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  1. There is no mention of Oasis or 1099. It says the offer is good until 01 November. The debt is from August 2010.
  2. Two years ago I started cleaning up my credit following the strategies posted on CB. In June of 2017 I had no FICO score on TU and circa mid 500s on EQ and EX. Since then I have raised my scores across the board to + 820 with a total unsecured CL +245K. I received a letter from AMEX today, after not hearing anything from them since 2010 offering to settle a 17K balance for 5.5K I defaulted on in 2010. I really don't care if I have an AMEX and am curious as to why they just now decided to reach out with this offer. Is this typical of AMEX? Thanks you for any input.
  3. FWIW: At around 90 days I received a CLI increase without requesting one. 16.1K to 25K.
  4. Last June I received my first CC (in 6 years) from NFCU with a 16.1K limit thanks to all the helpful folks on this site. Today I logged in and it says credit limit is 25K however the available credit still shows $15,987. I paid my bill yesterday and it showed 16.1K. Any thoughts as to why the available credit isn't corresponding to the credit limit? On another note, in June I received a PenFed with 15K limit and without requesting an increase I noticed it bumped to 21K and change last week when I went to pay my bill. Thanks so much to everyone, and a Kobe steak for CV91915.
  5. +100%. I did 62 months and only started to clean up my credit mess (heaps of COs totaling +200K) 11 months ago. In that time, I read a lot on CB, employing the best and disregarding the rest. Fast forward to June 2017, NFCU 16.1K, PennFed 15K, Chase 26K ( which was increased to 34K without requesting). If one is open minded and focused, it's not difficult.
  6. This past June with only one derogatory reporting, (on EQ), and nothing reporting on EX and TU, PennFed gave me a 15K limit.
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-21/a-high-credit-score-can-make-you-look-sexy-on-dating-apps?mc_cid=66d28f244c&mc_eid=f7c34239da
  8. BARRON'S TAKE Giving Credit to Card Issuer Synchrony Financial Warren Buffett’s Berkshire holds 17.4 million shares—and the stock still looks underpriced. Email Print 2 Comments Order Reprints Facebook Twitter Google+ smaller Larger By JOHANNA BENNETT Aug. 15, 2017 3:40 p.m. ET Bill Pugliano/Getty Images Investors don’t need Warren Buffett to tell them that good things are going on at Synchrony Financial. Shares of the U.S. credit-card issuer (ticker: SYF) jumped 4.3% today to $30.90 after an SEC filing released late Monday showed that Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) added a large stake to its investment portfolio during the three-month period ended June 30. At the same time, Berkshire Hathaway exited its position in the credit-card company’s former parent, General Electric (GE). As of June 30, Berkshire owned more than 17.4 million shares of Synchrony, which is quite an endorsement. Once regarded as the problem child of GE, Synchrony—the nation’s largest provider of store-branded credit cards—has been hobbled by worries about loan losses and the weak retail environment. The stock has yet to recover completely from a 16% one-day selloff in late April when the company delivered a big first-quarter earnings whiff thanks to a larger-than-expected sum it had to set aside to cover bad loans. Berkshire’s sizable investment is a sign that the Oracle of Omaha isn’t frightened of consumer credit trends—or of the company’s falling profit. More From Barron’s Volkswagen’s Road to Recovery The Trouble With Netflix The Curse of 2017: Stocks May Be Headed for a Fall As of June 30, Synchrony’s loan losses totaled $1.3 billion, up 30% from the previous year. Charge-off rates, which measure the dollar amount of balances written off as losses compared with total average loan balances, rose as well in both the first and second quarter. But Synchrony has maintained its full-year charge-off forecast of 5%. That suggests the company sees those losses falling over the rest of the year. In July, the charge-off rate stood at 4.7%, according to data released today. Strong loan growth, due in part to its partnership with Amazon.com (AMZN), means Synchrony is collecting more interest and fees. And if credit metrics can improve next year, per-share profit—which analysts see falling more than 4% this year to $2.60—could spike almost 24% in 2018. Indeed, Wall Street expects Synchrony to earn $3.22 a share next year on revenue of $16.2 billion. That earnings growth would leave competitors like Capital One Financial (COF) and Discover Financial Services (DFS) choking on Synchrony’s dust, a picture that isn’t yet reflected in the stock’s price/earnings multiple. Now at less than 9.6 times 2018 earnings estimates, the stock trades at a 10% discount to its peers. BTIG’s Mark Palmer pegs the stock at 11 times 2018 earnings, or $36 a share. Granted, loan growth can be a double-edged sword. More debt can contribute to higher charge-offs. If Synchrony suffers another earnings miss or raises its charge-off forecast above 5%, the stock could suffer another sharp decline. For now, though, it’s time to give Synchrony some credit.
  9. http://www.barrons.com/articles/giving-credit-to-card-issuer-synchrony-financial-1502826036
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/credit-repair-firms-pay-2-million-to-settle-complaints-of-abusive-practices/2017/07/05/fde09294-6182-11e7-84a1-a26b75ad39fe_story.html?utm_term=.17dd5693f9a0
  11. Thanks. Just followed (for the most part) the advice I've received here.
  12. Not but two weeks ago I had no FICO scores on TU and EX (on CCT) but after clearing up my derogs got FICO score of 756 on EX and obtained a NFCU (16.1K) and PennFed (15K). I received a letter from a prime bank (whom I defaulted on for +40K 6 years ago) with a pre-approved offer which I did online (against the CB wisdom of aging out the 2 cards I have) and received a TL of 24.5K. My TU FICO dropped 6 pts Thanks again to all who've contributed info and their experiences.
  13. You're lucky many of those are still reporting. CRAs typically purge them at 10 years. Get more cards without delay as soon as the baddies drop off the other CRAs in a few months. That will give your new card time to report. Make sure you use it and PIF in the meantime. Looks good on your reports. Cash; thanks.
  14. I meant call Equifax today; it's the only derog remaining. Apologise for the confusion.
  15. Cash: I don't mind sharing the info, perhaps you can make sense of it. Here's a partial listing of EQs record of satisfied accounts that are now closed. Hope it is of help. Oldest account 42 Years Average Age 19 years Oldest Accounts 1975 (AMEX) AMEX (4): ( Oldest one closed in 2005 last in 2010) BOFA: Visas (2) (Oldest closed in 2005) Citi MC: Closed in 2007) US Trust (Now part of BOFA) mortgage: Closed in 2006 Republic Bank Mortgage closed in 2008 BOFA L/C: Closed in 2007 Chase (2): Closed in 2007 and 2010

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