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  1. I received official notification (a letter in the mail) today that my PayPal credit account would be switched from Comenity Capital over to Synchrony. Letter states this will be effective July 2 and includes a new privacy policy. Just an FYI for others who may have this account. Loved this account as it was hidden but unsure if itll stay as such; will pay off just in case.
  2. Yes that email can be used for cap1 auto. I know from experience; however this isn’t recent, it was at least 2 years ago that it worked but you can always try. The worst they can say is no.
  3. Hello, Im a daily lurker but have questions about 'Equifax Consumer Affairs.' I was attempting to order a third party report/score from MF, to see the different scores they provide (Im purchasing an auto soon), only to find out that my Equifax was blocked. I call Equifax, and after being given the run around, I find that I am now apart of this special handling team. After searching these threads, I am still wondering what'd I do to get my file placed in this department! I haven't frequently disputed directly with Equifax, all of my work has been with original creditors and collection agencies directly. I have not sued them either, so what gives? The representative I spoke with was actually very nice. She also said the office is based in Atlanta, and she kept reinterating that this was "for my protection." I am interested in any else's experiences with this department, and if its truly such a negative thing to be handled here. Also, how do I get out from this department???
  4. I was one of those that received these emails (3) this past Tuesday, I immediately knew something was amiss.
  5. Hello all, Ive been reading and using knowledge gleaned and have made great strides in the past 3 months. One last issue is that I am dealing with a Collection Account from Real Time Resolutions. This was a payday loan (I know!) from Check n GO from 2 years ago, so still within SOL. I now live in Georgia where pay day loans are illegal. I opened this account when living in Alabama at the time. I sent them a DV on 4 April, 2016. I noticed soon after (around 2 weeks) they deleted their account from my credit reports. Then, I received validation in the mail dated 17 May 2016, with a contract showing an online signature, payment history, IP address, etc ( I know this is my account). However, in their response, they willingly noted that the account number had been changed to a new account number, and informed me to reference the new account number in all future correspondence. Needless to say, I now see that they have reinserted this account to my credit reports on 6/7/16 under the new account numbers. Since I didnt go through the credit bureaus, does the 5 business day reinsertion notification rule still apply? The amount is 2620 ( the original principal was 2200; I had paid ~1000 before defaulting but of course that was essentially just money I have given away). This is my last collection and I want it gone. I can afford to pay it to be rid of this; should I just go ahead and offer a PFD? If not, then what should be my next step? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Yes, they still answer. Ive dealt with them in the past month. It did take sometime to get the first callback, I think 7-10 days. That address you used is correct.
  7. No update for me either; I was wondering the same thing! Thought I was the only one...
  8. Hi, I got success using email. Use this email: PRESREF@premierbankcard.com. I put all the disrepancies in the email and attached proof (credit reports showing conflicting info) along with my contact number. I'm guessing this is their "EO" office. My account was charged off and unpaid and they responded saying they'd delete and they did. It took about a week for a response. Hope that helps some
  9. Hello all, I've been a long time lurker for several years and have recently re-started my credit journey. I recently got married, and moved. I have also changed my last name. Per the advice here, I've updated my name and new address with all 3 credit bureaus and had all old ones deleted. Now...I have 3 collections Im looking to be rid of. Only 1 has my new address, all have my maiden name. I want to send off DV letters to these CAs (Convergent, National Credit Adjusters, and Real Time Resolutions). The last two are fairly new (<1 year). I only knew of the last two when reviewing my credit reports, never received any notification. My question is: will using my new name and address cause additional confusion in trying to locate these accounts? I only have the partial acct numbers from my credit reports. Is DV even the right thing to do? Honestly id pay the amounts if I knew it'd remove them from my reports.

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