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  1. Can you change the due date to a different day? Your mortgage is your most important payment, period. It isn't your responsibility to pay for your kids college - I paid for most of mine myself.
  2. Huh? I tried to use the Platinum card, they asked for ID, so I just used a debit card instead.
  3. I used a debit card instead - but told them it was against their merchant agreement. It was for a Platinum Mastercard. I found it insulting, and the card was signed (and a whopping two days old). Not like couldn't read the signature or something.
  4. Well, Went to pay for my items at Best Buy, and the clerk asked for additional ID when I handed him my card (didn't even wait for me to sign). Claimed it was now "corporate policy" for ALL credit card transactions. Either the clerk is a dud or the company.
  5. My scores are higher probably because - All CC balances are at zero Wife has me as authorized user on couple cards from 2000 I got 3 cards right after BK and still have them showing with zero balance No lates or other baddies listed.
  6. At least initially, yes. Mortgage seems to depress score for the first few months, then helps (since you have a large "asset"). We're pretty set for awhile
  7. Well, wife and I just closed on a house, so we want to do a little app spree before mortgage shows up on cr. Approvals all around - Name of Institution: Citadel FCU Visa Platinum Approved/Denied: Approved Score: 729 FICO Credit Limit: $10,000 CRA(s) Pulled: TU State: PA Name of Institution: Pentagon Federal CU LOC and Visa Gold Approved/Denied: Approved Score: 755 FICO Credit Limit: $15,000 each CRA(s) Pulled: EQ State: PA Name of Institution: Patelco FCU Visa Gold Approved/Denied: Approved Score: 725 FICO Credit Limit: $10,000 CRA(s) Pulled: EX State: PA
  8. Thanks - I hope my odds are pretty good
  9. What does it mean when the status line says "referral"? I did the app late in the day yesterday, so I doubt anyone has looked at it yet.
  10. PFICO jumped from 677 to - 729!
  11. Great - can't wait to close now. Hate this. My excitement of buying a house has been replaced with a nagging dread. Buyer's Remorse + Bubble Popping = Single Tear
  12. Doubt the bank will go for that if things tighten up like the first article talked about. Besides, closing would be crazy, with 8 buyers and all!
  13. I seriously doubt that guy will be right on with all his hypotheses. And no immigrant is going to hop off the boat and be able to qualify for a half a million dollar rancher, either. That being the median price and all in CA. Maybe I'll be ok because I am PA, but I still feel queasy. If I lived in CA, I wouldn't even bother trying to buy a house. See, I don't mind renting and living that way. Used to be the rule that if you weren't going to live in a house 5-7 years, don't bother. I am betting that will be the rule again soon.
  14. Perhaps I should cancel my closing for Tuesday - I am doing a 10/1 IO on the first mortgage and a 30 yr fixed on the 2nd. (80/20). I could do a regular amortizing, but prefer to pay the principal from my yearly bonus.
  15. Don't forget pre-paids as well. I am outside Philly, and my closing costs are over 15k. I am paying 1% of my realtor commission, but still would be over $12k. The taxes you owe at closing are absurd.
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