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  1. I had finally reached a point where everything was off my credit. We had a miscarriage in July 2020 and things kind of went to the wayside a bit. It is now June and I am receiving medical bills some already on credit from those services. Instead of coming here first I paid the hospital bill it was only 200.00, but there is another 60 bill on the credit they can't find. Did i screw myself by paying the bill? Should I just make arrangements with all the other medical bills before they hit the credit or just wait and see then do why chat method? Thank You guys
  2. Hello, I have a first mortgage that does not report on credit reports its FHA. Is there anyway or anyone that would write a mortgage without including that one. I have no intent to default on it and actually since the housing boom have quite a bit of equity in it. I do have someone ready to rent it from me, but I want to get a second home, before deciding what to do with the first. I just don't want to have to go through the leasing process and 12 month verification from 1st mortgage company. Thanks
  3. I am 4 months behind on payments of 960 including this month of May. My plan was to pay a payment this upcoming friday. The lady I spoke to said she was notating my account that I would need to pay in full or go through a modification. I don't want a modification because I don't want to redo my mortgage back to a 30 year mortgage. My question is if they refuse to take may's payment would I have enough time until the end of June to bring the account current? What is the time frame or process for their foreclosures? I also have an FHA loan. My plan was to just pay 2 payments each month to bring
  4. My current fico scores are ex-610, tr-607, and eq-608. (CCT) Credit Cards 1. Target- Just upgraded to MC 600/2500 opened 6/2016 2. Kohls(cap1)- 500/1000 opened 5/2016 3. Buy Power(Cap1)- 1/500 opened 11/2016 4. Cap One QS1-650/1300 opened 1/2016 5. Cap One Plat-650/1300 opened 1/2016 6. (AU) Barclay 2600/2800 opened 3/2016 7.(AU) Toys R US- 161/700 account closed by credit grantor opened 6/2015 The AU accounts are different people. My first question is should I delete the barclay account from my report since the util is so high? With that account I am at 54 percent. Withou
  5. No, but I've been building my credit. I have another collection that was re-aged and placed by on my report by a new CA ICsystems for an old direct tv bill. I really want to electronically dispute this one because I was successful last time. Besides the 2 meds and ic systems the only other one is from a ncc business service. So I am really close to cleaning my reports. The NCC is dated for november 2012.
  6. The date for the $260 one was 4/2014 and the other one I have no idea.
  7. My first concern is that I know or at least I think I have other bills with these two companies that are reporting this medical. Is their a chance if I poke the bear they will report other bills, or come after me for those? One of them is only 84 dollars and it reported less than a year ago. The second bill is 260 it reported over 2.5 years ago. Another concern I had about this one is that the collection company was able to tell me all about the condition I was being treated for. Can they give out that type of info? The collection lady just volunteered this information. They called and I brush
  8. Thanks for the response and I live in Florida.
  9. Hi all, I am going to try and get straight to the point. I have disputed about 3 claims with credit karma electronically successfully. I am focusing on transunion but it seems that as it comes off that one, it also comes off equifax. I have four left to dispute which are somewhat complicated to me. 1. NCC Business which was reported in 2012 but I know it was opened earlier. It was for a storage which they told me they would take the items and sell them and take it off my bill. They never sent me a statement or anything. The balance is 436 now but should be a lot less even if they deeply di
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