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  1. Unless you hand law enforcement the whole case to them I don’t think they do much of any investigating. I have grown very disappointed in how cases are pursued and their laziness. I am not sure how identity theft is allowed to run rampant....I don’t even want to complain will just make me feel worse.
  2. I am getting closer and closer to the idea that bankruptcy is the only option.
  3. That’s a good point thanks for pointing that out. As to the sol of last delinquency is oct 2014 am I correct that it is no longer under the sol by oct 2019? I always thought it was North Carolina since we moved to North Carolina. But I have read conflicting info on that. Thank you for your help.
  4. I just wanted to tell you that you can look up your ex’s bankruptcy on pacer. The creditor list that is included in the bankruptcy will be found there. You will need to make an account and it is not the easiest site to navigate but I found my ex husbands bankruptcy documents there including the creditor list. I am not sure if having the documentation would be helpful for this case though. Just thought I would share in case this info would be helpful.
  5. This is very helpful. Thank you. I don't have any credit cards at all. Although I have been approved for 2 secured cards last week. I actually thought it was a minimum of 3 cards; 5 cards as a medium term plan makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the information!
  6. Hi everybody, First of all, I am so grateful for all the insights, I am happy to report my score has already improved. I still have a long way to go but I am in it for the long haul. I need to open an extra bank account to manage some of my expenses, and I figure I may as well have a secured line of credit as well. I have narrowed down my choices to discover secured or BOA secured. What are the pros and cons to either one? Is one easier to approve? I received a pre-approval from my bank for a PNC Core Visa so I wonder if I would qualify for an actual credit card but I don't want a hard pull just yet. I would rather wait until some of the collections get deleted from my CR before applying for a credit card. Thank you for your advice!!! I look forward to paying it forward in the future.
  7. I am very curious.... why doesn't it matter if the addresses were deleted or not ?
  8. This is very helpful! I am sending out the first batch of letters to delete addresses monday morning just as you explain. I will update with results. Thank you
  9. How did not realize that? (Facepalm) you are right.
  10. Oh wow. I can’t believe I did not think about that. Your right.
  11. That’s a great point! You were right ocwen is servicing the loan. There is some bizarre discrepancy about the amounts owed and I am still researching. I am shocked at how disorganized the mortgage companies are. The documents they sent me were barely legible. I can hardly make out the dates. I am really grateful to everyone on this board for the help. I had no idea what was going on. You guys are good!
  12. First of all thank you. I have been so confused and stressed this information is very helpful. Just wanted to update: it seems like it is not a new mortgage but that ocwen is servicing an old mortgage from 2005. The amounts from the old mortgage do not match what ocwen has the loan for. I have no idea about the discrepancy. The loan with ocwen is listed in the county recorder from May of 2018. I am still digging. I don’t plan on waiting to take action on this either. I cannot leave this open ended its too much of a liability. really appreciate the encouragement and advice! Thanks!
  13. Thank you for your advice and support. I really appreciate it. I agree an attorney is the way to go. I will shop around and see if all the other attorneys agree on the same approach. I would rather ask for exclusive use of the home to sell and get denied by the judge then simply just try to sell a house with an uncooperative person. That can take forever. It seems the most direct might be best. But I am not a professional at all. This is what I found out today: The mortgage is an old mortgage signed in 2005. However tocwen has a 2010 date listed on their face page of the mortgage note. According to the note they provided me it was for 235,000. The original lender is no longer around. The ocwen loan is only for 107,000 so I am not sure how the balance went so low. Yet the mortgage note is for more. Very confusing.
  14. “Have you taken the SOB to court to enforce this? If this was in your adjudicated divorce decree and he has yet to fulfill his end of the bargain, a judge would be glad to throw him in jail for a while. You can force him to sell and be done with him. Short of hiring a hitman or having some of your tougher relatives waterboard him, that's your best solution. I think your divorce attorney is giving you good advice. Force the sale of the home and you'll be done with him. The process would be that you would evict the SOB from the house then sell it. If there is any equity in the house, you'll have to split it, minus the costs of the sale. If he still doesn't cooperate I think your attorney could motion the court to force an auction.” reply: i am weighing my odds between going back to court through the attorney, she wants to modify the divorce. Or filing a motion of contempt of divorce myself (pro se) Doing it myself is quicker and I would eliminate the middle man. However I am sure he will hire an entire and fight this out. Using an attorney would be longer and she does not want to have him evicted. She says too many years have past. I am really concerned about the fraud he has done throughout the years though. It seems to be a relevant issue. She is looking to have a negotiation with him. I don’t think anyone realizes or cares that he will burn the house down rather than cooperate. I definitely think he needs to be evicted especially since he just took out a mortgage. My worry is, did the bank require a quit claim deed ? The last time I signed mortgage docs was in 2003. I do not believe I was required to sign a quitclaim deed. Ugh! Thank you for your encouragement and I totally agree with you. He needs to be evicted!
  15. Hi there I am in the early stages of credit repair. I am still on address deletion. However i have 3 Medicaid bills being reported by CA. I am thinking this might be a mistake since they were for ER visits and the hospital accepted Medicaid. How can I address this since I believe Medicaid pays those bills in full. Also is Medicaid under the same rules as private insurance? These are old bills around 4 years old. Do I need to wait until the addresses are removed? I believe lexis nexus might be reporting those addresses to CRA. So I worry the CRA wont delete them. Does anyone know if I can get those old addresses removed? Maybe I am overthinking all of this? Thank you!
