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  1. I've been dealing with CitiMortgage for the past 2 years trying to get my Mortgage modified after filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in April 2012 . I have been lied to numerous times by different Citi reps each one with a different story every time I call. Moreover, I started making trial payments back in July 2013 on a promised partial claim modification. I have not missed a payment since the trial payments started and have been patiently waiting for the modification to finalize. Instead Citi has added foreclosure fee's etc the whole time I've been making the payments and has placed the payments I made in an separate account. These payments were not credited to my account thus causing the fees to build up. I owe $9000.00 more now than I did 9 years ago. The Federal Government has done nothing to stop this kind of abuse and Fraud. People have been losing their home to foreclose daily. However, I have kept ever conversation, email and document I have received from Citi from day 1 and let me tell you the numbers don't add up it's downright FRAUD. I mean come on Citi keep your end of the bargain and stop stalling hoping I will give up cause it's not going to happen. I've done my part now Citi is trying to back out of the agreement and cash in on my home that me and my family have worked so hard to keep. The day will come when this kind of Fraud and deceit will come to an end and all will be judged on how you lived your life. No amount of money will save you from the pain you will endure from such actions on the people of this country. However, If I was to walk in and rob a bank I would be put in jail for a very long time! But these mortgage companies can steal your homes and get off scot free with no worries about getting jail time. Instead ,the U.S. Government rewards them with Trillions of dollars to keep doing it. When will this end? when all Americans are on the street with nowhere to live? Let's see how the Too big to fail banks do then with all their cash that was stolen and all the homes that sit empty. Will the Government bail them out then? No cause the Government will be broke as well since there will be no jobs for folks to pay taxes. All the money the banks have will be worthless paper just like the Mortgage Notes are now! Why do I say the notes are worthless? it's because the banks cannot find them but yet the courts let them take the homes illegally with forged documents. Again if I was to walk up to Johnny Q public and say hey that's my Car, house or Bike and you haven't made the payments I will sue you for the property because I have title. Furthermore, I say If a Judge sits on a bench and agrees with this fraud he or she should be sent to prison just like the bank robbers etc. The people of this country is not going to stand for this much longer something is going to break and it's not going to be pretty. I just like everyone else in this country have the right to protect their Life, and property from thieves as it is written in the United States Constitution. I for one will not bow down to these crooks or any court that sides with these fraudsters. Show me the original wet ink Note I signed and prove that you own the mortgage or go pound sand.
  2. Is North Carolina one??? How about South Carolina ? lol
  3. http://www2.wspa.com/spa/news/local/articl...e_friday/28931/ LOL read this one!! a small town 15 mins up the road from where I live......
  4. OMG!! Check out this link!!! http://www2.wspa.com/spa/news/local/articl...lag_flap/26957/
  5. Looks like she got her wish LOL......http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/smartspending/?fpn=youtube%20credit%20card%20rebel%20gets%20results
  6. I had some student loans with ITT-TECH and they were different from the federal loans (as in private). However, I did discharge my private student loans in a chapter 7. I would not worry too much over those like you would over uncle Sam's loans. Uncle sam you have to pay back it don't matter if it's been a 100 years LOL.
  7. state farm seamiles Like another poster said freeze ex and go on a app spree.........LOL These pull only TU I'm pretty sure.
  8. I would like to know also we are in a similar deal .I was discharged a little over a year ago and I also got a mod back in December bringing down my payment by $20.00 LOL WOW that helped!
  9. Important Note: We are unable to process your request with the Report Number you entered. To use this service, you must enter the Report Number from a personal credit report requested directly from Experian. If you initially requested your report more than 90 days ago, you will need to order a current copy. You may order your personal credit report here. If you first requested your report within the past 90 days, please try again to enter your Report Number correctly.
  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Good ole George!! George if all these folks here at CB didn't like you they would not hound you so much LOL.
  11. scott

    Closing Cards

    Bump for credit one bank...........21 days before they can close it???
  12. scott

    Closing Cards

    Hi, all I just went on a rampage paying off cards and closing them. Mainly the ones with fees and outrageous apr's. My question is will they close them right away or stall untill another monthly fee comes and try and stick me with that? I was told by credit one bank it would take 21 days to close the account??? I have also heard horror stories about them keeping it open anyway and chargeing you the fees. Do I need to send them a reg letter asking them to close? also the other cards with no fees I'll keep open with 0 balance because I don't care what the apr is on them long as I don't carry a balance. I't really feels good to let these balls and chains fall off my legs LOL. P.S The cards that I have closed I can still log in to the website does this mean they are still open? Thanks Scott
  13. https://applications.usbank.com/oad/begin?locationCode=9699
  14. He Haw and I was just about to get the shakes! if I cannot pull daily I start to go into DTs......... thanks to the op everything is okay..LOL
  15. I have a hospital sending me bills for my son and I havent signed anything. Am I still responable for the bill? even though they called me and ask for my permission to treat him ,but my mother signed for it and told them she would pay the bill. Now they are saying they will send it to collections....also they added in bills where other folks had brought him prior to this visit.

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