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  1. Thank you for your input. That is a great analysis.
  2. But isn't it all relative? I realized that after a certain credit limit ceiling, you need to get substantially more credit for a minuscule bump up in your credit score. If I had a high utility rate, and paid 20% off, it would bump up my credit score massively. But if I had a low utility rate and paid 20% off, the bump up was would be so-so. If credit score was a box, the credit limit expands that box, but only up to a point. So I wasn't saying that my credit score was parabolicking. I was just saying it was increasing relative to the "box" it is in.
  3. Should be: "Also, because of rise my limits infrequently, I took this time to ask for a long overdue* CLI on multiple cards with favorable response."
  4. But I think this pretty much sums up what Im looking for. Thanks.
  5. So Im assuming that, since my behavior has been: 1. do BTs... 2. Steadily pay down in chunks... 3. always pay on time... That this is categorized as the normal behavior of my account? I know this is just all conjecture. I'm just trying to see what is a viable analysis of what they could be thinking.
  6. BTs allow me to "stay cashy" cheaply. Ive never had to pay interest. Just the initation fee.
  7. Also, because of rise my limits infrequently, I took this time to ask for a long over CLI on multiple cards with favorable response. My assumption is: Them seeing limits increase during the crisis would make them feel better about allowing me to continue. As I said, I only have a few thousand in debt that'll be lopped off by next month. Also showing bigger payments then previous months with a steady rise in credit score. Im assuming that all this could play in my favor, but at the end of the day they are institutions who deal in risk, and during a crisis I dont know if they'll start reducing their risk indiscriminately.
  8. That is a good way of looking at it. When I did the BT that nuked my BoA accounts, I still had other lenders to fall back on. Looking back, the only "sacrifice" I had to deal with was the lost of BoA relationship. But my credit was still the same level as before the BT when I paid all debts.
  9. I guess I can spread the BTs across the credit cards and keep the utilization between 30% and 50%. But then, my next concern is, would there be a chance of another credit crunch like in 2008? I didnt have credit back then so I can only assume how bad it got. I heard people with great credit still got their credit torn apart. Any grizzled veterans from 2008 credit crisis care to chime in?
  10. So what you're saying is: as long as you didn't screw the pooch and don't change your spending behavior too much, you're likely to not get screwed. Curious to see if there's anyone in this forum who have been good, but still got screwed. Some self-claimed "Well behaved" people outside these walls would contest otherwise. Of course, anyone can say anything on the internet.
  11. People have seen their charge card (and other credit cards) suddenly get capped at the amount of debt they held on the card. By "people" I mean just a few I've interacted with. That's why Im also asking here. To see if this is a wide spread issue.
  12. Anyone have problems with their credit card issuers lately? I've heard amex is going after charge card lately.
  13. Hm... Now that's one thing I didn't know about AAoA. Thanks for that tip.
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