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  1. After u get old address remove. Thats tied to baddies whats next
  2. After a million calls finally got a nice lady on the phone to delete on address with my bk7 n baddies included to delete it. Now the work to remove bk7 then baddies as a fyi im using lextington law . N loving it n also they have removed my bk7 off my tu with a baddies n now working on the other 2 eq n exp. Cant wait Bk7 was in 2016
  3. Any suggestions for removal of old bk7 address. I have new address contacted n changed my old address from my new creditors. But Experian will not delete old address. Any tips.
  4. No whining stating facts. 😎.dont get mad tito. No whining stating facts. 😎.dont get mad tito.im mean conrat
  5. Good bye alliant. Na na na hey hey hey goodbye
  6. Good? Why, because your profile and scores are so bad that you couldn't get accepted for the Alliant SSL?nope I'm with nfcu.😀
  7. Had long u had it before it came unsecure. N congrats
  8. i wouldnt pay him any attention . just like a few more salamanders on here. congrats man.

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