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  1. Yes I will do that. EQ has all but one showing as disputed on my report. When I can dedicate the time to work on this again I will start again. Thank you again for your advise Whychat.
  2. Thanks Why Chat. You're an amazing source.. I have read so many threads about your method and the amount of time you take out of your time to help people is appreciated. Just wanted to give you a compliment Anyways, So far I have made great progress with my CR since Feb. Went from a 520 to 597 on one CR... and I still have a ways to go. EQ is still 540 mainly because of those 9 medicals.. I cant seem to shake. Unfortunately I seem to have missed one that's still reporting on EX too. However, I am in the middle of some life changing events where I have no choice but to set this credit quest to the back burner for about a month. Would you suggest when I resume this I start all over? Or pick it up where I left off with filing complaints against EQ? Now that I found a straggler in EX I have to go back and retrace my steps so that I'm not repeating myself. I would think before I can file a complaint against EQ, I would have to get EX to delete the left over account. opinion?
  3. This may be a stupid question, but how do I know they didn't properly investigate the accounts?
  4. Hi Why Chat, Did you follow the guides?? YES I have done everything in order .. Now I am stuck on how to proceed. EQ has not deleted and has verified. Sent follow up dispute, still wont delete. The other two deleted them all 3 months ago. CA has sent me two letters that are word documents with a list of the accounts #, the provider and the amount they say I owe. They are not bills. They have not provided me with any HIPAA release signatures or any valid documentation other than what they printed up. There is no indication of relationship other than they are in Wisconsin and that the amounts are for my daughters care. I have no EOB's as they were sent to ex in different state. I can not verify who's insurance was used but my guess from looking at the amounts.. there are many discrepancies since we had two insurances. These are from 2012. I have not contacted the CA other than the DV letter. I'm not sure what to do now. I want to call up the OC and help clear this up.. I can pay some of them as some of them are 20.00 here..20.00 there... But the bigger ones I just cant see how they can be when I have a copay of 20.00. and her fathers insurance was the primary. These are regular office visits not surgical. do you have any suggestions?
  5. Hi WhyChat, You have helped me during this process but I have come to a wall with this and need some ideas. First let me recap quickly. I have 9 medical collections from Wisconsin on EQ and one still on EX. Following your step by step I was able to get 7 removed from EX and all removed with TU. Next step, I sent a HIPAA DV to the CA and with confirmation of acknowledgement I then sent a dispute to EQ and EX on the remaining ones with them. EX wont remove and EQ is still in dispute. TODAY, after so many weeks I received a letter from the CA with only 5/9 so called accounts with a minors name (my daughter), her birthdate, account number, physicians name, DOS and facility. Now mind you these are not bills. This is a typed out word document. There is NOTHING to these said amounts that I can identify. dates are 2011 and 2 for 2012. The thing is, In 2010 I moved to Florida, my daughter lived with her father in Wisconsin and was under his insurance primary, mine as back up. so I never went or knew about these visits if she did go. I have absolute no knowledge of such visits, such amounts or accuracy of anything claimed; I have no EOB's. (why would I right, she wasn't living with me!) Anyways the CA sent me this information without signatures of releasing health information. Nor did the Health facility when they gave this information to the CA's. This is a minor so I know she didn't sign for anything. There isn't any signatures because I never signed anything for her care while in Florida.. What I need to know now are options. Can you direct me to any articles, HIPAA sites.. directions? I work in healthcare with medical records and personal information everyday. I know for a fact that what they sent me is ILLEGAL. Any account numbers, birthdays, full name, patient information is a big no no without written consent. Again no signatures!!!! I'm really not in the mood to play games at this point with them. There would have to be a lot of proof that they would have to supply me in order for me to even consider paying the OC. They both violated HIPAA laws. Please let me know what your thoughts are.. Thank you WHYChat.
