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  1. Hey tbea1004, Check P.M.'s please.
  2. Do both store and MC report? If so, any idea to who and how?
  3. Congrats!! How old is your Corp and how many trades do you have reporting across each bureau? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk Corp is 5 yrs old. Not many trades at all actually. Congrats!! How old is your Corp and how many trades do you have reporting across each bureau? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk Better question is how does your Experian report look? That's all they pull for approval. Good question, BRBiz. I don't know yet because funds have been tight so I didn't have access to premium reports. Good chunk of cash just got freed up though so I'll be checking this week to see where I stand w/ D&B, Experian Biz and Equifax Biz. Is it safe to say with this BJ's approval and reasonably good CL, then I should be able to get approved for Sam's Club's and Costco's biz cards w/ no PG as easily and with similar limits?
  4. Thanks for share on that one. Going to make way one nearest me and share back findings. Yea, they ARE some pushy bastards. Have had a pending order with them (because really been trying to decide if it was even worth it) ever since I got approved 3 weeks back and they email and/or call twice a week to see when I'm going to complete it. Question for you: Did they ever report any of your activity w/ them to any of personal and/or corporate credit reporting agencies?
  5. So I happen to log into my BJ's Membership platform because it's been almost 2 weeks since I applied for the World MasterCard and STILL hadn't heard back. On the "Membership Information" section, center pane, I see a small picture of one of their Mastercard's and a message about "Total Awards Available". Had me thinking I might have actually got approved. Transferred around a few times and finally got to the biz card customer svc. dept. Gave my TIN, zip-code, etc. Automated account summary option says balance of "0" and available limit of "$14,000". Almost crapped a brick! LOL! Found out when I got to a live rep that, for some reason, the card was never scheduled to get sent out. So confirmed identity again and rep said card would arrive in 7-10 biz days. Thanks to those who gave enough info that I felt ready enough to give it a shot. Now did I read somewhere that it doesn't report to any of bureau's?!
  6. Purchase enough Visa Gift Cards to cover the amount needed, use VGCs to buy MOs and pay off the other card. Now you have 9 months on the Simply Cash at 0% and hopefully earned a sign up cash bonus on the way. No BT fee either, although small fee on the VGCs. Just an idea... Simply Cash Plus is a good earner to hold onto with no annual fee. Great old trick given out. The other side of it from my experience: This could get you flagged. Especially if you don't have a pre-established history of charging large chunks AND moreso still if you start doing it frequently. Makes you look like you're on the run and draining all cash sources to go off-grid for a while.... Seriously though, at the very least, expect an initial decline and requirement to call the creditor the first few times to confirm you're the authorized cardholder & that you are the one making the purchase. Might have to give an approval code to cashier. I did it to the tune of $20k total when all said and done. Was sloppy w/ it though and paid for that w/ a lofty fall from high credit (750's) graces. In recovery mode on that side so focusing on biz credit side in the meantime. Next up: A1 Personal Credit + World Class Business Credit Potential Journey. Digressing: one thing that you might be able to do is contact the creditor(s) beforehand and let 'em know you intend to make a couple of large purchases that day. Ask if you need to temporarily need to increase your daily spending limit to reduce/prevent likelihood of issues at the POS. Also ask if you can permanently raise limit to resolve altogether.
  7. Appreciate you passing those nuggets of knowledge. Same for all other contributing board members actually in the trenches too, earning stripes too. As we're information Age, I treat processed data like this as small rare precious gems/jewels, which will eventually amass to a ever-growing fortune. Often times, it's hoarded for fear of lack when the reality is there's so much more returned when given freely. Few know it, fewer show it. So again, big up's to all y'all.
  8. What do your actual reports look like? The credit limits really aren't helpful. BrBiz, our credit report looks like DNB 9 Accounts - Uline, Quill, Granger, OfficeMax, Staples, Sears, Dell, Shell, Home Depot Experian 9 Accounts - Dell, Cap One, Shell, Phillips 66, Staples, Home Depot, Office Depot, Uline, 1 more (not sure company name) Equifax 7 Accounts - not sure exactly where to check account names on recently applied and was approved for Apple Lease $7500 and New Egg $6000....waiting on Amazon, Tractor Supply, and Fuelman "...I wouldn't waste any time on JC Penny at all." Yo BRBiz, Can I ask why not?
  9. Hey BRBiz, Is that also the case for their Universal Fleet MasterCard? And, if so, if/when one gets their file strong enough to convert it to usable anywhere MC is accepted, think it'd report the CL then?
  10. Ally (from my experience): you'd have to go thru a participating dealership w/ salesmen either, themselves, knowledgeable enough on the subject,or, knows who to call at Ally Financial to get accurate assistance and willing to go thru the hassle of doing so (Ally Commercial Services Group). Can't speak on Ford lending.
  11. Same thought I had. You dabble in the property game?
  12. Worth a shot...not on my current good corp though. One I build up and test just for this.
  13. Those who mentored me in biz credit have always said it helps immensely once the debt shows paid on-time and in full. Looks like a case study is in order on my side. Thanks. Thanks for that link. Good read.

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