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  1. Sure that'd be great! As to the rest of your replies, thanks I'll looks into it. I'm waiting for a discover it card in the mail as we speak!
  2. Hello, sorry if this is the wrong discussion thread, but I figured it's a pretty general credit questions. ANYWAYS what services do you use to monitor or view your Credit report/Score? I've heard credit karma is free but in accurate, gone to each credit agencies site before and payed but this can be pricey 39.99 for all three reports and scores! Yikes!! How do you savy credit gurus monitor your scores and reports?
  3. Oops that was by mistake. Could you inform me on how to delete and I will do so ASAP. Didn't realize I was in the advanced section
  4. Hello, i thought I'd ask here before I dig into the HUGE archive of threads on this forum. Maybe one of you can answer my questions before I find it for myself. I was wondering what that best way to receive a copy of my credit report if I have already used up my 1 free copy for this year. Also, when I did get my copies I was only able to obtain 2/3. The questions they use to identify the correct identity of the person for my Equifax report were waayyy off. None of them pertained to me he slightest bit, I had to choose the "NONE OF ABOVE" option for every question and therefore wasn't able to access my credit report online. I ended up forgetting about it and now I am serious and ready to clean up my credit report in hopes of purchasing a home before I turn 28. (I just turned 26). I realize I will have to pay for them, but I am curious if it matters if I go through credit karma or the credit report agency directly? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. It was a Harley Davidson rewards secured CC issued by US Bank. The hotel was Courtyard Marriott
  6. Hey there CB i could use some input.... Last weekend I rented a hotel for one night, online under the amenities it listed "HD TVs" and "High Speed Internet", which are the two deciding factors in which hotel I choose everytime. When arriving to the hotel their "high speed" internet was 3-4 Mbs and there was an option for enhanced high speeds for 14.99 a night. Against my better judgement, I coughed up the 15 bucks and received a blazing download speed of 5 Mbs (insert sarcasm here)! Come to find out the TVs were not HD nor did they have an HDMI Input. Not even 20 minutes of being there I called down the lobby and requested to speak with management. I was told they'd contact me ASAP and after an hour and two more phone calls to the desk I packed our stuff and informed them that we would in fact not be staying there and how their website was misleading. The associate at the desk had no authority to reverse my bill so I left my number and was told I'd be contacted that evening. We ended up staying at another branch of the same family of hotels, and the next morning I attempted to contact management again. Finally I was able to speak a an assistant manager who said he had heard nothing about the issue, and also didn't have the authority to authorize any compensation or refund. He asked for my information and said that the hotels general manager would contact me on Monday. By Wednesday and no call from GM I called again and finally spoke with him. He also claimed to have no knowledge of the incident and said he'd speak with his staff to get more info. He called me back about an hour later and said that I would not be refunded and claimed that they do have HDTVs(only on the 9th floor) and that there internet speeds were in fact "high speed". Can I dispute this charge considering I didn't stay there? I have the receipt to the other room as well as it is documented on my credit card. Can the merchant still charge me if I refuse the misrepresented services advertised online?
  7. I've been using it for to easily view my 401k growth. Just recently linked my bank account. TBD
  8. Thanks for the link! About 6 weeks ago before I applied for my secured card I was able to obtain two of the three reports. I believe in It was equifax that had an issue verifying my identity and I was given a number to call, which I didn't follow up with just incase I wanted to check my report after I took care of the one hospital bill I had on there. US bank gives allows me to see a credit score given by transuninion once a month but I'm unsure if it was an accurate FICO score. It showed my score at 553 and also mentioned that I didn't have any negative or positive marks towards my score. Now I know this is not true because of the the $70 dollar unsettled bill through a hospital which was sent to collection a agency. The bill is a result of me not forgetting to pay my copayment. I need to get a hold of them and take care of it ASAP. I will most likely do this first thing tomorrow. Other then what u mentioned above the only negative things on my reports are inquires(which at the time I had no idea it would have an impact on my credit report, yikes!). There's quite a few from oct-Jan of '15. Thanks for the quick responses CB!
  9. Hello ther CB, I'm new to this community and very glad to have found you guys! Little bit about myself, I just turned 26 and have never had any credit or loan before ever. I've been doing a bit of research through Reddit of /personalfinance and that's how I stumbled across this site. Ok so let's get down to business, I would like to purchase a house within the next 1-2 years, I know credit is a must for someone in my financial situation. Less then a month ago I received my first secured credit card through US Bank. I deposited 300, therefore that is my credit limit. I called and set up my card payments due date for the 22nd of every month. I also read, that ideally my card should be 10%(no more the 30%) utilized and to pay it off in full every month. This won't be an issue for me. I was curious if I have more utilized on my card and pay but pay a portion before my bill arrives, if I risk the chance of credit a high credit utilization being reported to the credit bureau. One more thing, I was also curious if there was a guideline or map (for lack of a better word) of things to do to make my credit score rise the quickest way. I've read conflicting things such as applying/opening new lines of credit quickly or close in date will look bad and reflect so in my FICO score. Because I have no established credit these new lines of credit would of course be secured card options which I don't mind, since I plan on using them as debit cards and not purchasing things I can't afford. On the other hand I heard that it's impossible to raise my score quickly with only one line of credit. Thanks in advance for any comments, advice, or links that might point me in the right direction. I'm looking forward to participating in future post here on CB. Adios

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