  6. Hi Dimp... Yes it does I have horrible CR's due to a messy divorce in 2011. 9 medical that I have absolutely no idea what they are ( since I haven't lived in that state for over 6 yrs.) several collections that I'm still working on and two judgments (1 is showing 1 is not). It took me a long time to be able to even address 1 collection, I was to scared. However, since I started following this credit board, I have gotten rid of several collections, all my medical accounts deleted from two of the CRA's and still working on the third, a pretty substantial jump in my credit score more knowledge about credit, junk debt buyers, and how to stand up for my rights. Stay strong and be diligent... If you do what this board suggests.. you will be seeing a change as well.. Now that power in itself
  7. Yes that is what I thought. I did do all the steps you mentioned above in order. I just received yesterday that EQ verified the accounts with the CA but no information was given regarding those accounts. Basically it was a reply with " yea it's yours because the CA said so", so we are not deleting. I am sending the CA the Medical DV letter tomorrow along with the dispute to EQ. thank you for the response.
  8. Ok disputed with all 3 CRA's about two weeks ago. 9 accounts from the same provider in Wisconsin. TU & EX deleted. EQ has not responded back yet, but on the CR it does state disputed. I just received a " your balance is past due" Demand for payment from the CA. I have no knowledge of these accounts as I was not in that state from 2009 up. Dates only say 7/17/12 (they could be from my daughter who was a minor then, but I have no idea as she was living with her father at the time and we BOTH had coverage) All that was sent was the creditors name, an account number and amounts. They have never sent me anything so I guess the disputes woke up the sleeping bear. My next step as far as whyChat would be send a DV to the CA, wait and then send another letter to EQ. Am I correct? Or should I wait for EQ first? Thanks in advance
  9. yes they do show a balance of 0 . but doesn't that still show as a unpaid CO when it shows the amount charged off? I guess I'm confused because if it goes to a CA, not only is it posted as a collection (paid or not) but also as a current CO by the OC which makes it two dings to get rid of. Maybe I am looking at this wrong.
  10. Sorry , Not really sure where to post this Question: On my credit reports I have both the OC and the CA reporting collections. So when someone is reviewing my CR, it looks like Sam's is still an unpaid CO, but in reality it was sold to a JDB and paid. Can someone either direct me or explain to me how this information is understood? Because to me I don't see the connections between the info from the OC and CA. I have 3 like these on my reports, but only 1 of the 3 original OC's have a notation of "purchased by another lender"; which tells me it was sold. Thanks in advance. Example: SYNCB/Sams Pay status Charge off Account type: revolving Account No notation of it being sold, it looks like an unpaid Charge off Midland Funding - OC- GE Capital Retail Bank (***AKA SYNCB/Sams) Account paid in full, was a collections Account type- open account
  11. Good day everyone, I need a bit of clarification after reading and following some of the advice on here, I have searched extensively on here for answers but there is so much information that I think I am confusing myself. Perhaps someone can help shed some light. I disputed with 2 DV letters to PRA for two different accounts on the 25th of last month (30 days are not up yet). Since then, PRA has sent me two photo copies of statements from 1 of the alleged accounts. The Walmart account They typed out some sort of information sheet such as dates opened, date obtained by them and charge off date and two photo copies of statements with the amount owed. The second alleged account is from Capital One and I truly have no acknowledge of this account and so far apparently either do they. They have not replied at ALL on this account. With the Walmart account they sent me info right away no hesitation lol. The Capital one, nothing! Not even a printed out data sheet; both letters were sent out at the same time in the same priority envelope. So if they got one, they got the other. They also have not reported to the CRA's that I have disputed these two accounts at all. I am stuck at this point: 1) do I send out second DV's to PRA ? One for more validation and one for not responding on the DV letter? 2) What validation legally do they have to provide? for they did type out date opened, amount owed, OC's name and address, and date they obtained it. My understanding on what they have to provide legally is sketchy. 3) They have not provided anything for the Capital one account.. next step? 4) They have not reported the dispute with the CRA's as of 3/25/16, can I take action upon that? I am not quite understanding if they are committing a violation or not. Thanks for the help in advance.
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