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  1. This thread is exactly what I am going through. My ex stayed in the house and never sold it. Despite my having multiple police reports and victim advocates, and therapists, child support enforcement and restraining orders. Over several years no one once ever told me the divorce decree could be enforced. I thought it was a final decree and set in stone....nothing could be done about it. I just found out this week that I could file a contempt of divorce to force the sale and I am hoping that the court gives me possession of the home so I can ensure it is sold. He put the home in foreclosure three times and He lived there rent free for years. He filed bankruptcy three times to halt the foreclosures. He had his foreclosure attorney listed as my attorney so I never recieved one communication from the bank or the court: There is now some sort of new mortgage (modification) with ocwen and I am still on the title. Friday and Monday I will be submitting the contempt of divorce pro se. It is amazing that my situation is not unique. Just wanted to share. Actually now that I think of it.....would a change award the home until it sells through a contempt of divorce? Many thanks!
  2. I dont know if this is possible for your particular case, but I had a friend who was able to get a special kind of medicaid as a secondary insurance. The income guidelines were different than the normal medicaid and it was specific to her medical condition (cancer) and the high costs associated with it. Also I know that many drug companies for example will offer providing the medication free of charge but those options would have to be researched and it is not a simple process. As for my friend, Medicaid covered the additional bills that my friend could not afford and retroactively too. Also read whychat guidelines first before doing anything. There are healthcare resources that are listed there that might be helpful for your specific case. I dont know if taking out a loan to pay a medical bill would be a good idea because there is different protections for you while it is a medical collection. You might be waiving some rights (such as HIPPA) so take your time and research these options. I am still in the process of credit repair myself so my heart goes out to you. Most important is your health and I hope you are getting the care that you need. Wish you well.
  3. Miisstt12

    Which collection should I tackle first?

    This is the only account that we have. I won’t be declaring bankruptcy since I have identity theft and the amount I owe is not a huge amount. I expect they will have less leverage since they will only have an unemployed student to go after. Also they have never called or contacted me or my Dh. I have half a mind just to take them to court and force them to produce the documents. I do know that they file frivolous cases expecting consumers to settle rather than to go to courts. I had a case recently dismissed by filing a response to their law suit. I did it myself. I will be reaching out to some attorneys in the upcoming weeks to find out how to address this. Thank you for your insights.
  4. Miisstt12

    Which collection should I tackle first?

    I really appreciate your help. This is very good to know. I feel for now I will not deal with this CA. It sounds like my suspicions about credit repair being more difficult due to electronic records might be right. Hopefully when DH bankruptcy is finalized he can be the one to get the lease. On my end I would imagine that them havin only one person gives me more leverage or bargaining power. They never sent a dunning letter of any sort. I am not sure which law that would break but it sounds like they have some sort of violations to correct. Before I jump to negotiating who knows what can of worms that would open up for me. I will research some more. I do know that letters from attorneys are treated differently than letter from consumers. In fact CRAs give them priority attention. Maybe an attorney should handle this one. Oh well I guess I have to handle the medical collections and other collections first. Thank you for your insights I am curious is there an updated guideline regarding how to respond to collections now that things are stored electronically?
  5. Miisstt12

    Which collection should I tackle first?

    If you don’t mind my asking what does this mean?
  6. Miisstt12

    Which collection should I tackle first?

    I am not filing the bankruptcy my husband is. Although it seems that I cannot negotiate either if he files? I had not thought of that before. The lease was residential. That is very interesting. I thought disputing was reacknowledging the debt. Thank you for the insights.
  7. Miisstt12

    Which collection should I tackle first?

    Thank you for explaining. So it seems that I have to try the 1-2 punch method? I absolutely agree! It only snowballed and grew worse. Thank you for replying and sharing some insights my next step is to try to find an attorney. What type of attorney handles identity fraud?
  8. I am a newb here although lurking for years and I am finally ready to start the credit repair journey. I have dreaded this day but burying my head in the sand has not worked out for me at all! I do need some advice on what to tackle first. I would be so grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. I still cant believe the predatory abuse that happens everyday by these collection agencies on an industrial scale, but enough of complaining its time to solve it! 1.I have opted out and am working on removing my old addresses but so far this has not worked at all. 2.The most pressing issue is I need to move and sign a lease, however NCC business Solutions is reporting 7955.00 for an old lease. This collection is past the SOL/ NC. the lease was terminated Sept 2014. However NCC is reporting the collection july of 2015. We have never recieved any communication from them ever. we moved from VA to NC. The amount they are reporting as due is also way over inflated as we terminated our lease with only one month left on the lease. Also DH will be filing bankruptcy in the few weeks. So I will be the only one who they can collect from. My question is should I do a 1-2 punch and risk reactivating the debt? Or should I attempt to negotiate the debt down and make payment arrangements? I do need to rent something ASAP so this issue is very pressing. Finding individual landlords becomes harder and harder as the internet and property managers have taken over the housing market. I am trying though. We have to move to FL from NC. Should I use a 1-2 punch and risk resetting the clock? Should I negotiate and settle? Is there any other option that I am not thinking of? 3.I have 3 medical collections of small amounts that I will use whychat's HIPPA as a first step. At the time I had medicaid, 2 of them I have no idea what they are. Possible identity theft. 4.I have a repossesion which seems to be reporting an overinflated amount 10250.00 and wrong dates from 7/2015. I have no plan of action for this yet. 5. 2 credit card charge offs Cap one 450.00 and Kohls 280.00 and two corresponding CA's as well. I am thinking a 1-2 punch? 6. A sprint ca of 175 possible identity theft since I have never had a sprint account. 7.My identity has been stolen 3 times in the past 7 years. there is also a citi bank credit card that was opened in June 2018 with a 0 balance and 1000.00 credit limit. (Just discovered this ) Do I report this at the same time as I am dealing with the collections? I also think I should set up a security freeze and a fraud alert to prevent any additional problems as I work on repairing this. I also will make a police report and FTC report. Its very suspicious and appears as a positive tradeline. Should this be my first step? Positive steps in the meanwhile because I am pressed for time: 1. I have also added to my report Rental Kharma. In about 7-10 days it will report 2 years of positive rental payment history on Transunion only. I am hoping this might offset any concerns a potential landlord will have. 2. I have also applied for 2 secured credit cards. Not reporting yet. 3. I purchased a vehicle in august 2018. Reporting positively I am not sure what to tackle first. I will admit that I have been bullied and threatened through out the years by these lying and abusive creditors I gave up 5 years ago and just lived without credit. I do not want to call and speak to anyone because all they do is collect information to use against you and pretend to help. However it is finally time that I stand up to these bullies and make them play by the rules of the game. I am preparing to send out my first batch of letters today. Thank you for this board and the mods for empowering consumers! Without everything I have learned I would never have found the courage to stand up for my rights.

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