  16. I am not sure if this is the right place to post. My apologies in advance. My ex husband seems to have taken out a new mortgage through ocwen. 6 months ago. He also removed my name off the water bill. I am still on the deed and on the property taxes. I am even authorized on the mortgage. Although only as a co-owner. They sent me the mortgage statement. How is this possible if I have not signed anything? Wouldn’t the bank require me to sign something? Is it possible it is the old mortgage that has been bought by ocwen? And my old authorizations were grandfathered in? My ex husband drove me out of the home using domestic violence. Even after divorcing he continued harassing me. So forcing him to sell was not possible for me. According to the divorce agreement we were supposed to sell the house and split the proceeds 50/50. Also the house was in foreclosure 3 times and halted three time by him filing for bankruptcy. I never knew the home was in foreclosure because he hired an attorney who accepted service of documents on my behalf. (I just recently discovered this) I am just baffled, I spoke to a divorce attorney and all she wants to do is force the sale of the house and she said it would be a long process. I am worried that I need to act sooner rather than later. However I am wondering if he has forged documents? thanks for any insights and let me know if you think this belongs in a different forum.
  17. Update: My score went up 39 points on TU and the rental collection mysteriously fell off as well but only from TU. Rental Kharma only reports to TU. I suspect the rental collection will reappear when I eventually apply for a lease so I will continue the process slow and steady. I only put rental kharma to have a third party verify that I paid on a timely basis. I am still waiting for an SDFCU secured card and a Citibank secured card. Planning on applying for a Bank of America secured card? I also recieved an unsolicited offer from pnc (I bank with them) for a credit card. It’s weird because I recently opted out. I am scared to apply and get another hard inquiry. How do we time the hard inquiries so they don’t affect us so badly? I also recieved an offer unsolicited from cap one regarding the repo offering to settle the 10,000 debt For 1476.00. They even offered to break it up into 6 or 12 payments.
  18. This thread is exactly what I am going through. My ex stayed in the house and never sold it. Despite my having multiple police reports and victim advocates, and therapists, child support enforcement and restraining orders. Over several years no one once ever told me the divorce decree could be enforced. I thought it was a final decree and set in stone....nothing could be done about it. I just found out this week that I could file a contempt of divorce to force the sale and I am hoping that the court gives me possession of the home so I can ensure it is sold. He put the home in foreclosure three times and He lived there rent free for years. He filed bankruptcy three times to halt the foreclosures. He had his foreclosure attorney listed as my attorney so I never recieved one communication from the bank or the court: There is now some sort of new mortgage (modification) with ocwen and I am still on the title. Friday and Monday I will be submitting the contempt of divorce pro se. It is amazing that my situation is not unique. Just wanted to share. Actually now that I think of it.....would a change award the home until it sells through a contempt of divorce? Many thanks!
  19. I dont know if this is possible for your particular case, but I had a friend who was able to get a special kind of medicaid as a secondary insurance. The income guidelines were different than the normal medicaid and it was specific to her medical condition (cancer) and the high costs associated with it. Also I know that many drug companies for example will offer providing the medication free of charge but those options would have to be researched and it is not a simple process. As for my friend, Medicaid covered the additional bills that my friend could not afford and retroactively too. Also read whychat guidelines first before doing anything. There are healthcare resources that are listed there that might be helpful for your specific case. I dont know if taking out a loan to pay a medical bill would be a good idea because there is different protections for you while it is a medical collection. You might be waiving some rights (such as HIPPA) so take your time and research these options. I am still in the process of credit repair myself so my heart goes out to you. Most important is your health and I hope you are getting the care that you need. Wish you well.
  20. This is the only account that we have. I won’t be declaring bankruptcy since I have identity theft and the amount I owe is not a huge amount. I expect they will have less leverage since they will only have an unemployed student to go after. Also they have never called or contacted me or my Dh. I have half a mind just to take them to court and force them to produce the documents. I do know that they file frivolous cases expecting consumers to settle rather than to go to courts. I had a case recently dismissed by filing a response to their law suit. I did it myself. I will be reaching out to some attorneys in the upcoming weeks to find out how to address this. Thank you for your insights.
  21. I really appreciate your help. This is very good to know. I feel for now I will not deal with this CA. It sounds like my suspicions about credit repair being more difficult due to electronic records might be right. Hopefully when DH bankruptcy is finalized he can be the one to get the lease. On my end I would imagine that them havin only one person gives me more leverage or bargaining power. They never sent a dunning letter of any sort. I am not sure which law that would break but it sounds like they have some sort of violations to correct. Before I jump to negotiating who knows what can of worms that would open up for me. I will research some more. I do know that letters from attorneys are treated differently than letter from consumers. In fact CRAs give them priority attention. Maybe an attorney should handle this one. Oh well I guess I have to handle the medical collections and other collections first. Thank you for your insights I am curious is there an updated guideline regarding how to respond to collections now that things are stored electronically?
  22. If you don’t mind my asking what does this mean?
  23. I am not filing the bankruptcy my husband is. Although it seems that I cannot negotiate either if he files? I had not thought of that before. The lease was residential. That is very interesting. I thought disputing was reacknowledging the debt. Thank you for the insights.

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