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  1. I am 4 months behind on payments of 960 including this month of May. My plan was to pay a payment this upcoming friday. The lady I spoke to said she was notating my account that I would need to pay in full or go through a modification. I don't want a modification because I don't want to redo my mortgage back to a 30 year mortgage. My question is if they refuse to take may's payment would I have enough time until the end of June to bring the account current? What is the time frame or process for their foreclosures? I also have an FHA loan. My plan was to just pay 2 payments each month to bring the account up to current.
  2. My current fico scores are ex-610, tr-607, and eq-608. (CCT) Credit Cards 1. Target- Just upgraded to MC 600/2500 opened 6/2016 2. Kohls(cap1)- 500/1000 opened 5/2016 3. Buy Power(Cap1)- 1/500 opened 11/2016 4. Cap One QS1-650/1300 opened 1/2016 5. Cap One Plat-650/1300 opened 1/2016 6. (AU) Barclay 2600/2800 opened 3/2016 7.(AU) Toys R US- 161/700 account closed by credit grantor opened 6/2015 The AU accounts are different people. My first question is should I delete the barclay account from my report since the util is so high? With that account I am at 54 percent. Without that account I am at 38 percent, and I can just pay util below 30 percent. That account is also reporting the highest limit. The second questions is should I keep the Toys R US account because it is my longest reporting positive tradeline. The person who added me had a relapse with cancer, but has been paying down the balance and it is still in good standing. The only other positive tradeline was a fingerhut account opened in 2016 closed 3/2014. My oldest account is listed as open 11 years ago, and my average age of accounts is 5.6 years. I have 2 medical collections 2014, and 12/2016 (doing the whychat), 1 re-aged account to 1/2017, 2 old ge bank co in 2013 & 2014 only one is listed as a collection. The GE original accounts listed as closed, co, 0 balance. Ex-reports 3 collections, and the others report 4 The only lates I have were from student loans in May and June of 2013 (22) school did not report enrollment, and I was not paying attention. Most of my inquiries should be falling off nov & dec this year. I have 16 on Ex, and seven on the other 2. Hoping that getting util under 30percent will boost score. I want to try to get some different bank cards since all I have at the moment is capital one, and they are pretty low limits with high apr. I also want to try for a travel rewards cards, but I am confused on where to go from here. Should I app for two additional capital one cards since my scores are higher than when I first applied and combine the balances? What is possible and my best point of action, and how much are the four negatives going to factor?
  3. No, but I've been building my credit. I have another collection that was re-aged and placed by on my report by a new CA ICsystems for an old direct tv bill. I really want to electronically dispute this one because I was successful last time. Besides the 2 meds and ic systems the only other one is from a ncc business service. So I am really close to cleaning my reports. The NCC is dated for november 2012.
  4. The date for the $260 one was 4/2014 and the other one I have no idea.
  5. My first concern is that I know or at least I think I have other bills with these two companies that are reporting this medical. Is their a chance if I poke the bear they will report other bills, or come after me for those? One of them is only 84 dollars and it reported less than a year ago. The second bill is 260 it reported over 2.5 years ago. Another concern I had about this one is that the collection company was able to tell me all about the condition I was being treated for. Can they give out that type of info? The collection lady just volunteered this information. They called and I brushed her off didn't verify, didn't set up payment, didn't acknowledge debt. I am just looking for advice on where to start or if I even should with just 2. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the response and I live in Florida.
  7. Hi all, I am going to try and get straight to the point. I have disputed about 3 claims with credit karma electronically successfully. I am focusing on transunion but it seems that as it comes off that one, it also comes off equifax. I have four left to dispute which are somewhat complicated to me. 1. NCC Business which was reported in 2012 but I know it was opened earlier. It was for a storage which they told me they would take the items and sell them and take it off my bill. They never sent me a statement or anything. The balance is 436 now but should be a lot less even if they deeply discounted my items to sell. How would I go about getting this off should I ask for verification? 2. The Uptain Group. Medical bill for 259 opened December 2014 only on equifax. Do I call and negotiate pfd? 3. One that I believe is the hardest are sync/amazon still on original report listed as closed derogatory in 11/2013. This one is listed with portfolio recovery for 593.00 last reported 5/8/16. Should I negotiate pfd or pay the original creditor? 4. The second one is sync/walmart closed derogatory 11/2013. The original creditor and midland funding are listed on my credit report for 654 last reported 5/6/16. I have decided not to touch this one without advice due to what I have read here. Where do I start? My scores on credit karma as of now are 619 on Trans and 610 on Equifax. I have four cards reporting with two being authorized users with limits of 700.00 and 2800.00. Adding these cards helped me get the cap 1 quicksilver and platinum. The sl on those were 300 but at the three month mark in April I hit the cli button and got bumped to 800.00. I would like to get a barclay card, chase card, and discover. Once the derogs are off I still have student loan lates reported for 2013 but I was still in school. I have read different things about the importance of those and whether or not to dispute since they are over 3 years old and there are so many. Any additional help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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