10 years of employment with the company I work for but because I pay child support each month including two vehicle payments (totaling close to $600) and other loans, my DTI shoots up in the 53-54% range no matter how I look at it. I'm completely assuming here but it would make sense for her to apply alone since my credit score would also drive up the interest rate? Would my DTI alone be a disqualifying factor and my income will not matter? Any help is appreciated Worst case we'll likely save as much as we can and put more down towards the house together and her applying.
  9. Thank you so much Brian! We are in New Hampshire (no sales tax but real estate & corporate taxes are very high).
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