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  1. Shows up on CR as "Line of Credit". Scoring wise, seems to act the same way as a CC. Scores were depressed when I had a high balance.
  2. That looks pretty good. I skimmed the T&C but didn't see spending caps on any of the categories.
  3. Coincidentally, their name describes how much interest I have in them.
  4. Yeah but how awesome would it be to show a $100k First Premier card?
  5. Before I die, I will attempt to get the biggest CLs possible on Credit One, First Premier, Capital One and other sub sub prime cards.
  6. Alliant. The best part about hookers is they don't need any special hardware to swipe your card.
  7. Interesting article. The Netflix example definitely gets me a lot. I'd like to see that savings nudge rolled out universally.
  8. The twitter account of the same name is worth a follow.

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