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  1. What number do I call to check on my Orbitz Visa application? Comenity : 800-303-1368 They told me I was denied because of a bankruptcy within the last 10 years. I asked if a person had to wait 10 years after a bankruptcy, and they said yes. I don't think that is true.
  2. Which credit cards allow removal of authorized users online without calling? I hate calling anywhere and would rather just do things through online account management. I'm looking for a Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover network card, secured or unsecured, that let's me add and remove authorized users online without calling.
  3. What number do I call to check on my Orbitz Visa application?
  4. Still waiting for a decision on my Orbitz Visa application. Comenity pulled EQ on 8/13.
  5. Total shot in the dark there. Most Crudmenity V/MC requires 650+. My mortgage FICOs are 660-700+. My TU08 is 636.
  6. I need another credit card. Applied for Orbitz Visa. Thank you for applying. Your credit application requires further review.You will be notified of your approval status by mail within the next 10 business days.
  7. Too bad you don't have the Citi secured card now. I don't want to pay the $25 annual fee and then find out virtual account numbers isn't available to the secured card anymore. Does anyone right now have the Bank of America secured card of Citi secured card?
  8. Can you use Bank of America ShopSafe or Citi Virtual Account Number on their secured credit card?
  9. I read mortgage FICOs are usually lower. Not for me!
  10. Giant difference between my FICO 2 and FICO 8. EX FICO 2 = 710 EX FICO 08 = 658 Your FICO® Score 2 based on Experian data is the same score that NASA Federal Credit Union pulled on 7/20/2016 and uses to manage your account. This is your Credit Scorecard as of 07/22/2016.
  11. Just wondering where is the July update?
  12. Your FICO® Score 5 based on Equifax Data is the same score that Langley FCU pulled on 7/03/16 and uses to manage your account.
  13. Not if you are looking for EQ FICO 5.
  14. I got the same score as Synchrony Walmart TU-08. After very carefully reviewing the application, we are sorry to advise you that we cannot approve the loan request for the following reasons: Excessive number of recent credit inquiries. Insufficient number of payments on existing accounts Insufficient recent payment history on bankcard trades Too recent since last credit inquiry The consumer reporting agency contacted that provided information that influenced our decision in whole or in part was: TransUnion P.O. Box 1000 Chester, PA 19022 1-800-888-4213 www.transunion.com IDA, Inc. Consumer Office P.O. Box 503793 San Diego, CA 92150 1-888-395-0277 www.idainc.com We also obtained your credit score from this consumer reporting agency and used it in making our credit decision. Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your credit report changes. Your credit score: 639 Date of Credit Report Pull: Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 Scores range from 300 to 850
  15. For CLI denial, I don't think the score is FICO EQ-04. The denial letters says the range is 300-850. EQ-04 goes up to 818, not 850.

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