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  1. LOL you cannot just MOVE to canada!! You have to have a substantial amount of money in your bank to live here for a maximum of six months. If you want to be a landed immigrant, it will cost you about 5,000 plus almost a year waiting and...some one needs to sponsor you unless a employer deems he cannot find anyone in the country to hire, and sponsors you.
  2. It was a bad time for me. Actually more of a stupid once using one of my credit cards to live off of. I had let it lapse into collections years ago. another one is bouncing from 2,000-2,500. The bank canceled the second credit card because I was making late payments. So, like to know what it would take to restore my credit by paying these off. I know the damage is done. I want to buy a house in the US. I also had some old loans that were never paid off over 15 years ago. I think federal law is they are wipped off my credit profile. I tried to get a credit check on my self in the states but kept getting back info from a credit reporting agency as "not enough information" no idea what that is. The end goal is to qualify for a house, a a repair/rehab loan if ....if I go that route or, obtain a loan from a hard money loan company. Other option is to being in a real-estate investor and use there money. So, what do I need to do next? Also, is there any free credit check agencies online? Does my divorce from my wife show up in my credit report? Thanks much!!

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