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  1. I have an auto loan with Chase, and they keep sending me stuff to open a checking. I am in EWS and CHex, do they use them or do credit pull?
  2. I have Americas Credit Union. Hopefully US Bank does not report to EWS, I am sure they will to Chex, better reported to Chex then EWS. Hopefully since BOFA account almost 5 months old I will be ok.
  3. OK so since my question was answered about US Bank will report my account account to Chex and EWS, now its not for fraud its just for using overdraft and not paying it back, I have a Bank of America account that is 4 months old and been in good standing with it, will they close my account with Bank of America cause of US Bank? I have heard EWS has been known to report to you other accounts that your in EWS and account being closed.
  4. Does anyone know if US Bank reports to chex?
  5. They are here in Henderson Nevada, does anyone know if they use Chex or what they use? thanks
  6. just had a quick question, I used Penfed billpay to pay car payment for Chrysler Capital, I scheduled it last night, but for some reason my direct deposit did not post. So Penfed sent payment to Chrysler via electronic payment, they charged me 30.00 NSF and it says they didnt pay it. But I checked with Chrysler and they did receive payment. Will Penfed reverse payment, or will the Billpay service they use try and collect it from me?
  7. Approved for Access America Checking account Equifax 590
  8. I found a account called Bank Mobile its a account that I found issued by Customers Bank. You can download mobile app. I applied and I have 1 chex entry and was approved. Also got approved for line of credit overdraft. My chex entry is for only 197 which I paid just not off chex yet, and I was approved. Not sure what there quals are to open account. just thought let people know
  9. tmcgill I was also informed if you apply for a loan product lets say a car loan, and 3 weeks later you apply for a visa they will use same credit report and score they used when you first applied as long as within 30 day period, they won't do another pull. I checked my report, I opened checking and savings on the 5th of month, and 2 weeks later I applied for visa, they used same report and score when I open my checking and savings account. I had no extra pull
  10. So I applied for a checking and savings and I got approved. My credit score is like 610. I was also approved for a 500 visa classic. They only pull credit, not sure if they did telecheck or not
  11. Vive online checking with Tricentury Bank in Kansas might be another option to check out, its say even if turned down by another bank
  12. do they use chexs or credit? does anyone know of credit union that only uses credit report for opening account? I am west coast Nevada
  13. whall33


    so after my experience I believe BOFA blackist is 8 yrs, cause I was able to open account 8 years on exact date I opened first account
  14. ok so in 2008 I opened BOFA in chicago. I had 2 accounts with TCF Bank with direc deposit.....I deposited a check into BOFA atm and I did not take any money out. So I had called TCF days before and requested my new account be closed, and leave old one open for direct deposit. so I deposited a check into Atm at BOFA and TCF rep closed my old account instead of new one. I was pissed, so check I deposited into BOFA account came back as closed account... So BOFA closed my account in 2008. So over the years I was blacklisted with BOFA, I applied for new account several times was turned down in branch and oonline so yesterday I walked in ACCOUNT APPROVED...she said set up direct deposit I said I will wait 60 days see if account stays open, I told her of past experience. so lets see what happens, my guess is account be closed in matter of days, so a test, this was all TCF BANK fault to begin with TCF closed wrong account but of course not admitt to it, but I did get a payout from them for mistake

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