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  1. Would you mind sharing where you obtained this?
  2. Pretty sure you can finance in the 1.75% upfront MIP
  3. Due to a chapter 13 BK discharge that is only 1 year out one of my only good options is an FHA Refinance. I hear a lot of people saying you only need to be in that for 1 year and then you would obviously refinance into a conventional loan but I'm not so sure about this so I wanted to get some feedback. With the fed probably increasing the rates 1/4 of a point every 4 months over the next year, at least that seems to be what people think, it would be optimistic to think one could get in a conventional loan that actually does better than a FHA loan if I was to refinance today. I'm seeing rate
  4. I've followed the exact steps and it worked for a couple since I got a return letter as not able to be delivered but it did not work for one pesky CA that has verified the debt. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed with a CA for a debt past the SOL that is still on my credit report for another year?
  5. Got one account still sitting there that comes off 4/2017 but is the only baddie left (however it's been closed out), everything else is off and credit utilization is at 0%-1% every month. AAofA at 1.1 years. Payment history showing at 100% and 2 or less credit inquiries on each report. You guys got any additional info on bringing my scores up and keeping them up moving forward?
  6. With the information on CB I was able to go from 590-620 credit scores to over 760+ on all my scores within 3-4 months time. Special thanks to WhyChat and Breeze.
  7. I recently disputed some things on my credit report had a Transunion jump of 601 to 604 only but an Experian jump from 670s to 790s. If I had something in dispute would that increase my score while the CRA was getting the information verified with the CA or is that most likely just a cause of other things getting deleted off the report?
  8. Roughly 1 year. Any issue with using WhyChat's SOL letter if they verify with the CRA's? They're letting you off the hook legally. Don't pay them. Yes I know, Just trying to get it removed from my report if at all possible.
  9. I got probably the most detailed validation I have ever seen from a CA. It had every single signature in regards to the debt disputed. The only option that seems reasonable is Why Chat's SOL process but skipping the first step since I have already sent a DV to the CA and verification letter to the CRA's regarding the trade-line. Here is what the letter stated as maybe someone can find a loophole or incorrect information that was sent during the validation process by the CA. Dear Customer, Enclosed are copies of the documents that support the debt owed to Scumbag Enterprises, In
  10. To better explain they have 10 years to foreclose or put a lien against the property but only 6 years to sue on breach of contract.
  11. A lawyer in Michigan just told me covenants don't apply to the promissory note that was signed to pay back the loan.
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