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  1. Unless you hand law enforcement the whole case to them I don’t think they do much of any investigating. I have grown very disappointed in how cases are pursued and their laziness. I am not sure how identity theft is allowed to run rampant....I don’t even want to complain will just make me feel worse.
  2. I am getting closer and closer to the idea that bankruptcy is the only option.
  3. That’s a good point thanks for pointing that out. As to the sol of last delinquency is oct 2014 am I correct that it is no longer under the sol by oct 2019? I always thought it was North Carolina since we moved to North Carolina. But I have read conflicting info on that. Thank you for your help.
  4. I just wanted to tell you that you can look up your ex’s bankruptcy on pacer. The creditor list that is included in the bankruptcy will be found there. You will need to make an account and it is not the easiest site to navigate but I found my ex husbands bankruptcy documents there including the creditor list. I am not sure if having the documentation would be helpful for this case though. Just thought I would share in case this info would be helpful.
  5. This is very helpful. Thank you. I don't have any credit cards at all. Although I have been approved for 2 secured cards last week. I actually thought it was a minimum of 3 cards; 5 cards as a medium term plan makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the information!
  6. Hi everybody, First of all, I am so grateful for all the insights, I am happy to report my score has already improved. I still have a long way to go but I am in it for the long haul. I need to open an extra bank account to manage some of my expenses, and I figure I may as well have a secured line of credit as well. I have narrowed down my choices to discover secured or BOA secured. What are the pros and cons to either one? Is one easier to approve? I received a pre-approval from my bank for a PNC Core Visa so I wonder if I would qualify for an actual credit card but I don't want a hard pull just yet. I would rather wait until some of the collections get deleted from my CR before applying for a credit card. Thank you for your advice!!! I look forward to paying it forward in the future.
  7. I am very curious.... why doesn't it matter if the addresses were deleted or not ?
  8. This is very helpful! I am sending out the first batch of letters to delete addresses monday morning just as you explain. I will update with results. Thank you
  9. How did not realize that? (Facepalm) you are right.
  10. Oh wow. I can’t believe I did not think about that. Your right.
  11. That’s a great point! You were right ocwen is servicing the loan. There is some bizarre discrepancy about the amounts owed and I am still researching. I am shocked at how disorganized the mortgage companies are. The documents they sent me were barely legible. I can hardly make out the dates. I am really grateful to everyone on this board for the help. I had no idea what was going on. You guys are good!
  12. First of all thank you. I have been so confused and stressed this information is very helpful. Just wanted to update: it seems like it is not a new mortgage but that ocwen is servicing an old mortgage from 2005. The amounts from the old mortgage do not match what ocwen has the loan for. I have no idea about the discrepancy. The loan with ocwen is listed in the county recorder from May of 2018. I am still digging. I don’t plan on waiting to take action on this either. I cannot leave this open ended its too much of a liability. really appreciate the encouragement and advice! Thanks!
  13. Thank you for your advice and support. I really appreciate it. I agree an attorney is the way to go. I will shop around and see if all the other attorneys agree on the same approach. I would rather ask for exclusive use of the home to sell and get denied by the judge then simply just try to sell a house with an uncooperative person. That can take forever. It seems the most direct might be best. But I am not a professional at all. This is what I found out today: The mortgage is an old mortgage signed in 2005. However tocwen has a 2010 date listed on their face page of the mortgage note. According to the note they provided me it was for 235,000. The original lender is no longer around. The ocwen loan is only for 107,000 so I am not sure how the balance went so low. Yet the mortgage note is for more. Very confusing.
  14. “Have you taken the SOB to court to enforce this? If this was in your adjudicated divorce decree and he has yet to fulfill his end of the bargain, a judge would be glad to throw him in jail for a while. You can force him to sell and be done with him. Short of hiring a hitman or having some of your tougher relatives waterboard him, that's your best solution. I think your divorce attorney is giving you good advice. Force the sale of the home and you'll be done with him. The process would be that you would evict the SOB from the house then sell it. If there is any equity in the house, you'll have to split it, minus the costs of the sale. If he still doesn't cooperate I think your attorney could motion the court to force an auction.” reply: i am weighing my odds between going back to court through the attorney, she wants to modify the divorce. Or filing a motion of contempt of divorce myself (pro se) Doing it myself is quicker and I would eliminate the middle man. However I am sure he will hire an entire and fight this out. Using an attorney would be longer and she does not want to have him evicted. She says too many years have past. I am really concerned about the fraud he has done throughout the years though. It seems to be a relevant issue. She is looking to have a negotiation with him. I don’t think anyone realizes or cares that he will burn the house down rather than cooperate. I definitely think he needs to be evicted especially since he just took out a mortgage. My worry is, did the bank require a quit claim deed ? The last time I signed mortgage docs was in 2003. I do not believe I was required to sign a quitclaim deed. Ugh! Thank you for your encouragement and I totally agree with you. He needs to be evicted!

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