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  1. ***UPDATE 10/1/16*** I just recently passed the 6 month mark on this account and it is still open and in good standing. I haven't been upgraded to a regular account yet but haven't really looked into it just yet. One new thing that I found out recently is that I am now able to make deposits via ATM but still no mobile deposits.
  2. I'm posting here to provide information about Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking. As most of you reading this are probably searching for or researching second chance checking accounts, I, too have been reported to Chexsystems, EWS and have negative credit marks for overdrawn checking accounts (four total) which have been to BofA, Compass Bank and to a local credit union and bank. These were all my fault and I was very irresponsible with my spending. I have since changed my ways and am slowly starting to work my way back into the financial world. My BofA account was paid in full but they closed in 2010 for abuse and fraud which I had no idea that existed. I was constantly overdrawing the account and I did have direct deposit into it. The other three were closed because I over drafted by several hundred dollars and never paid back. These accounts have been in the past four years. About two years ago I opened a Fidelity Cash Management account and have been using that to post my direct deposit into. I've never had any issues with them, they post direct deposits a day early, have a liberal debit card with atm rebates. But I've needed/wanted a local brick and mortar account to deposit cash that I occasionally obtain (legally) as Fidelity does not have any way to accept cash and they don't accept money orders. I recently went into Wells Fargo (March 19) to try my luck with their opportunity checking after reading different reviews. Their minimum deposit is $50. I brought along a $1600 Canadien check issued in U.S. funds with me (Fidelity also doesn't accept foreign checks). I sucked it up and talked with a banker and explained my past with my checking accounts and that I was only interested in their Opportunity account as I knew I wouldn't qualify for their regular accounts. Before I let him begin taking my information, I very firmly stated that I DID NOT want checks or overdraft protection. He was very polite and understanding and we began the process of opening it. I was nervous the whole time and was pretty sure I would be denied on the spot. Before I knew it, he was asking me for my opening deposit, I handed him the Canadien check I had and he didn't bat an eye. There are many restrictions and fees to this account so be sure to read them before you decide. I was told my account would be reviewed around the six month mark and if it meets their criteria (who knows what that is) that I would be graduated to a regular account. Today is April 6th and my account hasn't been closed despite the horror stories I've read about them opening and then closing the account a week later. I believe it's because I didn't want overdraft protection (this account offers that feature). I received a letter from Wells Fargo two weeks later stating that they checked my credit report when I opened my account (I have terrible credit, different post) and if I have any questions that I was entitled to a free report and to call them. I hope this offers some information to those who are looking into this account. If anything changes, I'll provide an update. As of the 6th, I haven't set up any direct deposit but plan to after the 30 day mark. Any questions or comments, I'll gladly reply to. Good luck.

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