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  1. Hey tmc, have you heard if Hope Credit Union denies you online if your on chexsystems? They are not close or I would go to a branch. I know when I went to US bank, I had to go to a store branch.
  2. Im really wanting to change to a credit union. The only 2 where I live is Altra Federal Credit Union and Fortera Credit Union. I really dont have an issue with US bank. I have heard that its better to be at a credit union than a big bank. I spoke with Altra and they told me that if I show proof I paid BOA then I could apply, but I owe BOA alot and wasnt sure If I could just call BOA and see if they would settle with a smaller amount than what I owe.
  3. Does anyone have experience with banks settling on a old account so you can get removed from chexsystems and getting a new bank account? I want to pay my old account but I cant pay the whole amount but wondering if they would possibly settle on a smaller amount. I have an account with US Bank but I would like to change banks. The old account will fall off chexsystems next year. Should I just leave it alone and let it fall off and be patient?
  4. Hi Tmc, I have another question, if I were to order checks, what company do you recommend? I have seen posts awhile back about having to use certain ones but forgot. Ive heard not to order them from the actual bank.
  5. Well, I decided just to keep my US bank account. I dont want them taking my money and I probably would make it worst for myself by keeping several accounts. Thanks for the advice
  6. Also, not sure whats on EWS. Im assuming EWS may be ok since BOA approved me and accounts been open a month.
  7. I have 4 banks on my chexsystems, and I did apply not too long ago for BOA and they approved me(they are on my chexsystems) which is odd but its been years ago since I messed up. Just trying to figure out which bank I should stick with and wont close on me. I liked Suntrust years ago and they are doimg a 100.00 promo which is why I applied.
  8. I have had a US bank account for a year now but applied for a new account with Suntrust and was approved but worried about them closing it. Ive read some reviews but im wondering if anyone knows how many days estimate they keep it open then close the accounts? Just want to know so I wait on funding it. Alot of reviews are from years ago, so wondering if anything has changed with them?
  9. I have had a US bank account for 1 year as of this month, and its still open. I did have mine opened at a publix branch location.

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